2018 Google Storage Summit

I really enjoyed the meeting with the Go Local team and the Google team. I’m not very technology-savvy but I picked up a few pointers here and there. It’s always great to meet with my team individually and also the Google team – so looking forward to that and I’m looking forward to coming back next year. My favorites, so far, have been: one, meeting the team that we work with and getting that face-to-face interaction. Also hearing about Google and what’s coming down the pike. I love that the team is keeping us on our toes and they are on their toes. So, it’s really refreshing in solidifying our relationship with each other. The best thing about coming here for the Google Summit is getting to meet other facility owners. Speak with them. Learn what they’re doing. Also, it was great to get the inside track on what’s happening with Google and also meeting with their marketing team. It was a really good time. Go Local invited us to this Google Summit and we were automatically super intrigued just because it was specific to the storage industry which was awesome for us. We had never seen a company before that had focused on storage so that piqued our interest. One of my main takeaways from the Google Summit was the strategy that we should be putting into our Pay-Per-Click campaigns. So that we can make the most of every lead that we get and get our CPAs down. I really learned a lot about that. Go Local’s strategy was unbelievable hearing about all the effort that they put behind their campaigns, and how they monitor them on a weekly basis. Looking at things like occupancy, cost per lead, and taking all those things into account when they’re optimizing these campaigns. Really looking forward to the Summit next year. We’ll definitely be back.

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