Baby Kura Sulcata Tortoises Dotless Lebih mahal?? mikiir..

– If someone sells with the term ‘dotless’… It’s normal, man. There’s nothing antique about dotless because the dots will disappear when it grows older. Think about it. Hi, this is the fifth day of the quarantine period. We saw on the first and second day that some of them were dehydrated, but today they’re all healthy. Many of you asked if the containers are too small. Nope, and we put them here just temporarily to make it easier for us to pay attention to them. If we put four of them in one container, it’s easier for us to see their health one by one. These containers aren’t too small, actually, because it’s just temporary. You can put them in a bigger place if you want to have one, but for now, for the quarantine period, we put them in not so big places to make it easier to pay attention to them one by one. Hi friends! So many of you guys asked me for a giveaway. I don’t understand how to make a giveaway. Who I’m going to give, and the address… I don’t really understand, So I wanna ask you to let me know how to make a giveaway, you can comment down below on the comment box. I won’t giveaway animals because I need… I need someone that actually wants to keep them. I don’t give animals to random people. So I have some stuff for the giveaway if you want a giveaway. I have some CV Karepku’s t-shirts if you like it. Thanks for you guys who have bought the t-shirt. Many of you already bought this. It’s only 150,000. But I want to give to you guys if you want. I can give it as a giveaway on each of my videos. (While stocks last) Please leave me a suggestion on how to make a good giveaway on the comment box. You wanna touch? Okay, you can touch the little one. It doesn’t bite… We give them simple meals. Many of you asked if it’s true that we give them just weeds. Yeah, we never bought expensive vegetables for them because if you see these weeds, these weeds didn’t use… You’re right, this is their food too. We also use this, it’s ‘Komodo’. Sometimes we use this for tortoises that need extra attention. But you see that these weeds were eaten by maggots or insects which means it doesn’t contain insecticide. That’s why it’s very good for the tortoises. So, why do we have to pay attention to them one by one? It’s because we don’t know how long they were in the shelter when the first time they arrived in Indonesia, how they were treated, how many times they got transferred, until they had to be quarantined at the airport, etc. That’s why the tortoises have different characteristics, and also from different areas too. So we have to really take care of them one by one while it’s their quarantine period. Let’s check it out together. One more thing… Many of you asked how to pick a good tortoise. For me, all tortoises are good and none of them is bad. They have different characteristics and of course, God created them with their own uniqueness. Many of you asked, “What about the shells?” “What about the nails?” “What about this/that?” For me, the most important thing isn’t their physical appearances, but their health. Their health is so important. If you see the tortoise from my previous video, I already said that we should check their nose if we want to check on their health. And then we check all the anatomy. From the eyes, limbs, shell, etc. Check them one by one. Next is just the appearance, if there’s any dent, and the nails… It’s not important to me. The nails will grow anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Most of the time their nails are broken because they are rubbing against each other when they are on their way here. Broken nails don’t mean it won’t grow back. See this one, one of its nails is a little bit broken. But it can grow back anyway, so it’s not a big deal. It’s not a problem. Which one do you like? Which one? Take it. You like this one? Ooh, you like that one? Hey, where are you taking it? It’s important for us to introduce our kids to reptiles for those of you who have kids. It’s good to introduce reptiles as not aggressive or disgusting animals to our kids since they are young. They are easy to be taken care of, they can be pets, even a good one. I like to teach my children about the reptiles that I have since they were young. So even after they’re growing up, they can adore the uniqueness and the diversity of reptiles around the world. Which one do you want to touch? Take it. You want this one? The small one? Don’t drop it, okay? Put it gently, okay? I will keep you updated on the quarantine period, Okay, wait a minute, ok? I will update the quarantine period here. The most important part is their health. Those that were dehydrated now are healthy, they gain their appetites, and already well. We will keep an eye for the others too. We’re now looking after the tortoises that are less than 20 cm, so we put them in these boxes. If you like our video, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Guys, there are people in the market selling baby Sulcatas with the term ‘dotless’, ‘high white’, or whatever. I want us to think about it rationally. When Sulcatas reach the size of 8-10 cm or more, the dots will disappear. You will see none of them have any dots left. If someone sells with the term ‘dotless’… It’s normal, man. There’s nothing antique about dotless because the dots will disappear when it grows older. Think about it. Thank you all for always watching my videos. Many of you asked for my contact, or how to reach CV Karepku. You can check out CV Karepku’s Instagram or Facebook. You can text message at CV Karepku’s pages. I’ll try my best to reply to all the messages. I’m sorry I can’t reply to all the comments on my YouTube videos, but if you notice, I read all the comments. Those comments give me inspirations for my next videos. Thank you for sharing your suggestions, and thank you for always supporting CV Karepku’s channel.


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