3 things don’t like to do in Taiwan (introduction Google PE Ads Community – William)

Hi this is William There are 3 things I don’t like First thing I don’t like is You just need to use the BB card and you can rent it The second thing I don’t like to drink is There are many bubble tea store in Taiwan The reason I don’t like Doesn’t because it is too convenient Because it is too many… The third things I don’t like is Buying.. They got Sony ASUS WiFi Routers Earphones Hard drives devices and many of the telecom companies you can choose Because they are too many chooses So there is only one thing I like is I like to write blog about my advertising experiences like how to optimize the Google Ads keyword score and things like how to optimize the website speed and things like how do I become as Google Ads Product Expert So this time I will share the information I like in… See you next time!!!

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