Britney Spears – Womanizer – Parody

I've always had I think the Star Trek conventions I need a man with the comic book collection Lord of the Rings is my favorite type of role play the one and Aragorn I wanna young Gandalf the Grey I fantasize about the Michael Phelps of ping pong someone who memorized all of the Pokemon theme song he's in the elite as one of the Star Trek fan club Chiefs but secretly he has a stash of Star Wars boxer briefs Oh and now MC Plus+ Oh he's got the Iraqi like Stephen Hawking check out his hard drive sets me to warp five highly skilled in the art of drawing anime and he has an extensive selection of action figures on display his employee of the month for tech support repair is a World of Warcraft expert beating Magda Riedel Slayer I dream of him hooking up my Ethernet cable spring in my ear about the periodic table I mean a gaming headset in his hair and sexy safety goggles on as it goes a robotics office I'm a womanizer Oh Oh don't need a jock on this spot baby they open ah sir excuse me Britney I mean I mean venetianprincess I'm sorry to say this but you're just not our type okay


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