Ask Yoast: video on YouTube or on my own site

[Music] hey Tony Devine emailed us saying I’m going to add a third party video which I have permission to use to my website it’s already hosted on YouTube should I you put the files on my own server or should I leave them on YouTube instead well to be honest it doesn’t really matter because getting the video snippet which was quite easy in the old day it’s just quite hard now so instead of allowing every site in the search results to have video snippets Google has switch to system white listing sites that are allowed to have video snippets and a chance of your site being among them is zero to be honest so you’re not going to get a video snippet so the boost that you get from that particular SEO benefit is gone so the most boost that you will get from it is because people will interact with your page more if that video is on there so it might still be a very good idea to have that video on that page so it doesn’t really matter at that point where you’re where you’ve hosted it and the only thing that you have to realize if you have permission to use and do some stuff to the video then I would probably republish the video somewhere I don’t YouTube or somewhere else and optimize the metadata because then you could be found on YouTube and YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine in the world after Google so maybe think of that if you’re not allowed to do that just include a YouTube URL and you’re fine good luck [Music] you

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