Career Exploration: offers free salary information
and more for thousands of jobs across the US. Their salary look-up can help you understand
what your skills and experience are worth, whether you’re preparing to re-enter the job
market, or just curious to see how your current salary measures up. To get started, go to, and look
to the top of the homepage. You can click Browse Salaries to browse by job category…
or you can use the search box to search for a specific job title. In this example, we’re
going to look up salary information for a store manager. Next, enter your city, state, or zip code
to tailor your results to your location… then press Enter on your keyboard, or click
the magnifying glass to continue. Your search results appear on the next page.
Now’s your opportunity to find your job title, or the one that sounds the most appropriate
based on your skills, job responsibilities, and expertise. Let’s take a look at Retail
Store Manager. Here you can view the full job description
to make sure it’s a good match. If you still can’t decide, you might want to return to
the results page, and try comparing a few different jobs side-by-side. To do this, check the boxes that say Compare
(you can check up to three at time)… then click Compare Selected. Now you can view and compare all three job
titles at once, which should help you narrow it down. Once you’ve found the appropriate job title,
all you have to do is click View Salary Info. You may have to click “skip this advertisement”
to continue to the next page. Every salary report includes the average salary
for someone in your position, plus insight to other important things like bonuses and
benefits. Your base salary appears on a graph, which might look confusing at first, but it’s
easy to understand once you know what the figures mean. The number on the far left is the typical
minimum salary for someone in this position, and the number on the right is the maximum.
That means the average retail store manager can earn anywhere from about 39,000 dollars
per year to 85,000 dollars per year. In between, where the wave on the graph is
slightly higher, these two numbers represent the most common salary range. That means that
most people in this position earn somewhere between 48,000 and 72,000 per year, with a
median salary of 58,543 dollars. Keep in mind, though: your salary is going
to vary, depending on your location, your level of experience, and the company you end
up working for. To move onto the next tab, click the link
that says Salary + Bonus. This tab takes your base salary, and adds the average bonus for
someone in your position. Here we can see that the median salary has gone up by about
4,000 dollars, from 58,543 to 62,958. Click Benefits to go to the next tab on your
report. This tab calculates base pay, plus bonuses, plus benefits. It summarizes the
total compensation for someone in your position, including things like healthcare, time off,
social security, and more. When evaluating a job offer, this can often be just as important
as the overall salary, depending on your circumstances and long-term goals. If you’d like to learn more about the rest
of the career resources at, just click the logo in the upper left
corner… and you’ll be taken back to the homepage.

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