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this guy I got broken wings but I'm still flying with a lots of faith and I'm still trying that's the real type radio' sir me now cuz I will turn up on the mic over there hi I'm Dylan Manette and I play clay Jensen I'm Kathleen Lankford wait for your book hi I'm Dylan Manette and I play clay Jensen I know everything that I need to know to much in don't worry about deleting often I'm never taking another picture I gotta wrap up I'm I think give advice is almost about to give up on life that's real then fuck how you feel independent cuz I don't need a deal picked up the mic and not put on the pill picked up the fights I don't care how I feel remember my grandpa passed away he Nick killed my dad I saw it like he said promise want me to promise and I pursue my dream no matter how they feel I can't suck out the tea let's eat killed it they sacrifice is always working nope see when they call it I will fill in hot lights on me when I decide to step in the building fuck that radio music you listen to us with their fair shake in high school I was unpopular never fit in with the cool kids that were busy partying previously back there interest his mind as aggression was being funneled in all of you can't you help him with the dampening technology he has relied on his mind his entire life there just previously on iZombie you're supposed to feed these people there's a brain shortage out there we've heard rumors that our own men are scheming burnings and selling them on the black I want you to buddy but those acts is to use boys save and making a bunch of excuses I stood home filled in my crap I had a dream I'm pursuing it's hard to have these hopes and dreams especially when I previously on Riverdale did you make elections are won and lost in these the same way you got Andre to kill Papa poutine let's service for a for me you don't have words to say to me you don't even have to pray for me do you cuz I'll do me until the day that I'm through remember back then best ever friend saw me – natsu remember they said that if you need me then I got you when I needed you most we're ghosts and you left me for


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