Bonn in Germany 📸 5 Instagram Hotspots in Bonn

today we are in born the city is perfect for young people for weekend trip we show you now the five best Instagram spots here we go wow that's a hot spot for a perfect Instagram picture the cherry blossom in the old town attracts thousands of people every year in April you can see the full splendor for about two weeks if you don't want to miss the right time there is a webcam for you at the Boomers concern others are to participate just take a picture set the hashtag phone slide and share it with your friends one tiny ball belong together by pact of gold via four great Instagram picture you can't find a foretaste of Beethoven in collage posture classic meet street art did you know that the composer Beethoven was born and born the city will celebrate his 250th birthday next year with many events for further information watch on this website drink a good coffee on the terrace from the sky behind the mirror to tell you can look forward to the stunning view by from one and if you like the video then subscribe to our YouTube channel to travelers and you'll find more information about born on the website bond dot de


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