Bunnos, Buns, & Wabbits – Internet Names for Bunnies

This is a bunno, also called a bun and occasionally
called a wabbit. But what’s most important is to understand
bunno anatomy. We start with the floppity loppities. Some bunnos have very droppy floppity loppities. Others have not so floppity loppities. Then there’s the blinkers and the booplesnoot,
which is also called the wigglesniffer. Moving down, we find the licketytickler and
the nibblenoms. Bunnos use these to eat the greens and the
oranges. Next, there’s the frontfluff. When bunno is tired, it makes an ideal headrest. Then there’s the lil front stubs, followed
by the thumper jumpers. And finally we make it to the general flufferbuttle
region, accented by the floofpoof. Bunnos are known for awesome acts of adoreableness. Like standing up, fluffing the face, and going
for walks. Kind of. Bunnos are also known to wear sweaters or
crowns. All hail his royal hopness. Bunnos come in a variety of species. There are loppers, hoppity pandas, pink blinker
cottonballs, easter bunn— wait that’s a doggo. Bamboozled again. There’s also mister mutton chops, flower boi,
wooly wabbits, and this IMPOSTER. If you ever see this bunno…call nine-one-bun. Visualize your bunnos, and anything else,
with Lucidchart.


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