Celtx Free Screenwriting Software Tutorials : Create an Account in Celtx Web Services

DREW NOAH: So the next thing I’m going to
show you how to use in Celtx are the web services and what you can use these for–let’s me just
go first show you where it is, it’s right up here on the right at the top. And see when
I click it, it gives me a prompt to sign in. So I can’t–first you have to create an account
so that’s what I’ll show you first, I’ll just go down here and create account. So what the
web services is just like a couple different things; you can create an account on the Celtx
server and then you gain access to a couple of free features, and the features are a private
backup of your project, collaboration with other Celtx users and PDF generation of the
project. So basically, you can backup your project online and then that’ll allow you
to access it from multiple computers as well as just have a backup in case, you know, crashes
or you accidentally delete it. It allows for collaboration with other Celtx users so since
it’s online, you can–if you share your project with somebody else, they can also start using
it and start looking at it and then the PDF generation, pretty self explanatory. So we’ll
just continue and create an account, so first or step 2 of 5, name, organization, and e-mail
and then you want to check if you’re over the age of 14. Then you must create a username
and password. I just want to do this real fast, won’t you wait down here. Okay, enter the following, everything is good,
next to complete your registration and then, “Thank you for becoming a member of the Celtx
community.” So now I’m logged in and I have access to get the free online features. So
there it is, I’m jut going to go ahead and log in. And now here I am on the tab for web
services. So, that’s how–what the web services are, and how you create an account, and I’ll
show you what you can do with those in the following clips.

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