[beauty] 셀프 앞머리 자르는 법 배우기 Learn how to cut your own BANGS

please introduce yourself Hey luminous yeah! That’s right luminous my name is Sonhyu and I am a hair artist of Lana What we are going to do today? Lana said me that she wants to make bangs so we couldnt do it cause of her concept so i told her lets do it next time so i’m going to teach you how to make bangs by yourself we finally can do bangs, Lana! by myself…alone… so scary Can i do it? yes you can we will cut bangs that will suit you and your face line and so on i will give you my MAIN SCISSORS so you should be careful its very sharp How much bangs do you want to cut ? a little bit ? see-through how much see-through? lets add some more hair I don’t know where to start guys There’s something you need to be careful about when you cut your bangs. You can’t cut it out when your hair is wet Really?? if you do then hair is stretched volume goes down So if you cut it wet, bangs gonna go up when you dry your hair so cut bangs with dry hair There’s a point about drying your hair you cut bangs newly so you have to steer your hair well think that you get your hair a little wet You need to pour your hair out and dry it. then If you turn it back, it’ll naturally be all the way forward. then it will be way easy to cut bangs Where do I start? It’s better to go up little by little than to grab bangs at once. so we can find the best length Because if you cut it short from the beginning, it doesn’t look good on face. So, please cut from the end of your nose first. its is your guide there will be much hair I think yeah then turn it down from the top little by little try once for example I don’t know if the right and left sides are the same Is it right what im doing? look at the mirror Is it right ? yeah good if you think you cut that much it will be see-through bangs I will give you my scissors it should be shine its first time we do bangs right? you always cut bangs by yourself at home right? Yes! do as you do it usually but a little longer cause we don’t want to mess it up from the beginning middle we cut the middle part brush hair hold it in the middle and cut it off. the sequence is one two three in the middle 123 at the end of nose cut it vertically like this end of the nose its so sharp ok we have a guide line now lets go up Keep holding on to the middle part brushing your hair I can see my hair too well now If you cut it vertically, it feels more natural. If you cut it horizontally, it feels like it’s going to fall off So when you cut the length , you’d better cut it like this, or if you want it to fall off naturally, you’d better do it vertically oh Shall we go up little by little? Is it difficult ? definitely I’m so nervous right now I feel like I’m sweating Scissors are good. the scissors ..wow when you cut it should think and cut off it is like this so lets cut a bit more yes This much? The rest of cut vertically done the best length is when you bangs cover your eyes a little How is it? I think its ok And now you have to cut the side. this this time like this right, you are good I watched a lot of videos on youtube now when we cut it Come on, connect it and cut it. like stairs as expected hold it long nervous There’s a lot of splinters in the hairline. When you dry your hair face looks smaller if you bow down guys like this if you dry as I said The hairline goes forward and naturally covers the hairline look more young shouls do as you said cut it like walk down the stairs as expected .. and you should check out so we put together the last parts figure out the length and cut it so the length will be same if you do it its scary no you are good brush your hair then you can cut bangs more clearly Oh well done omg Should i work here? Pro of bangs I also can do treatment now can make bangs usually when people do bangs so its hard to make hair the best way is groove there are a lot of styles of grooves so you can choose the right one for your bangs this is the big one we use it when we want to make bangs longer? today we wont make volume on the sides we will make it on the middle I will give you one tip when we cut bangs I said to cut it with dry hair but when you use roll bangs should be with 85% of water fix roll on bangs while do another staff its been a long time… pull it a bit until it reached the end then think its wet dry the sides too wow make it fixed try it dry a little lets take it off oh it is the see-through bangs completed ! its beautiful when make volume here the middle is easy to get wet so everyday you should bring roll with you groove also in the cafe too you are different with bangs how? more young? like a baby lana did well actually i was gonna to fix it after shooting but I think we don’t need it Really ? yeah you did well should work here usually people do a little see through bangs , to try it cause you can regret about it if make it more hairy when you think bangs are good for you then you can try to cut more like we taste something prepare ourselves for it now we will try to make it more like real bangs from here this much.. this much , how do you think ? Lets try here a line I think she can work with scissors she tried once but already improved I learn fast my eyes are so hurt eyes crossed ! so its hairier now yeah if you do like this bring the side good~ oh other side too cut it it’s the same oh~ now lets fix roll lets use big one we can control volume of it if you do it at the top so it be more volume if you do at the middle then its just bangs people who have long bangs If you hold it, raise the angle high bangs get shorter the most of you if you do roll you put it like this but here is the sharp part right? if you fix your hair in it its way pretty and give a turn and a half then hair will be inside if you fix it well it will not move and be pretty I dried it a lot we got it a bit higher I think its good its been a long time How is it ? i thought it will be hard but I well done I got a compliment you really did well! so today I cut bangs with help of my hair artist and you heard good explanations who to make bangs by yourself this is it Sonhyu and Lana bye


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