AI Generated Human Photo Website with API (and it’s FREE)

hello and welcome to red stapler channel this video we are going to show you a very useful service to generate a
human photo using AI so you don’t have to worry at all when using it also how
to use a free API to dynamically generate photos with JavaScript ready
let’s check it out so let’s start with goto generated photos website then click
browse photos these photos are all pre-generated with AI for each image you can pick the
background color unfortunately for transparent background
and high resolution photos, you’ll need to purchase thier plan or buy each photo
separately for one dollar anyway you can use the image for free but you also need
to add credit link to generated photos website when using it you can also
customize the filters such as gender age hair and eye color etc now if you
plan to use these images to let’s say populate a mock-up database you might
want to use their API just create a free account and go to the dashboard you get
the API key for access the free plan allows you to make a 500 API requests
per month which should be enough for personal project making API request is
very easy you will only need to pass the API key in header and make it get
request to the provided base URL you can also add parameters like numbers of
returned photos gender age hair color etc and response will be in JSON format
with the URL of the images let’s work on the example first I’m going to create asynchronous JavaScript function called getFace I will use a JavaScript fetch
to make an API request I’ll copy URL provided in a dashboard then set the request method to get and
provide the API key in the authorization header then we receive the respond and
parse it using JSON method and put it on console so you can see the structure. The
API will provide for a different size of the image now I’m going to create an
empty image element then I’ll set the source to returned image URL we can extract the URL from JSON like
this and that’s all for this video if you
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stay tuned thanks for watching see you next time bye


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