4 Advance tools to measure website speed score with solutions

Pagespeed is a major factor to rank in google. We need a tool to measure the speed
and make it fast. Hey everyone this is gaurav and today, I will tell you the best 4 tools that can help you to measure the speed of webpage Before we start please make sure you subscribe my channel to get the latest updates and press the notification icon Here is a tip for you. Comment down your current WEB page speed and
after making changes come back and see the results
the tool 1 is webpagetest.org It is a great tool that you can select among
multiple devices and locations. It provides you all the metrices related to
the web page load time. You must get A score in all of these. The second tool is GT metrix. This tool will measure all the parts of your
webpage and shows you the results accordingly. Getting a score above 80 is good enough. The 3rd tool that I have for you is by Google
itself, The pagespeed insight tool. Getting a score above 90 is enough. It also provides you suggestions so that you
can make changes in your webiste and make it fast. The 4th tools is Pingdom tool. It is a good tool and you can select some
server locations also. Getting a the webpage score under 1 sec is
good in this tool.


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