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hello and welcome to chat Andrew Thompson calm or if you're tuning in at YouTube at every day photographers welcome there as well today I want to talk about three website builders and which one is the best as far as terms of cheapness and easiness the terms of functionality and things you get in terms of complexity but the awesome stuff you can actually do with it and for starters I want to start with my website so I can show you one of these three actually in work working use and you know just working itself out and doing an awesome job for me so this is my website you can see I got my branding here my links here and this here this is one of the themes from the first website building program that we were going to talk about the one that I currently use and that is verb com verb com I feel like is one of the easiest to use as far as building it's basically point-and-click and do everything the user interface is absolutely phenomenal and also the pricing is not bad at all at ten dollars a month you're getting all this awesome and amazing stuff right here and the unlimited pages photos videos audio custom domains all this awesome stuff is very good to get and the best part of all if you are a student by using your student email address you can actually get one year for free to host your website the only problem is your website will look something like this so instead of actually being a dot-com it is your name or whatever you choose your company name to be verb comm and then your links will show up as such but I will be doing another tutorial later on to show you how to kind of cover this up and get by with that for just a little bit of money for you here and still get an awesome website if you are a student but aside from that verb is essentially like Squarespace when they first got started you know it's a little bit more simple but they do have a lot of awesome integration with programs such as Dropbox SoundCloud Big Cartel and a lot of others like that so it's really awesome and all the stuff you can actually do with this YouTube videos can be added in into a video gallery so it's a really super awesome place to go highly recommend checking them out next up on the list of course is Squarespace because Squarespace is essentially just like verb but a little bit more pricey but they do have a lot more options so they have different options as far as different types of themes different types of integrations a little bit more options actually especially if you're going into something where you want to sell from your website if you want to do podcasting operate that over to YouTube it is also a great place to go now here's the pricing on this it is about the same as verb it is $10 month-to-month or $8 a month if you pay annually however there are some limitations that verb doesn't have and that is 20 pages galleries with blogs you do get unlimited bandwidth and restore egde and you can also have up to two contributors which is a pretty cool thing to be able to name other people to contribute to your website especially if you're doing like a blog where there's multiple writers that would be a great thing to do here but we're going to talk more about that here in just a moment their most popular category of course is the professional at twenty dollars a month month or 16 dollars per month if you pay annually and here's where you do get the end limited pages and stuff like that now really quickly I want to talk about why not having unlimited pages can be a can be a bad thing so if you're a photographer that has client areas set up where you let your clients go look at different galleries and such this 20 pages can really add up because each gallery is going to count as a page and if you're already using 10 pages for yourself for your you know your own personal portfolios different types of out links and things like that you're going to start using up your pages and then when you do that you don't have as many pages for your client based areas to log in and actually check stuff out so that can be a problem maybe not that big of a problem maybe you can find a way to work around it by making other private you know portfolios out there and you can link those from a client base page you know within your website you could do stuff like that to try to save some money if money's not a big issue I recommend going on with the professional if you do choose to go Squarespace they do have a lot of great templates and themes a lot of theirs and verbs are very similar however there are a lot of different differences that you can you know kind of play around with and stuff like that at just like verb I believe Squarespace does offer a free trial for new users you can try out Squarespace features for about a week or two before you actually have to make a commitment to decide if you want to pay which is pretty flippin awesome but check them out if it sounds something interesting to you and we're going to move on to the last one the last one I want to talk about today is is amazing because WordPress has so many options out there there's so many more themes or so much more customization you can do your own coding there's a lot of crazy third-party apps for you know business SEO blogging everything if you can think about it and look it up you're probably going to find it now the only problem with WordPress is there is a little bit more of a learning curve because you gotta know a little bit more about what you're doing the user interface is not as pretty when you're trying to put things together and sometimes it can be a little bit a challenge me have never used WordPress before when I first started using it took me about a week or two to really get used to it before I actually felt comfortable enough but after I did it was probably my favorite of all the website builders that I've ever used in my entire life and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit and I did use this for a few different types of websites and stuff but I think it's all situation scenario-based of what we use these different web builders for now really quickly before I go today I want to talk to you about why I choose to use web builders instead of building my own websites and one the biggest thing is time as a photographer I don't have the time to really sit back and be you know developing a website and doing all this crazy coding and stuff like that and figuring out why something doesn't work or having to you know do all this different types of uploading and stuff because as a photographer my time and concentration needs to be into marketing actually being out taking the photos editing the photos and communicating with my clients so I don't really have the time to be building websites from scratch and doing all this other stuff if I was a web designer of course I would probably go with you know Dreamweaver and build my own website but that's not what we are we're not web designers we are photographers if you do have the time that's awesome go for it do what you want do whatever makes you happy that's the whole point of this is just to give you guys some more options but if any of this stuff did help you out today please be sure to go check out those websites be sure to leave me a like comment share subscribe all the good stuff if you know any web builders or anything out there that are pretty great that you you know I didn't mention you know feel free to talk about those in the comment section below we can kind of debate back and forth how good they are I recommend staying away from websites such as Weebly Wix webs and stuff like that and the reason is because you want to stay away from flash-based stuff you want to stay away from things that are too flashy and just are just blow people away by appearance because then don't really pay attention to your photographs but we'll get into that more when we go do some creaking of websites and talk about what makes a good web portfolio and what does not but guys that's prayer let's go do it for today hope you guys have a wonderful day a wonderful week happy shooting and as always we'll catch you next time


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