5 Website Design Mistakes You Need To Stop Making ASAP

hey guys it’s Neil here with Ebadore
Digital and today we’re going over five website design mistakes that you are
making and you need to stop ASAP before we get started with this video go ahead
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experience faster website and rank you higher on Google search so the reason
why I’m doing this topic is because making a website is a lot like painting
a masterpiece there’s a ton of colors font combinations those different shapes
you can use and there’s a lot of integrations you can add to your website
the issue is just like a masterpiece your mask
these can be over a crowded it can be your website man yeah overpack it can be
very crowded if you add too many integrations if used too many images too
much text of certain types and it will literally destroy the masterpiece that
you’re creating so this is the five website design mistakes you’re making
that are running your website masterpiece tip number one that I have
is that you need to stop using the chat bubble function on your website if you
can’t always respond to the messages coming in chat bubbles are a very common
feature that are requested by small business owners and they’re actually a
really powerful and really awesome tool to add to your website it’s actually
been proven that these check bubbles have helped increase conversions and
that whenever a user talks to a someone with your business through a chat bubble
they’re actually 82% there’s a eighty-two percent chance that that
person will convert and thirteen percent of those people are likely to purchase
services that cost more than if they talk to you through requesting on
Facebook or through a messenger or through a contact form on your website
so chat bubbles can be extremely useful but there’s an issue if you can’t
respond to these messages all the time and the issue is is whenever people see
a chat bubble and they click on it and they message you asking you questions
about your service and you don’t respond it automatically tells these users that
you’re going to be difficult to communicate to and also they’re not
going to look for other ways to contact you on your website they’re in there
that is the way to contact you and if they wait 2-3 minutes they’re really
gonna get impatient and they’re going to bounce at your website and they’re gonna
go to your competitor so if you can always respond to these chat bubble
messages keep it on your site if there’s gonna be any time even 5 to 10 percent
of the time you’re not gonna be able to respond keep it off your website because
it will hurt your business overall number 2 stop adding motion graphics and
animations to your website it’s 20/20 it’s not 2010 anymore you need to start
focusing on moving your website or redesigning your website so that it’s
extremely user friendly and extremely fast on mobile devices things like fade
in fade out animations and parallax effects and even like spinning buttons
or just weird animations around your site though it could look cool on a lot
of desktop systems in most cases on mobile devices it’s just slowing down
your load time and it’s really creating a bad user experience motion graphics
really hurt your load time which hurts two things it really hurts your
conversion rates and it also hurts your Google ranking there’s been studies
found and down in the article in the description of this video there’s
actually a link that will give you all the data but there is data that has been
found on multiple sites that shows the longer someone waits has to wait for
your website to load the less the there’s a decrease in conversion rates
people are impatient and they don’t want to wait for your
site to load remove your motion graphics and animations and your site a load
quicker and you’ll get more conversions the second thing is your Google search
ranking websites that load fast actually rank higher on Google this is because
it’s a better user experience people can bounce in and out of web pages to find
the content they are looking for faster so Google will favours these websites
because they create such a good user experience number 3
stop trying to build I’m pointing my finger because this is a big one and
you’ll see me talk about this a lot and I can’t get over that so many people are
still doing this stop building your website yourself using Wix Wix is like a
dreadful it is literally it’s not it’s like building a website but pulling your
business in the opposite direction than what your website should be pulling you
so like you’re thinking I’m gonna build a website people are gonna be able to
find me online but it’s totally the opposite because Google hates Wix
websites Google will not rank your Wix website because WIPs websites are slow
they’re not structured correctly using H tags and most of these Wix websites
create a horrible user experience so Google just doesn’t deal with them ok
the big disadvantage ins of a Wix website I have four bullet points for
you number one you don’t have full control over your website your content
or your server your server is owned by Wix so this means that you’re all the
content you put on that server it’s on a WIC server it’s not your server so I
look at it like this whenever you’re ready
or leasing a house you don’t want to spend a ton of money on investing in
this house you know adding things that’s gonna raise a value in the the property
because it’s not your asset so why would you do this with a Wix website you don’t
actually own the content so whenever you go and try to sell your business you
don’t actually own the website itself you’ve might own the text on the website
but you don’t own the server which brings down the value of your website
reason number 2 wakes websites are extremely slow I’ve gone over the
importance of having a fast website Wix websites because you don’t own the
server you cannot configure your server for faster load time
you can’t configure your JavaScript you can’t condense JavaScript and CSS files
and waiks comes with a lot of additional JavaScript and CSS files so your website
just looks slow and it’s a bad user experience
number three Wix offers no none no SEO benefits like I said Google actually
hates Wix websites because they’re not structured correctly Wix makes all of
their money off of making it easy for you to build a website yourself and they
focus on appearance more than structure what this means is headings you have you
have six headings you have heading one two three four five
and six heading one is your title heading to is your subtitles cutting
threes are subtitles of your subtitles and so forth when every structure
websites like this Google can say oh this page is about
this and then this section is about this then inside this section they’re talking
about this and this and this and it makes it really easy for Google to
understand what’s going on on your website and makes it easy for Google to
say oh when this person types this in the search bar they’re looking for this
website because Wix has no structuring functionality it just does not rank
almost at all I rarely see I never see a Wix website ranking for questions I’m
looking for answer answers for and in many cases website Wix websites
won’t even rank for your business name the fourth reason why you need to stop
using Wix is because waiks is extremely expensive compared to alternatives what
I recommend to people is to use a web designer and get a WordPress website
built WordPress websites can be hosted on servers that cost as little as five
dollars a month just talk to us at M adorab of it and we’ll get you set up
website design mistake number four is you need to stop adding C’s or walls of
text on your web pages especially your home pages your service pages any page
that you want people to take an action in and actually move forward with your
service stop adding walls of text because they’re boring no one reads them
people only read bullet points they’re not reading this actual text so you need
to take out the fluff take out the negatives and compact compact what you
have to say in two snippets that really punch people’s emotions and get them to
move forward with your services your website should look more like a shadow
box than a legal document what I mean by like I said you need to compress
everything condense it into the most punchy most powerful statements that you
have so talk about your perks talk about why people love you talk about why your
sir why your services are the best don’t talk so much about the negatives don’t
even mention the negatives in your website on your website I’ll give you an
example of what not to do I was working for a costume shop and on their website
they one had a wall of text and I gave all the information about their website
or about their company and they offered so it’s costume rental and they did
custom rental for people that were over 18 and on their website they had in Big
Tex costume rentals for people 18 years and older right on their homepage and
the issue with this is that it was turning around people under the age of
18 from coming into the shop because the people that were coming into the shop
thought there was only stuff for people 18 and over when that wasn’t true they
still had all kinds of for sale items for people of all ages so how do you go
about making a website with adding out padding walls of text I have a few
bullet points to share with you number one would be start adding images as
visual aids so you don’t need to add a lot but maybe little icons here and
there are some some images of people utilizing your services products or
enjoying what you have to offer and unique headers that explain what your
sections are about using those h1 h2 h3 h4 and h5 and h6 headers to help
structure your content so that users can and exactly what you’re talking about
and while you’re adding headers to sections go ahead and change colors to
each section of your website this way people can scroll through and as they’re
scrolling they can see that your sections are changing very easy they
don’t have to read anything it’s just visual okay
remove all the negatives in your text I already talked about this room we’ve
started to add to remove the fluff in your website start by removing
everything that’s negative your website is not there to tell people everything
about your business it’s there to sell them on your products and services and
move them down your sales funnel so that they can do business with you don’t talk
about the negatives remove it from your site the last tip I can give you on this
is think about what your customer is looking for from your website so put
yourself in their shoes and say hmmm what information would I really like to
know about a company that offers the services you offer and whenever you do
that you’ll say oh I want to know this I want to know this I want to know this
and then you’ll note that’s what you need to add to your website number five
this is the fifth and final step I have for you on the website mistakes you are
making that you need to stop making ASAP and this is stop having pop-ups to
websites expecially as soon as people get to the website asking people to
opt-in to your newsletter so they can receive blog post updates nobody wants
them when was the last time you actually opted in to one of these opt-in forms
you never did in fact every single time you go to a
website and a pop-up pops up saying subscribe you know like no get out of
here you like throwing the thing out of the way Hanna am i right what I put my name on all those pop-ups
cuz I want the discount okay see that’s different that’s getting into something
different so if you do don’t have the pop-up right away Hanna how what about
when people go and they click on that you go to a website you’re just browsing
through Google okay you don’t you want an answer to something right like a
subscribe to our newsletter no the only time I sign up because I do a lot of
online you look in the clothes and it always pops up it automatically for
online clothing shops like typing you put your email into Excel right away
yeah it’s put your email into subscribe and get like so much percentage off your
first order and I’m like Google I want that much off
my first order so I give them my email then I get all of their pro manuals and
now photos emails like you know don’t do it right away what I’m saying is stop
adding these these subscribe to the emails right away it’s annoying
Hannah apparently likes these I hate them don’t Adam for multiple reasons
it’s a horrible user experience especially for what I’m talking about is
asking people to subscribe to your newsletter it’s so annoying you need to
get creative with ways that you want how you want to build your email list so
Hannah came up with a point of a creative way to add people to your email
list and that would be offering them a discount what I’m talking about is not
that what I’m talking is stop saying hey subscribe to my
newsletter and receive my email updates because no one is falling for it anymore
it’s creating a very slow load time because your website then has to load
additional JavaScript and it’s creating a bad user experience because everyone’s
frustrated we’re literally just looking for an answer on Google we typed in a
question on Google search we clicked on your article because you ranked high and
then as soon as we get there to find the information you’re hitting this with a
pop up and we’re annoying stop adding this and you will be a lot more
successful with your SEO in the future because people will not be annoyed with
your site thank you for watching this video if you benefited from it thumbs it
up subscribe ring V what is it share it comment if you have questions
we look forward to bringing you some more website tips and digital marketing
tips just like this one bye guys

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