Access Tor .onion Sites in Google Chrome

Hello everyone, it’s Adam A Comedy here.
Today I’m going to show you how to access Tor websites in Google Chrome.
So first you need to go to your settings, so click here and go to “Settings”.
Then click “Extensions”, and “Get more extensions”. You wanna search the Chrome Web Store for
“skyzip”. It should be the first one here.
SkyZIP acceleration and compression proxy, by Nynex.
Click “Add to Chrome”, and “Add extension”. You’ll see this message and that means skyZIP
has been added. Just make sure this little button here is
green, that means that it is enabled. And then now you should be able to access
Tor websites within Google Chrome. Let’s try it.
So, I have the link for The Hidden Wiki, so I’m just gonna paste that there.
And it worked! You can see that this is a .onion website.
Now, using this method is not as secure and anonymous as using the actual Tor browser.
Also, I do not condone any illegal activities on Tor.
So be careful, and use Tor at your own risk. Thank you for watching, and please subscribe!


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