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[Christmas music] I do love Christmas. Last Christmas was a peaceful and joyous one for me and my family. You know, actually, the last eight Christmases have been pretty peaceful and joyous. I just felt safe, you know? Every night I went to bed knowing that an intelligent man whom I voted for twice was in the White House, a president I supported was watching over us and using his executive powers for good, to bring peace on Earth and joy to the world. But this year, something’s changed–in me! Maybe it’s a part of getting older, but suddenly I just don’t think the President should have that much power. I guess everyone goes through phases in life, and I’m in this ‘let’s limit the power of the Executive Branch’ phase of mine. Regardless of who is president! Because even though it felt like Obama would be President forever, I knew this day would come. Yeah, I should have prepared for it. In my younger years, I looked at the world differently. For example, if my president bombed a country without congressional approval, I just assumed he had a great reason. Why would the man whose campaign I donated money to not have a good reason for everything he does? I mean, do you remember when he danced on ‘Ellen’? (chuckling) But now that I’m older, and not because Donald Trump is going to be president, that has nothing to do with this, I guess I’m not in favor of the president being able to unilaterally topple foreign regimes, no matter what daytime talk show he appears on. [ding] When I first heard about the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program, I closed my eyes and pictured President Obama personally looking through my e-mails and internet search history. It made me feel warm inside. The idea that the president I had phone banked for was interested in what I had to say!? And to whom I was saying it!? Wow! Barack Obama wants to get to know me? He’s watching me!? But now I just don’t like the idea of Donald Trump–I mean, any president–surveilling me without a warrant! I mean, as an American citizen, I have a right to privacy. For the last eight years, I’ve left this key under the mat in case the president ever wanted to let himself into my home. Sure President Obama had a kill list. Yes, he could take out US citizens without due process, but it’s not like I would ever be on that list!
[chuckles] But suddenly I feel like I could be on that list. Prosecuting whistle blowers, refusing freedom of information requests, indefinite detentions, drones… I’m just not feeling it anymore, guys. And it’s definitely not because Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton didn’t. I’m just older and wiser now. Let’s just say I’m in a pragmatic system of checks and balances state of mind. Oh! And I think guns are a good idea now too. At least for the next four years, or until a president I like takes office. So what executive powers would you like to see rolled back? Let us know in the comments! And subscribe to our channel, We The Internet TV, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for new videos every week.


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