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hello my name is James from AccuWeb
Marketing and today I want to speak to electricians. We have developed a brand
new state-of-the-art website which is designed to convert online traffic to
sold jobs for your business each and every day via phone calls and emails to
your business and I want to demonstrate that site to you right now. okay and we
are back you are now viewing my screen where I have three versions of the
website on here this is the desktop version we have the
tablet version and the mobile version Mobile is very important 50% of our
customers now are on mobile it the site is optimized for mobile as well as all
these other devices so you will show up on search is very very important okay
so let’s just go to the home page here and the first thing is this can be will
be customized to you. It will have your logo on the top here it’ll have your
company ABC electrical services will not be there will be your electrical
services and your phone number okay and need a reliable electrician call the
great thing about this is this button if you just look when I hover over here the
the phone number shows that means it goes directly this button will make your
phone ring people don’t have to write down your phone number it will
automatically happen if they just click the button okay and then they can see
your services what do you provide residential commercial industrial a
little bit about the company some mobile some responsive pages here a little bit
about what you do and how you do it and your contact information your hours and
on the bottom here on the footer is social media if you have social media
this can link right to that which is very a social media right now is is the
name of the game and it wasn’t ten years ago but it is
now so we need to play the game if you don’t have that we can help you set that
up as well if somebody has a residential issue they
want electrical repairs they can click learn more and it’ll go to a pages
dedicated just for electrical repairs and if they want to learn more they can
call okay it talks a little bit about the services that you give free
estimates if you if you do commercial or industrial we have all these services
that they can click on and find out a little bit about it and again to call
your business industrial same thing circuits power distribution site
lighting etc okay next we have an about page which can be personalized to you if
you want you don’t have to do anything to the site if you don’t want to it’s
good to go right out of the box but if you want to personalize it by all means
do so or or ask me and we can we can set that up for you also lists but not least
is the contact page if they want to just email you they put their information in
here click send it’ll go right to your phone or go right to your email box
whatever that may be and they can get in touch with you and again if somebody
refers a client and they see this website it gives you credibility
validity it gives them confidence that they can that they’re dealing with with
a professional and and again that means just more and more converted potential
clients so if you want a preview of this site sent to you with your information
filled in and and you can see how this the site works and how responsive it is
we would love to send that to you just give us your email and your name and
your information and we will send it right out you can preview it and and
then we could take it from there if you have any questions just give us a
call my name is James from Accu web marketing I look forward to speaking
with you you

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