Channeled Akashic Records Experience — New Years Day Akashic Blessing

Channeled Akashic Records Experience awesome recording is started so welcome
everybody to your New Year’s Day blessing I’m so delighted you all gave
up some of your time today to join me this is going to be a very special
gathering I don’t know maybe a couple of hours I actually did Eve on my Facebook
page and I did that for something like six hours exhausting you’re not gonna go
six-month but a couple of hours is very doable so I hope you’ve all got your
questions and you brought your intentions and your great expectations
because this is our chance to have that renewal and begin with clarity an
insight about where we’re going because universe is gonna help us we’ve got to
let them know where we plan to go that’s a big part of it so does everybody have
my book I have to ask I don’t I’m sorry I knew I ordered it you will love it
because honestly what’s in that book is the same information that I share with
clients on a daily basis so it’s literally worth thousands of dollars and
with that understanding you have got magic records so that if you really want
to try and access your own records you can do that and if you haven’t
gotten your bonuses yet please go do that
because you’ve got an access prayer and you’ve got a special meditation can help
you get into your records so that you can practice and commune with your
guides and start building that muscle so that you will be able to regularly get
information from them my jewels are glad you’ve joined us dole is one of my old
database friends not old as an age but it’s in many years awesome okay well so we’ve got we got 17
people here already that’s fabulous so I’m gonna mute everybody and did you
want to say something wrong no really Happy New Year
Happy New Year I’m gonna mute everybody cuz there is a little bit of background
noise so at the bottom of your panel there is a place to raise your hand
everybody see that you click on the manage participants and that brings up a
panel for you where you can raise your hand so you’ll see your name and to the
right of your name there should be a symbol you can click on to let me know
that you want to ask a question so I’m gonna go ahead and mute now okay me
cheating you’re here where’s the button to mute all the
participants I’m not seeing that I guess I could just mute them individually I’ll
just do that okay hang with me I have never had a group this large before you
guys so I’m a little bit flummoxed this is wonderful me Jay your Franny why are
you frowning I am so glad you’re here we have a lot of people joining us on the
phone which is fabulous so while I’m doing the muting guys if you would just
get yourself comfortable take a few deep breaths we’re gonna do a little
grounding exercise before we jump in you’ve got almost everybody muted at
this point okay it’s nice and quiet great perfect okay so when I do my
grounding I like to visualize that white column of light coming down from above
and through my crown chakra and down into my heart chakra and then it pauses
for just a moment to expand in my heart chakra and then it was a burst that goes
all the way down through my body and out my root chakra and it bless into the
earth and it goes through the magma and all the layers of Earth
and down to the very center of the earth so that I’m firmly connected between
source and Mother Earth safe and secure in that love at wisdom and that guidance
and then once that connection is established and I can feel it firmly
grounding me supporting and loving then I send my energy out in a sonic boom
five miles but today we’re gonna do seven miles because seven feels like the
right number for today intend it and send your energy amount because that’s
how big what we’re going to do today is we need that extra space and in so doing
we will bless all of those in the path of that energy they will feel it on a
subconscious level and it will help all of them to start their new year out with
more power and intention and clarity so we get to experience the benefit and we
get to bless others in the doing awesome awesome let me switch over so I can see
more of your face says Donna I’m so glad to see you Minsk oh I’m so delighted you’re here I
know it’s been a rough year for you Hayley thank you for coming both
Hayley’s actually we have two Hayley’s here and it’s so wonderful okay so with
that done I had a request from a very special member of my tribe Lewis who is
in Puerto Rico and Lewis has been going through let’s face it he’ll write for
the last few months and he spent very much on my mind and as I wrote to you
late last night and I was talking about all the amazing blessings of the year
Lewis was very much on my mind because it almost felt wrong to be so happy
about all of this Wonder and delight when so many people like Lewis are going
through this hell but my guides reminded me that that’s disempowering and we
shouldn’t do that instead we should uphold them and send
our love and our healing energy to help them get through this to help them have
clarity to make different choices that will help them get out of this situation
faster because truly they wouldn’t have been there in a disaster if their energy
wasn’t a match for it so whatever the reason is that was part of their journey
and they do have the power to turn that around and to step out of it so we’re
going to hold that intention for them and send it so Louise’s question because
he couldn’t be here with all of the power outages was what is in store for
him in the year to come and it’s kind of special as you can imagine so I’m just
going to take a moment to connect with Louis’s guides and send that message out
to him and then I’ll open it for you so you can start raising your hands if you
have questions and I’ll take them in the order that they came mm-hmm
so Louise yeah I’m seeing murkiness and that swirling dark brown kind of like a
sludge almost and it’s a heavy feeling and then I see this big wind comes along
that’s kind of ironic right this big wind comes along and it just whoops in
and scoops up all that dark heaviness and it’s lifting it up and sending it to
the universe to be transmuted so it’s lifting the heaviness of the island and
the people and it’s allowing the Sun to shine in and to bring those healing rays
to heal not only the hearts and souls of the people but to penetrate into the
earth and to heal the land so that they can go back not to where they were
before because no they don’t want to go back there they want to move forward
they want to move into a new experience a more empowered experience and excitement about what they can do next
because they don’t want to ever be in this situation again of course we don’t
have a lot of control over natural disasters
but they do have control over their personal energy and whether or not they
will be in space when such a disaster happens so we will send energy to join
with the guides to uplift them so you personally Lewis you said that you were
graduating from college which is so wonderful congratulations that’s
exciting and I see you like a newborn baby you’re sparkling and you’re smiling
and there’s this wonderful energy that hasn’t been tainted with any cares and
woes from the our third dimensional experience and so there’s all of this
expectation an excitement that lies ahead of you so Lewis what your guides
are saying is if you can focus on that don’t focus on the reality that you see
around you because that will keep you in that space lift your eyes up and focus
on the reality that you desire to create keep your eyes focused on that and keep
moving forward towards that okay I hope that makes sense so they’re saying that
they they could tell you more but they don’t want to give you too much right
now they want to start you out with that intention and that clarity start working
on that and then check back with me later okay so sending you with love and
blessings Louise all right so Jean your hand is first tell me Jan what’s on your
mind hi Debra um well interesting you did a lovely reading for me now look at
the date on the notes it was August of 2016 gosh
18 months ago and of course as you know some changes have happened since then
you know with me ending the marriage or at least in the process of doing so the
things that you were saying in the reading were relating to impacts from
the relationship with my husband and some of his stuff is that I’d obviously
like to know what you feel is in or 2018 but also to know whether does
any any stuff out there that where it’s karmic or soul contracts this but it’s
gonna that could get in the way of me achieving the goals that I want to
achieve okay let me just ask about that the first thing that comes Jan is
celebrate where you have come from because it’s been a rough journey there
have been a lot of rocks in your road and pebbles in you and maybe your feet
were a little uncomfortable and that’s why we’re doing metaphor they want you
to acknowledge that and give appreciation to yourself for that
because it wasn’t easy and you kept your head up and you kept going despite the
challenges that came your way now as to the new year it’s wide open for you for
what you intend to create but yeah there’s gonna be karmic baggage you’ve
got to resolve because we all have lots and lots of karmic baggage and when it’s
appropriate and the energy is in the right space it will present itself but
know that you do have the tools to work through it and when it comes when that
dissonance hits the fan recognize it for what it is
smile stick out your tongue at it be a little irreverent be playful right and
just know that that’s cause for celebration because it means you’re on
the right path dissonance would not have shown up if you weren’t
and so just wink and smile and going as fast as you can to get past the
dissonance so that you can have that juicy exciting experience that’s wise
just on the other side of dissonance does that answer your question yes thank
you and I did love that video you did on dissonance because that’s been a a great
illustration of the last year or even more actually yeah thank you you’re
welcome after I did that video I got a
other download about dissonant so I need to make a new video but the essence of
it is that what happens is that when our soul and our ego are out of alignment
which is what’s going on because we’re up leveling right so the soul has moved
ahead egos holding back like an anchor and so the two of them are creating this
friction because of that pull and pour higher self in the middle there’s
getting swatted sparks and those sparks are the thing that insults what makes it
such a powerful experience so there’s there’s more than that but to get the
idea but that’s why we experience it on such a cool level because it really
truly is energetics flux getting around noise yeah buddy I just muted one okay I
think that might be it that’s the one you were mentioning me Jay so I just got
didn’t see it until name okay so sorry just gonna say one more thing was
interested that I found very interesting is the Mercury retrograde has impacted
them this year interestingly last year’s Mercury retrograde was really tough for
me I lost my voice I lost my computer all sorts of things happened but I mean
say that this year I haven’t had those kinds of problems so maybe I’ve maybe
the dissonance is lessening a bit I think when you’re aware of it it does
it’s an easier experience because in that awareness you have that’s a
limiting belief because I haven’t had huge problems with Mercury retrograde
because I’m not looking for them I’m not expecting them so that’s my thing it may
not be your truth I would just encourage you to shift your my
but thank you Donna and for a moment consider that Mercury retrograde doesn’t
have to cause any issues in your life that you can sail through it and perhaps
what it can do for you is give you an expanded awareness so that you can be
more empowered during that time mmm yes and that’s the way I approach it that I
you know my mother all right my intention of not going to be disrupted
by things so yeah completely accord with you know I just got a new realization
the other day I was doing an interview with my editor for her blog some of you
may have seen it cuz I posted on my page but during the interview she made this
comment about how my energy was so high that it was disrupting the signal and my
knee-jerk reaction was to say oh I need to kill my energy back well after the
interview my guides had a little talk with me and explained that oh no no no
you don’t need to be pulling your energy back you need to be putting more energy
out there let us deal with those issues don’t worry about that and I think a lot
of us especially women have had that life experience where if we get too loud
or too visible something makes us pull back because in that moment and that’s
something that’s coming out of this new movement of the women stepping forward
into their power no it’s not time to hold back ladies it’s time to step
forward and be even more empowered this is our time yes thank you
Thank You Jan I’m gonna mute you again and we’re gonna go to Karen you’re next
okay happy new year so good to talk to you I
have such confusion as I’m sure I’m not the only one on the call that has
confusion I am coming out of a relationship that is painful but I am
over 50 and I don’t have a sense of home anywhere I can live anywhere with my job
because I work from home and I want a couple of things I just want to make
sure I’m on the right path of where do I live to embrace my higher self and
that’s one question and the other one is my business being coaching as you know
I’m thinking that I should focus on women only and those are my two
questions and I don’t know that that that I should work with women only but
that’s just something that’s been in the back of my mind coming to the surface
okay so what immediately comes up is Karen what would bring you the most joy
does it feel more joyful working with women yes then do that it doesn’t mean
that you say no to the men it just means that you would focus your intention and
your marketing towards the women to draw in the clients that make your soul feel
nourished because you know when we work with people what’s important to
understand is that there’s this energetic feedback loop that’s going on
we’re putting out our energy and our intent and sharing our gift with them
we need them to hear validate and return in order to feel that nourishment to
feed our soul does that make sense yes yeah it does so if you’re getting that
from women and not from men then it’s perfectly valid to choose to work women
but anytime you want to switch it up and work with men that’s fine it’s always
about what brings you the most joy and delight so we that in mind that answers
so many questions and takes care of so much confusion just keep moving forward
and doing what delights you and the same would apply to where you live now I
would challenge you to consider do you have to pick a place to live might you
want to live in more than one place and that’s fine too because it’s about what
makes you happy and needs our song right right and I’m finding that the
opportunities of there’s so much travel in my schedule this year
that I almost don’t live anywhere I almost live nowhere and I’m thinking is
that normal I mean of course it may not be normal but is that going to bring joy
to me and that’s yet to be you know discovered but I guess I am very well I
am very grateful for those opportunities of the travels so I guess I don’t have
to live anywhere yeah it’s up to you I would try being a nomad for a while
slowly see what feels good maybe you’ll settle someplace that just feels so
wonderful like come home and great stay there as long as it feels good and what
it doesn’t move on because you’ve got this bright fabulous energy you need to
share with the world you’ve got so much insight and wisdom to
share that maybe keeping it in one spot doesn’t serve you or your tribe I like
that I like it yeah this is about expanding I’m sorry with any love in
this year any love relationship this year that’s up to you
okay for what you want and then go about your business don’t worry about it let
the universe bring that person into your world let them cross them and just be
open and willing to accept when it does happen but what happens is sometimes
we’ll put our requests out you know we’ll be working that law of attraction
and we focus on it so much that it’s like that drowning person who’s just
fulfilling in the water and they’re pushing away all of the life-saving
efforts that are coming to them and so when you relax and you find and you
allow tread water that sounds wonderful the light is you’re right just living in
more than one place that light out that is the most
important thing to me so I love that yeah so presentation out there for
whatever kind of relationship you want and what I’m getting all of a sudden is
Karen don’t limit yourself to one okay thanks Happy New Year Deborah Happy New
Year thanks for coming I really appreciate it love it okay Catherine
McGlinn what is your question hi um how can I break out of this past
10-year cycle of poverty no matter how hard I put myself out there in my
profession there are other people other circumstances that kind of like push me
back it’s like Sisyphus I push the rock up the hill and it falls back so one
example is the organization I belong to I just found out for 10 years has not
had the correct location where I practice so I’ve not gotten any
referrals from them for 10 years so it’s like outside it seems to be outside
factors that are just putting the mark you mentioned please yes what is it that
you do Catherine I’m gonna hypnotist okay so the first thing that comes is
that you’re an energetic match for poverty that’s why it’s coming okay so
the more you focus on what you don’t want more of that you get would be wise
for you would be to look around in your life and find something that feels good
that you could be happy about no matter how small find something you’ve got to
start there right you need to shift your focus to what feels good
ask for more of that and then what’s going to happen is your energy is going
to slowly start to shift as that happens you’ll find something
else that you can be joyful about let me just share with you one kind of
ridiculous thing because maybe it’ll help you to see I know it’s hard to see
from where you’re at because the forest trees thing right I’m personally not
happy about the administration running our country but knowing that it’s
important to focus on something positive I had to spend some time thinking about
one positive thing I could say about this person and what one positive thing
I came up with was that he made time slow down and depending on how you look
at it that can be a good thing so I was enjoying time slowed down and I got a
lot of college last year so as ridiculous as that sounds Catherine try
to find something even if you have to put your own twist on it to feel good
about because it’s that feeling good thing that happens within us that
attracts devastations into our life does that make sense okay I’m also going to
invite you to join me in a course that’s coming up and I’ll tell you more about
that later because I think it’s custom fit for what you’re going through
we’re going to take your gift and we’re gonna use your gift to blast obstacles
out of your way because things like having the wrong address on that
directory listing that is such a manifestation of poverty right that’s
what your energy is putting out there you manifested that now I’m not saying
that to blame you it’s not about blame never know it’s about understanding so
that we can be empowered because once we get the power of our thoughts and our
words now we can put them to use very positively to create what we want does
that make sense okay yes are you good with that I’m fine
okay Thank You Katherine thank you okay me J hi I never great what a great crowd
you pulled in wonderful yeah um okay so I think my question
really boils down to why am I still in my own way I try to do start to do with
as far as coaching and energy work and the spoon bending I kind of get out
there and then I stall and then I try something else and then I stall and it
can only be my own doing but I’m not understanding it or how do you know okay
let’s see okay what can you share with me Jay she needs some insight and
clarity I feel this like buzzing like bees in my head meet Jay like there’s so
much going on it’s overwhelming and it’s hard to see one clear path because well
you you’ve manifested so many opportunities because you’ve got all of
these amazing skills and so it’s kind of like that squirrel thing right you start
doing one thing and you’re really focused and dedicated and you’re feeling
good and then it’s not going as fast as you want or as well as you want and then
squirrel let’s jump over to another one you never finish the path so you haven’t
given any of these the opportunity to develop into the fullness that the
potential exists for so me Jay take a moment there saying okay you don’t have
to pick just one we know you don’t like the whole picture pick two and focus on
those two and work them pick the two that feel the absolute sweetest most
delicious like a ripe peach bite into them with gusto suck up that juice and
just revel in it and go roaring I’m seeing you like on a motorcycle with
leather anyway just go roaring away with focus and purpose does that make sense
yes it does thank you can you use that will that get you going
mm-hmm yeah yes I have one corollary question is that besides that
I feel like I’ve been holding myself back lately I also feel like I’m about
to move it to something much more or deeper or bigger and I guess I’m looking
for confirmation or not on that say that again I was distracted by the chat I’m
sorry yeah that’s okay that besides you know feeling like I’ve been stalling
I also lately don’t feel like I’m about to step into some hole into the level or
depth of what I’m gonna be or what I’m gonna offer and I suppose I’m looking
for confirmation or comment yeah you are as soon as you said that I got this
visual of you like a little ballerina dancing around the fringes of it on your
toes right you’re on point you’re dancing and you’re spinning and you’re
smiling and you just feel this expectation and excitement because
you’re right there you’re ready to step over the edge but you haven’t stepped
over the edge yet right so take a deep breath center yourself feel your way
through it pick one of your options or two if you must and just move forward on
it and stay there and keep looking for more joy and delight and building on
that and as long as it’s feeling good and feeding your soul do more of that
now what’s gonna happen for you in the beginning you’re gonna have a lot of
questions you’re gonna have a lot of doubts you’re gonna be thinking uh does
it really feed my soul I’m not quite sure give it a little bit okay don’t
make a rush judgment you need to take a little more time move forward a little
bit further before you decide to change course because you’re not giving it
enough of a chance so when you’re in that space and you’re starting to have
the doubts and the questions as I explained to Katherine spend a
little time and figure out what’s really wonderful about where you’re at and
focus on that wonderfulness so it can blossom like a flower and you’ll get
more out of that experience and then you’ll be less likely to feel that
dissatisfaction thank you yeah you’re welcome
keep me posted okay okay let’s go you’re up Happy New Year Debra everyone thank
you so much for putting this together really great to be here
I guess my question would be what do I focus on this year if there’s any
messages coming through I would love to hear that
please okay everybody wants to focus on for the year yeah oh you have been
working really hard and you have been putting into place your foundation right
I can see you laying the blocks oh my gosh you’re on your hands and knees with
a trowel and you’re putting down brick by brick and you have built this
beautiful foundation it’s not done yet there’s more to go but you’ve got some
of the pieces there and so what they’re saying is mitts go you’ve done really
good take a break sit back take some deep breaths relax
when some time Basking an appreciation for what you’ve done because you’re
really hard on yourself you are not giving yourself enough love and
appreciation for the amazing human being that you are just embrace yourself and
feel your angels standing around you embracing you – it’s like a huddle right
they’ve got you in a huddle and they want you to feel that love and that
support and they’re just saying relax a little bit you don’t have to go so fast
you’ve got time sometimes it feels like you’re racing and it’s like you’re
racing to know where you’re going to get nowhere slow down be a little more
purposeful and bindable the steps that you’re taking you know I
don’t know why but what I’m getting is it’s like people who have eating
disorders and one of the things they need to do is when they eat they need to
slow down and savor each bite because that’s the way through their addiction
they slow down and they savor each bite they’re more in the moment and they’re
more aware of what it’s doing for them I don’t know why the food thing maybe
that’s where you’re going to be going with your work but that’s the visual
that I got so yeah you have got this bright path I’m seeing it like the
yellow brick road is spread out before you and now you get to go skipping down
the yellow brick road and finding those things that bring you joy and I’m seeing
those monkeys those nasty monkeys flying in right to upset your apple cart and so
what it is is when those monkeys fly wave and smile and they’ll keep going
because your energy won’t attract them when you wave and smile and you’re in
that positive uplifting space they don’t want anything to do with you that
actually repels them and Catharine that goes for you too so when you shift into
that wonderful energy you’re going to draw into you Glinda and the wizard to
help you are you a Wizard of Oz fan yeah I read that to my daughter sometimes interesting okay thank you beautiful
answer your question yes lovely message I really appreciate it thank you so much
you are so welcome thank you okay so we have it says iPhone but it doesn’t tell me
which number huh okay whoever’s on the iPhone tell me what your question is
ah there you are I see you are you muted it says you’re not did you mute yourself
maybe because I see your lips moving but I don’t hear you you now still not working um can you try
maybe without the the headphones and see if that makes a difference you you okay tell you what go to the chat tell
me what your name is and what your question is and I will come back to you
okay awesome okay Donna you are up well hi I just thought I would jump on
because I just love you so much and and when it was 111 I said well those that’s
the angel number so I thought I would jump in and share something with you and
with other people who are interested in energy work I was actually doing some
research today finishing up the companion journal for mine shift on
demand and the companion journal is called 10 minutes add a mind shift
master plan and I’m thrilled with it and I was trying to find out if there was
something out there that would validate hang on we’ve got a see which one
there’s someone that you need to mute with the last four digits zero to two
seven I think keep talking I’m looking for it okay and I came across something
that was so validating to all of us it was from this the National Center for
Complementary and Integrative Health which is actually part of the US
Department of Health and Human Resources I was startled by that and they have a
strategic plan that goes from 2016 to 2020 with five objectives and the second
one jumped right out at me and said objective to improved care for hard to
manage symptoms develop and improve complementary health approaches and
integrative treatment strategies for managing symptoms like pain anxiety and
depression you know they’re calling it alternative medicine energy work mind
shifting it’s actually at the top of hospitals agenda today so I think that’s
huge in relationship to what we’re doing and
I never considered that but until recently I had not considered that my
mind shifting would be something I could say if you deal with anxiety but
yesterday at my book signing that I did at a flea market who knew I would go to
flea markets someone said please bring your book there there were four people
who stopped by said immediately they had serious issues with anxiety one was 16
and one was 17 and they were ready to take action to have and this was really
frightening to finally have a life worth living and if that is it was like a
message to me that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing and I feel
so blessed then I have no questions but you can say what you want because I love
you that is wonderful validation and I’m so
excited to hear that they’re finally getting it that they need to open their
eyes you know one of my hobbies and passions is homeopathy
and there’s this Indian Clinic in India the Banerjee’s and they have been curing
cancer and all forms of disease in India for years because they’ve got 150 years
plus documentation of the work that they’re doing and they’ve developed
these protocols so it’s like taking the existing homeopathy and putting on
steroids they’ve been invited to the u.s. now several times to speak people
are starting to get it so there is this transition happening this big evolution
and it’s super exciting thank you for caring that and one of the things that
I’ve been able to come up with and to come up with the realization is that I
was concerned I was holding myself back because I was concerned that I had all
these courses to do and literally the message that I’ve gotten this past week
is all you need is the book and then the 10 minutes a day mindset magic which is
a six week program that’s all you need because that’s the foundation and that’s
that you don’t have to go create all this other materials because it’s there
and that’s very exciting and I said am I supposed to speak and I have I’m
speaking at two libraries this coming week so this week so yes I guess that’s
more validation yes and the overriding message to that and I’ve been getting
that as well and other people is that don’t wait because in the waiting your
stopping your manifestations that movement to keep the energy flowing so
that you can attract to you what it is that you want
so anytime you find yourself waiting oh please take a look around and find
something to do and go do it quickly get moving because we don’t want to be stuck
in the muck we were energetic creatures we have to keep moving
well thank you that’s fabulous you’re welcome as mama Peggy always says to
stay above the grass you need to get your butt up yep mama Peggy is a wise
lady thank you Thank You Donna okay I’m not sure if
it’s is it a Lynne or a one but i’m unmuting you what is your question hi
how are you I’m good how are you doing good good I’m glad you can hear me but I
actually have two questions and the first is my dog who was elderly on
Thursday disappeared he went at for about 15 minutes and then come back and
my feeling is he probably wanted to wade on but I thought oh no I don’t know if
it mayn’t give me insight as to whether he did pass the hunter might still be
out there what’s his name pinky say it again dinky di TTY Dickie tell me how you say your name Alan Alan
oh I never would have got that thank you that helps it mean right when they code
here record hmm is he a little dog like I don’t like
it’s some kind of terrier no he’s a Chow Chow cuz I’m seeing you with this little
dog jumping up and down on your leg you know on the hind legs and it’s like a
like a Scottie dog or maybe a little bit smaller that’s like between a Scottie
and a Yorkie and it’s jumping up and down trying to get your attention now
maybe you’ve had this dog in a you know previous life I don’t know but that’s
the dog I’m seeing and it’s trying to get your attention it’s trying to tell
you something I’m not getting anything other than that at the moment give me
just a moment now it’s running in circles around you it’s really trying
hard to get your attention oh so the message is coming through now
Alan you’ve done everything that you can do now need to wait and trust and allow
I’m not getting whether he’s coming back or not there’s something going on that
that hasn’t been determined yet right that’s the future mm-hmm well there’s
something preventing him from coming back to you right now that may change it
may not so maybe nobody got him and they have them in their home that people
would be the case so if that is the case then of course you know you do all your
diligence and without the Flyers and wait in that place of expectation and
trust and keep sending out your energy and if it’s possible he will call thank
you man you yes one more question yes I am the
question about my son who has struggled for the last couple of years with
depression and you know he’s he’s young he’s 21 years old and I feel like I want
to know if he if and when he’s going to come out of this and what I can do to
kind of help him his name is Colton okay well you have to understand it’s up to
him free choice is sacrosanct he’s got to make the choices all you can do is be
there with love and support you don’t want to enable right but you wonder why
him know that you will always be there so that when he chooses to make more
positive choices he will have that support
so you’re the rock or the anchor he needs that he needs to know that there’s
a safe space to go but right now I feel a lot of confusion I’m sorry
anxiety and why he’s coming to ya great very high anxiety absolutely and so what
I’m getting is there’s like this cloud he can’t see clearly because it’s well
much confusion and just it’s great it’s charcoal-gray problems just keeping him
from seeing and until he chooses to do something different to move on a
different course that’s going to continue now if you are inspired to
offer him some kind of program yet but be very careful it has to come from a
place of attachment you have to offer it with love but without pressure does that
make sense yeah because if he feels pressure going to pull away it just has
to be like oh matter-of-factly here this is check it out it might be what you
need is that helpful yes
thank you so much I appreciate it you’re welcome nice to see your face thank you
mm-hmm okay so I’m gonna go to Avon on the iPhone and you said there’s a
problem with sabotaging and wait oh and like a lot of people you went off the
rails for the holiday so what everybody does right give yourself a break just
accept it it’s done you can’t change it don’t you can change what you do
tomorrow on the next day and the net so just keep moving forward don’t want that
be the excuse for holding you into the past because it’s like this anchor
that’s holding you back because you’re saying oh I screwed up I might as well
just the point no no no because that’s that snowball that keeps rolling and
that’s what keeps you in sabotage so each day is a new day in a new
opportunity and let me are you on some kind of a program do you have a support
group I’m just waiting to see because we’re still not hearing you okay I’m not
seeing a message either one so okay just yes your to support girls that’s
right okay go work that support group I don’t know what kind of program you’re
on but we can talk back channel because I’ve been in this support group for HCG
which is the you know the hormone drops because I did that program a number of
years ago and it was really successful and even though menopause brought some
of that weight back I still stay connected to that group because the
support is wonderful and helpful and you don’t have to do that program to be part
of that group so I’m going to invite you all bloomers crackling could if you
could mute your smell that would be great
so I want to invite you to that group because the energy there is wonderful
it’s a safe space and some of the things I learned by that process is that when
I’m tempted to have something that I know I’m gonna regret the next day I
stop and I pause and I have to ask myself the question do I want this right
now more than I want to release some excess weight and if the answer is yes I
do want this more than I give myself permission to have it because most of
the time the answer is no I don’t and there are people who help you also wash
just made that there we go there are people who can help you with EFT so that
you can tap I don’t know if you’ve ever tried that can you not and let me know
you ever tried EFT Devon I’m not seeing enough of your face
Oh your Weight Watchers okay yeah they can help you with that too so in
addition to the support group I would recommend the energy work because that’s
going to help you stay on target and focus and we can talk about more of that
back channel as well does that help yes okay awesome thank Sivan are you
local are you from my meetup group because there was an Avant that RSVP’d
awesome so I will look forward to meeting you then at the next meetup
group that’ll be the 4th Monday thank Sivan okay so let’s see the next person I don’t know
if I’m getting your name right Neha and ekj yeah like nah that’s how you say it
yeah Neha Neha okay what’s your question yeah actually my question is that how
can I release weight because as I just lost your volume are you still
there feel that it’s um it’s not a fucking meeting I know I didn’t hear
your question you cut out yeah I was saying that since um many times I’m I’m
trying to lose my excess weight so I want to know that is it possible that I
can release all those extra weight and be my ideal body when it’s like what I
desire weight is a tricky one because it’s
different for so many of us and it kind of depends on what’s behind it why is it
there no you’re carrying it is a protection yeah I feel that it’s a
protection because I was very I have many fears doubts and ancestral lineage
and many of the things so I’ve been working on it and I strongly feel that
my great is due to all those ways in the results so what I’m caring Neha is that
it stays because you’re in that energy of resistance you’re fighting against it
like that drowning person right you’re trying to claw your way to skinniness
and that doesn’t happen that’s the resistance to releasing the
weight and so it holds on and it even adds more because you’re in that space
right so okay I would like you to spend some time in meditation I want you to
see your body the realistic view of your body appreciate it and love it tell your
body how magnificent it is and how grateful you are the wave that it
functions for you because when we think about what our bodies do for us every
day how they support us and get us through despite all of the bad things
that we do to them it’s kind of a little miracle isn’t it and we owe our bodies
such a debt of gratitude for serving us so well and one of the mantras that I’ve
been working on I’ll share with you and maybe this will resonate is
every day I thank my amazing wonderful body for having this supercharged
metabolism that easily burns off the excess leaving me in a space of
perfection and I can love and appreciate it now of course the reality that I see
in the mirror doesn’t quite match that but that’s okay because I’m not focused
on that I’m focused on that reality that I want to create and so I’m going to
continue doing that until what I see in the mirror matches the reality that I
see in my mind does that make sense yeah actually that is a 10 going on because
when I see myself in the mirror I don’t like it and I’ve become upset and sad
I’d like I feel that it’s I’m gonna cage that I’m never gonna be free yeah so
it’s like you’re at war with your body right you can’t be on with your body and
get to that place of peace and harmony you have to make friends with it because
it’s just what you’ve programmed it to do and it took awhile to put that weight
on it’s probably going to take a while to take it off although I did read
there’s this book I think the title is breathing space it’s about this famous
yogi in New York who was actually able to lose a hundred pounds in a month
by doing this breathing technique so you may want to check that out but I don’t
have any personal experience with that I just read about it and I was fascinated
by it so is that helpful me yeah it was helpful and actually I’m very much alike
distracted by the belly like it feels like a balloon and my double chin like
my broad face and so what do you think that what’s what’s I always questioned
myself it seems like that like the world is in my abdomen so I always question
with that okay my body is my friend and what’s in store what says the worst
there was I feel like my true inner self is own hidden and it’s trying to come
out and I have changed my mentality I have said that
my mother is my friend it’s working from use to me I can feel this pressure in
your abdomen and it feels to me like you are tied trying to digest the problems
of the world in other words you’re taking on stuff from other people it’s
not yours and you keep stuffing it in there like it’s a garbage can right
you’re this garbage collector for other people’s crap don’t do that
that’s not good for you can you forget that’s what’s going on so Spencer
meditation and I want to see you taking out that garbage spew it out it’s not
yours and as it doesn’t belong there and once you do all that garbage out you’re
going to create space to bring in love and healing energy and so in that space
bring in your angels and your guides and allow them to fill you with love and
healing and you I can see if drinking as you let all that stuff go your body is
naturally responding to that and it’s thanking you oh thank you for finally
opening your eyes and giving us what we needed
yeah that’s what I’m getting okay okay thank you so much you’re welcome
yeah and anything that you can get about my career like I am not having a job
since July and recently I had a good opportunity from I am in India so I had
an opportunity from us about like for a program educator I will be working for
them through Facebook and Internet and see is providing some money so it’s a
good start and good opportunity so anything you get about my career
it’s I’m just getting it’ll be what you make of it it’s a good step forward so
do it and do it until okay as long as it feels good and it takes you in the
positive direction keep doing it and keep expecting more and better okay
allow the universe to bring you better than you asked for that’s what I get
okay thank you so much I want to do this do this again I wish I got done
collecting yes you will everybody will get the recording yeah yeah thank you so
much you’re welcome okay Rindy let me find your button there
you are unmuted what is your question oh I don’t hear you did you mute
yourself here static well I’m just getting that with no Bowl okay wait I
feel like I can sell relate to everybody else’s questions here and I’ve taken a
lot of notes mine is kind of similar to what the Neha was talking about I feel
like I have really kind of let my own body and health go in the background
while I’ve been working on my business working on other people like paying
attention to everybody but me and I do feel like that how do I put this it
reflects in my work I feel like I’m not congruent when I’m helping other people
try to regain their goal when I’ve got you know my own excess way some
inflammation that we’re not quite sure where it’s coming from so I was just
wondering if there was any insight into where I might be focusing on me that
will will help these things out does that make any sense
yes well the first thing that I’m getting is rindy you have to make
yourself a priority because I tell people this all the time I have to laugh
when you’re on the airplane and the oxygen mask comes down you have to put
it on yourself first or you will die and you can’t help anybody that’s true
that’s just the truth so if you don’t attend to your own needs
first you will not be in any place to help other people so you first always
okay whatever that means for you but just start every day
give yourself some allotment of time where you focus just on you that can
look like anything you want it to look like but you have to do that for
yourself that’s gonna start shifting your energy now the other thing you
talked about is imposter syndrome you feel like you’re an imposter that you
can’t help these other people because you have the same problem that you’re
helping them with like you’re not being authentic or something right well a
different problem not the exact same problem but and I know a lot of people
in holistic medicine came to it because they had to fix one of their own
problems I guess I’m feeling like I haven’t fixed my problem yet in fact for
many years I always thought hey I’m one of these that just likes to help other
people I don’t have anything to fix now I realize I’ve got stuff to fix
yeah well that’s huge right yeah well appreciation for yourself for having
that insight and now you’re going to act upon it so thing about having that
problem and feeling like maybe you’re not qualified to help you just need to
be a couple steps ahead on the journey to help them and I’m sure that’s what
you’re doing you’re helping we’re behind you to bring them forward that’s all you
ever have to do you don’t have to be perfect you just have to have something
that can help them and you do and that’s why you’re in business so your intention
is there your follow-through is there so your guys are just safe
Rindy lighten up already take your foot off the brake allow it to flow because
you’re blocking the flow with all those self recriminations and that doesn’t
help anybody that brings in that negative energy that blocks you so it’s
a self-fulfilling prophecy you keep putting it out it keeps coming back and
blocking you which is blocking you from receiving that positive feedback
remember that energy feedback loop I talked about mm-hmm you’ve got all that
crap going on self-recrimination so their positive feedback is getting
blocked it’s not coming through and you need that to come through prevent
validation to help you then put out more and then get more back from them it’s a
constant cycle so that’s the block does that make sense
it does as I keep looking in the mirror and beating myself up and they just that
that yeah so if you make new year’s resolutions yours should be only speak
kind and loving words to yourself because you are listening you know you
would not tolerate a friend speaking about themselves that way you would
correct them right right so when those words come out think about that your
friend would never say that to you what would your friends say to you start
changing your yours language it’ll take a little time to break the habit I’ve
been there done that yes and it feel yell do yes
you can do it I know you can do it okay okay awesome
you’re welcome okay Haley look how are you Haley it’s been for it I know it’s
been forever it’s so nice to see your face like so I am just here in Maine and
so blessed to be starting the new year and just wondering what it has to hold
for me anything that um you know my guys have to say anything specific or just
general for the name well around I’m starting a private craniosacral therapy
and so i feel like i i’ve been doing a lot of my own inner work and feel like i
have their moments where i have the brakes on a little bit with getting that
going and then also just wanting to share my life with a partner and and
being very patient and just wondering when he
arrive let me see what they have to say about that
it feels like you’ve been looking for that someone for a while yeah yeah it’s
like you’re on this dark road and it feels like you’ve been walking for miles
and miles and you’re getting tired and frustrated and oh it’s like oh my gosh
will I ever get to my destination so the first thing they say is Haley it’s not a
destination that’s death it’s about the journey so if your focus is always out
there on the horizon as opposed to being in the now and relishing the experience
of today your life is gonna pass by and you won’t have really lived it so
they’re urging you take a little time look around think about what you really
want for yourself and know that you are perfectly capable of creating that joy
and delight success peace whatever it is you seek it doesn’t require a partner so
when you first create that for yourself then you are more attractive to them
that you seek right it feels like your energy is kind of blocked it’s closed
around you remember we talked in the beginning about letting your energy go
out seven miles so yours is a bit blocked you’re not allowing it to go out
and touch other people and so what happens is friends and partners and
wonderful experiences are kind of crossing without hitting your path right
there they’re going past you they’re not getting to you because you’re just in a
different mind space hold on just a second David could you turn that off
because it’s really loud on my recording okay we’re gonna have to just deal with
that for a moment sorry did that make sense Haley yeah
so the question at this moment isn’t where is that someone it’s what can I
work on with myself to be prepared so that I will see that person and I will
cross paths with them because you don’t want to cross paths with them if you’re
not ready because they wouldn’t have a connection right and you might have lost
that wonderful opportunity you’ve been waiting for so it truly is about getting
you prepared before so in the meantime what they want you to do is to go out
look around in your world with the eyes of a child what can I do today that will
be joyful and exciting and if that means going to a playground and going on the
swings or down the slide do that you need to get that wonderful childlike
delight in your life and that will shift your energy so that you will attract
more of that into your life and then each day when you get up you’ll be
filled with excitement about what’s to come
rather than oh boy another of the same old same old does that make sense that
makes sense that’s appropriate I mean I’m a pediatric occupational therapist
so I’d say all day so that’s appropriate yeah so you need more play in your life
yeah out with your friends I have a great time
don’t worry about the partner when you do that you open the door for the
partner okay because in worrying about them that’s pushing them away yeah okay
yeah I met my husband after seven years of being single between marriages when I
stopped looking I just said screw it universe I’m gonna stay single I’m just
gonna go have a good time yeah and I meet him – were married 30 years now so
I speak from experience Hayley it can him okay thank you you’re welcome okay
marry you’ve been waiting a while let’s get you unmuted are you muted I can’t
tell you have a different symbol on yours
than everybody else and it’s I don’t have a spot to unmute you can you unmute
yourself you just looking in the list now it looks
like you’re I hear something is that you know I see our mouth moving but I don’t
hear anything so you did post your question let me just read that so Mary’s
wandering about looking for love in all the wrong places and wondering what she
can do differently to find true love this year and very similar to what
others have gotten it’s it’s again it’s about you’ve been on this seeking
journey and it’s like I see you doing this you know you’re out there like a
scout looking for that person and you’re looking so hard that you’re not seeing
that they’re actually all around you because there’s more than one person who
could be that wonderful partner for you some of us thought maybe there was only
one soulmate which is not true because if there was only one the life that
would have ever meaning them is very slim there are actually quite a few and
it’s a matter of finding the one that fits and that we enjoy being with at
that moment and that can change from time to time so be open there being more
than one right person and just look for somebody who’s fun to be around don’t
have in your mind it’s got to be a relationship just stay light and easy
and have a good time and that will allow you to connect with more people which
gives you a banquet of choices right and from that banquet you get to choose the
juiciest sweetest absolute best so know that banquet is there you’re
just not seeing it because you’re doing this in all those other places and it’s
like turn around Mary it’s behind you does that make sense I saw your mouth say yes but I can’t
hear you okay and if you had more just type it for me in the chat okay awesome
okay so let’s see who is next Donna you raised your hand again yes I did because I heard two people
talk about their concern about their body and so I went to get my rap song
that I haven’t yet put out but I wanted to read a chorus to them because I
really want you to embrace this this was written thirteen months ago when I was
feeling I was feeling down on myself at 6’5 you carry a lot of weight just
because you’re 65 and I picked up a bit and I was feeling bad and all of a
sudden I kind of smacked myself on the head and said wait a minute it’s how you
think about yourself so this is it every time I walk every time I talk I’m
strutting my sexy body every time I walk every time I talk I’m being oh so
naughty every time I walk every time I talk I’m a big bad hottie every time I
walk every time I talk I’m loving my newfound body and I want everybody who’s
listening to love your body the way it is that’s beautiful thank you Donna
I actually got that serenade in person which was really cool I take it to heart
me too working on that every day okay I don’t see any more hands raised
if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity grab it get that hand up
Heather you got it okay hi how are you I’m good how are you guys
today wonderful is that the famous daughter I
see in the background that’s one of them there’s three daughters and two sons so
yeah actually she’s better part at her party today pride any wife I was
wondering if you could just give me some clear direction like if there’s messages
for me I just feel blocked right now and I’m
wondering what’s happening financially and romantically and I hear that from
pretty much everybody so that feels good to hear that I’m not alone now it’s the
question that so many of us have you know because it is a challenge but like
everybody else it’s a matter of being in that space of joy because that’s how you
take care of yourself and when you take care of you you are attracting more
delight into your life it’s it’s when you’re in that place of oh I’m not so
happy with what’s going on I want this I want that you’re kind of all over the
place instead of having peace and focus right
so right sometime this is a perfect time to do this take stock of where you’re at
and what do you want next it’s like a navigator right you chart your course
what’s the next stop on your journey where do you want to go no absolutely
you have it in sight you know what it is yeah yeah I started you know I really
Jobe into my energy business recently I created my website I launched everything
just the other day and you know fully self-sufficient and then I want my
partner and now I’m like okay when’s happening it
didn’t happen last week well what we have to understand is that sometimes the
timing isn’t right that person is there and they’re on the way to you but you
just haven’t met up yet and so we have to be at peace and allow that to happen
so we don’t push it away right no it’s happening because when you ask your
guides the answer is always yes it’s just a matter of all of the
synchronicities lining up to make it happen so that person may be in a
different space and they’re not ready and they’re moving towards you and
guides on both sides are working like mad to line it up so that you actually
will cross paths and have that opportunity I think when we get to the
place where we can relax and say yes I know it’s coming I trust it’s coming I’m
going to be calm believing and allowing it to come and when we get to that space
all of a sudden the doors open wide and they can come in but until we do that
it’s like the doors are closed they don’t even know that the opportunity
exists because the light’s not shining out the doors closed right that makes
sense does that help it does very validating
thank you you’re welcome I know sometimes it seems like oh that’s
such a vague answer I want more specifics but you get to figure out what
those specifics are those are your choices they’re not going to tell you
what to do they’re gonna give you the broad outline and say okay here’s the
pool you get to play in now you go pick out the spots you want to hang out in beautiful thank you
thanks for coming Heather I appreciate having you here okay Mary your hand is
up again and now I can unmute you now I can unmute you it’s not letting me can
you unmute yourself Mary when I push the button nothing’s happening can’t hear me now yes I hear you Hey so
this is actually Mary’s friend Michelle she’s staying here with me for the week
and I’m struggling a little bit I’ve taken care of my mom since 2013 she’s
recently fallen she’s in a care center right now but normally she lives with me
and so I’m wondering kind of what that how that’s gonna play out and then of
course how that’s gonna impact me the situation with your mom
well welcome Michelle thank you for being here thank you just see what they
have to say so what they’re saying is Michelle how would you like it to play
out what would be the most ideal resolution oh gosh that’s a hard one um
you know there’s a struggle for me right because I don’t want to lose her but I
feel like she’s at a point for herself where it’s time so I guess I want you
know the it feels like the right thing to do is just to let her let it go well
truly you don’t have a choice that’s up to her soul right but what you do have a
choice in Michelle is how you spend this time with her make it meaningful enjoy
every moment stay in the now stop rushing ahead to what’s next that’s
what’s missing for you stay there relish the moments make those memories that are
going to be inscribed upon your heart for the rest of your life don’t miss
that opportunity that’s what they’re saying
focus on that right now because that’s something you have control over when we
try to go out and force situations that we really don’t have control over it’s a
recipe for unhappiness and misery so when we
look at the situation realistically and we see what it is that we can do what
choices lie in front of us then we make the choice that feels the best for us
that’s the way that we get the most joy and delight each day and know Michele
that the thing about death is for the soul who’s crossing over it’s joyful
they’re moving on with excitement to the next phase of their journey it’s just
hard for those of us who are left behind but also know her energy will be with
you as often and as much as you need to help you once she is gone and I actually
have a meditation if you like you can get from my website it’s a grief relief
meditation that if there’s somebody you’re missing on the other side you can
do this meditation to actually bring them back into your presence spend time
with them talk to them touch them whatever you need to do to help heal
yourself it’s all about you because they’re fine they don’t need any help
so no she’s going to that joyous wonderful place and if you can be happy
for her because the pain will be gone and she will be having new wonderful
experiences you can focus on that more than on how much you’re going to miss
her that will help but also focus on the fact that she’s never really gone her
energy will still be around and if you allow yourself you will be able to feel
it and that meditation will also help you yeah you know what’s really funny
about that she’s never been really a really joyful expressive human being and
in the last few months she’s very very joyful yeah
that happens a lot people shift greatly at the end because it’s like they’ve got
one foot here and one foot there and they’re starting to experience that
amazing fifth dimensional experience and so it’s bleeding into the third
dimensional experience and they’re getting excited about moving on
but at the same time of course they’re feeling guilty is you know they know
that their loved ones are going to be in a state of mourning when they leave so
if we can get to that place of acceptance and being happy for them
we’re doing them a huge service in helping them to transition with more joy
does that make sense yeah so what I’m really struggling with now is whether I
leave her where she’s at in the nursing home care center or whether I should
bring her back home well what does she want depends on the day you ask her very I
get very mixed messages from her um her wishes when we started living together
is that she wanted to always be at home when she was clear minded that’s what
she expressed to me but now I bring her home for a day and it’s panic and upset
and it’s really traumatic for her so that’s your answer Michelle don’t bring
her home it doesn’t matter that that’s what you
discussed previously what matters is the reality of today and you also get a
choice in this right so because she’s not in a space of actually being able to
make a good choice for herself because she’s so confused you get to make that
choice so make a choice that’s best for you
right now so that you can be in that space of enjoying these last days with
her and not having it be so stressful okay thank you that’s helpful good I’m
glad thanks for sharing with us Michelle
you’re welcome okay anybody else Yvonne you put your hand up again let’s see if we can hear you now I still don’t hear any volume from you
oh it’s backwards I can’t read it sorry did you send me a message in chat your thumb is up I don’t know what that
means yet I’m just scrolling the chat okay
dots at bottom-right for raised hand when you click okay I don’t know what
that means actually I see your hand raised in my participants panel yeah
there’s the three dots for chat I do see that Oh Alina you said you don’t know how to
raise your hand click on the button at the bottom this has managed participants
that brings up a panel and you should see your name there and beside your name
there’s a button to raise your hand you see that if on if you can just type your question
in chat I’ll look for it there I’m Elena in the meantime I’m just gonna unmute
you so you can oh your hand did go up yeah you did it awesome
I think you and I are unmuting at each other at the same time go ahead and push
your button there you go complicated I know right I love the feathers in your
hair Elena part of my ensemble I have the
whole kit on I love it Thanks Elena makes these things you guys she’s
a bona fide Native American you never did tell me what tribe do you know ours
I know I’m part of the zoo family okay not not necessarily Lakota but more as
Nakota but it’s all part of the zoo family she
has some amazing stuff on her website if you would Elena put your website address
in the chat in case anybody is interested if you do angel cards or
anything like that she’s got these amazing medicine bags that you could
keep your cards in I just think that would be fabulous and she’s got a lot of
jewelry and wonderful things so what’s your question today Elena well I came in
on the 27th and gave me a little message and and they have not completed the
message or I’m not hearing it so I’m kind of curious what they’re talking
about because what they said as I was falling asleep on the night of 12 27 was
that a miracle happened by the next full moon of the New Year which of course is
today I have no idea what they’re talking about and I’m curious but I’m
what did it well but in that curiosity you’re pushing it away right they told
you it’s beaming so why are you questioning you just need
to relax and know it’s coming also well this is coming know that you may not
recognize it when it happens there may be like a delayed effect but you’ll see
it in hindsight because it’s it’s coming it’s around you right now I can feel it
it’s evolving it’s expanding around you right oh my gosh it’s very exciting
whatever it is I know it has something to do with your moving that’s what it
feels like so all the pieces are coming together right now it’s it’s in the
action it’s in motion so just rejoice that it’s unfolding
right now and you’ll be over the next weeks maybe days I don’t know but it’s
gonna take a little bit of time to completely unfold and then you’ll be
able to look back and say oh my gosh how did I not see that cuz it’s gonna be
really magnificent it will be something you can’t miss that’s cool cuz I help ya
it does because the other thing that has come up I was supposed to start absolutely was supposed to start
tomorrow I went to training on Thursday and I finished my training but on the
Saturday but she told me she helped me after class on Thursday do it for me
that the office I had been cleared for they over hired so therefore there was
no powers for me and so now I’m sitting there like you know I had turned all
these other assignments down because I was there look tomorrow and now they’re
telling me they don’t have a place for me so I’m kind of curious
yet I did that on human level or on a higher level okay no that feels like
dissonance to me because you’ve been stepping it up and so you put all your
eggs in one basket relying on them and that’s the message about don’t rely on
the outside it’s you you create what you want don’t put all those eggs in one
basket you need to have multiple things going on I know you do you’re starting
to do that right now that’s a really positive path for you those other pieces
in action because you want to have those multiple streams of income in case
somebody does backup because you know people are people and they will but use
this as an opportunity don’t let it stop you because it’s distance you’re just
gonna surge through it pick something else and go do it as fast as you can and
you will leave them in your dust and the next time you’ll be able to say to them
no thank you I’m too busy because they’ve just proven to you they’re
unreliable right mm-hmm but that’s a valuable lesson you got it
now you don’t have to mess with them anymore you’re for you to pursue other
more positive avenues oh and just to let you know I did at the more post do my in
front of the camera awesome I will go check it out thank you yeah thank you
you’re welcome okay Justine what’s your question
you’re still then I muted hang on sometimes these buttons take a while
okay there you go um I would just like to know about this new year and what
focus I should have for the next few months okay and you shared with us you
just retired so the door is wide open possibilities galore I had my first solo
photo exhibit in December so that’s exciting
what is it that you would like for the next few months to hold what’s your
dream I want to develop my photography to understand what focus I should have
so that I can have something important to say
for my next exhibit whatever it might be you know I’m trying to focus for that
work yes so as you were saying that I got a picture of little Justine running
around with the camera little Justine doesn’t care about making a statement
little Justine cares about having a great time and taking really cool
pictures of whatever catches her fancy because you know the world right now is
very heavy it doesn’t need any more heavy
statements it needs more joy it needs more kids
having parties I don’t know do you do kids parties yes yes you see what you’ve just said
you’ve answered your own question that’s what you love doing that’s what you
should be doing whatever feeds your soul do more of that and so you get to decide
you get to go out and take pictures of anything and everything that captures
your attention and the ones that feel the best go do more of those just keep
feeding that fire of joy and delight it will expand and get so much better
you’re going to be floating on a cloud of bliss thank you you’re welcome okay Theresa with an A there you go can
you see me now I see you hi Theresa hi there in it yes it’s spelled weird
but it’s pronounced Theresa can you hear me yes I hear you what’s your question
okay I’m pretty new to like
up until a few years ago um I was very logical minded I didn’t believe in
spirits none of that and my friend and I like only need to get away so we googled
girls weekend yoga and we ended up in this amazing retreat where we were doing
chanting and meditation and I guess my question is am I on the right path to
connect with my guides like did I wait too long is my logical brain going to
keep getting in the way well yes as much as you allow it it will
just know that you’re not the only one if you read my book you’ll find out I
went through the same thing a few years back I would have run screaming from
this stuff thinking it was just you know too far out there dangerous but you know
we come to it when we’re ready for it and our guides will help us to make that
transition by throwing those bread crumbs to guide us and to expand the
opportunities and the lessons so just go with it and have fun with it I know this
seems to be the message of today having fun right everybody more fun and that’s
their kind of saying that all the time anyway because we do tend to take this
life a bit too seriously and we came here to have a good time and if it’s
long-term enduring we’re not really having much fun and then what’s the
point of being in a body if you’re not gonna have a good time
hmm so just go out with expectation and openness looking for new things to learn
make the ones that feel good okay use them enjoy them when you’re done move on
think about choices that in this 3d world been taught by society that once
we make a choice we have to keep doing it it’s a responsibility oh no it’s not
your soul doesn’t believe that if soul doesn’t want that so instead we have
this attitude of I’m gonna do this as long as it feeds my soul and when it
doesn’t that means you’ve sucked all the joy out of it and you’re done time to go
on find something new to feed your soul okay that makes sense yeah that sounds
good okay just taking care of all the hands
here so Yvonne you asked me in chat and Leon I see you did – I’ll get tears in a
moment you want to know Yvonne about messages
for the year ahead what to look forward to okay so for Yvonne I’m seeing you a
von with the door just open a crack and you’re peeking out and it’s like there’s
fear you’re afraid if you throw the door wide it’ll be overwhelming and your
guides are saying no you don’t have to worry about that because you get to
choose what thing is you take advantage of they’re gonna throw all these
opportunities out in your path you get to look at them all and pick the one
that feels best and do that so you don’t have to be afraid so they’re asking you
to spend some time in meditation getting into that place of calmness and peace
and trust that they’ve got your back you don’t have to be afraid there is so much
waiting for you out there but if you open the door just a crack it can’t get
in you’re blocking it so the question is of on do you really want it because if
you do take some deep breaths relax and allow it to come because it will it will
cross your path and you only have to pick it up if it’s something you want to
do does that make sense I can see your face you can not if that makes sense
awesome okay so Leah I don’t did you have volume Leah
I’ll try I hear you can you hear me now yes I hear you it’s great okay thank you
something well probably because I am in Greece right now so probably there is a
problem with internet I don’t know but I can hear you very well
awesome thank you you’re stuck personally in career-wise and you want
to know how to push the button to make your dreams come true yes okay and your
guides are laughing they’re holding their stomachs and they’re rolling and
laughter because they’re saying Leah push the freaking button already which
one do you want to push which one would bring you the most joy well you know
what I left five years ago my previous job as I’m a teacher of physical
education my tennis coach and I’m trying to push this button but doesn’t really
look like like that probably it’s halfway through I’m not sure but it
maybe is my perception baby I’m anxious I’m stressed about that but sometimes
well I think I’m not doing anything really I’m not moving forward a little
bit start doing the same things which I like but it’s not really really what I
want I want more of that okay and in my personal life well just ended their
relationship that didn’t move forward for the last three years so what about
my my dreams about starting a family or maybe having a child or not I don’t know
but it looks like I’m just riding on the same spot for several years now okay so
I’m getting a visual of you spinning your tires just furiously spinning your
tongue but no forward movement right yes I feel
like that yeah and so what they’re saying is we are you have this idea that
you have to surge forward and in that idea is fear of the unknown
so understand baby step sweetheart you don’t have to surge forward just take a
little teeny tiny step and take a deep breath because you survived you didn’t
die and then take another step at another step and pretty soon you’ll be
breathing easier you’ll start getting more comfortable because you know change
and growth is not comfortable it can be really uncomfortable and super scary
so yes look around you know carefully what you’ve got to do to take care of
you but you’ve got to come out of the box you’re living in a box
mm-hm and your box is confined but what you don’t know is if you look up there’s
no top on your box you want you’ve been like Kilroy you’re peering over the edge
of the box right get out of the box and then look and see what’s out there pick
something that looks really fun and sweet go do it if you like it great do
more if you don’t no problem do something different but it’s just like
they tell everybody else more joy and delight is going to lead you to more joy
and delight and you always get to choose if you’re ever in a position where you
feel you have no choices that’s because you’ve created the
reality of no choices so in that moment stop and reassess look at things through
new eyes see if we are stuck on it being the way we visualize it we’re
seen all the opportunities that are there there just a slight tweak from
what we thought it could be so do it differently do something just get moving
be open to it looking different than you expect it to look and when you get there
and you’re more accepting of it being different than you expected see those
expectations are keeping you in the box not seeing be open to something
different go try it see how it feels you’re gonna find out pretty soon that
you’re just out there twirling on the playground you’re jumping on the
merry-go-round you’re having a great time and you’re saying oh my god why did
I stay in that box so long yes I agree you know what I try meditation a try I
listen a lot of Abraham Hicks I read a lot and I see but I’m not sure I have I
have help from spirits guide but I’m not I’m not sure about that probably I have
it and I’m not I don’t really believe it’s it’s here or I don’t know how to
connect so what could I do just to be more sure about that
how can i how can i connect with with my spirits is that is there any practical
thing I can do or I’m not doing right now I don’t know yeah well the thing is
they’re connecting with you all the time you’re just not recognizing it because
what happens is we’re in that place of fear and doubt and we think that what
we’re hearing is our own voice our own ego we don’t realize some of those
messages are from our guides so the ones that come to me that are really
wonderful and exciting those are probably your guides and see how it
feels you’ll figure out pretty soon whether it
was you or whether it was them and if it’s a good thing who cares go do it
right we all have this built-in compass in our solar plexus it was programmed
that way and it was designed for us to feel
our way through choices when we do that when we stop thinking our way through
choices it gets better we make better choices brain is then
more in tune with energy and with divine we’re making the better inspired choices
yes your head a bit be more playful and feel your way through and that will
serve you well okay thank you thank you so much thank you thank you so much
Oh makes you’re wonderful you’re ahead with lots of happiness and all the good
things I accept thank you and for you as well thank you so much different yeah
you’re welcome I’m just gonna pause for a brief
commercial you guys cuz I should have done it sooner but I’ve been so excited
about talking to you that I got on track so I just want to share with you that I
am offering a new course beginning January the 17th we’re gonna meet on
four Wednesdays so starting the seventeenth Wednesday at 7 p.m. Eastern
time it will be on zoom so we’ll have recordings the idea of this it’s rockin
2018 what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take your gift you’re unique amazing
special gift we’re gonna plug that in into your life and into your prospects
for the new year we’re going to look at the obstacles what has kept you stuck
and held you back we’re going to apply your gift to those obstacles and like a
laser gun we are going to blast those obstacles out of the way so that you are
free and clear to surge into the new year with excitement with your eyes wide
open with inspiration pouring into you it is
gonna be phenomenal I just did this course last month and I have to tell you
it exceeded my expectations I could not believe the energy that came from this
group and visually I could see people shifting from week to week their energy
literally visually changed in front of me it was the most amazing blessing that
my guides have opened this door for me to facilitate and to watch these people
blossom like flowers and expanding and all of a
sudden seeing more for themselves than they ever thought was possible
that is the amazement of what happens when you plug into your Akashic records
doors open it’s so expansive limitations fall away it’s all about what makes you
happy and in that you find more empowerment you find more joy and you do
get that childlike wonder and it leads you down that path to finding your bliss
and I can tell you because I finally got there in the last year myself and each
day when I get up I’m excited and anticipation about what the day holds it
doesn’t mean life is perfect I don’t want you to get the wrong idea
because sure there are still challenges for all of us that’s what we experience
in life that is our growth we wouldn’t want perfection it would be boring but
what happens is you’re on this float of positive energy and expectation so that
whatever comes along to rock your boat you’re able to handle it with more ease
and confidence and faster you get through it faster so it doesn’t tip you
over it’s just a momentary blip and then you go on and you no more wonder and joy
awaits you so I will send you all an email with a link so that you can read
more about that course I would love it if you all joined me because I know
you’re 2018 will be like manifesting on steroids if you use this class and you
apply the principles but you do have to do the work it’s not a free ride you
have to come there is homework you are going to work and you are going to
manifest a fabulous 2018 so commercial / Carol
let’s see can you speak are you muted I can’t tell
I I see your lips movie and I don’t hear your voice I don’t see a way to unmute you that’s
the problem that’s not one of my options it looks like you’re already unmuted
let me try over in the panel I’ll see if I can find you there
sometimes that’s different yeah it shows you in the panel but I don’t have a
button to unmute you which is really weird
there’s a couple people showing up like that there’s something different about
your connection can you type it in the chat box for me Carol in the bottom of
the screen there’s a balloon that says chat if you click on that it will open
up a space where you can type a message I’m trying to read your lips and they’re
just barely showing tilt your head back Carol not sorry I’m not getting it did you
type it to me okay I don’t see it yet after you type
it you have to hit enter or send for it to show up here on my side while you do that I’m just gonna see if
anybody else has a hand up we’re at two hours now gang so if anybody else has
questions get your hands up now and we’ll take care of them before we finish
up Carroll I’m still not seeing anything in
the chat box from you not working did you want to ask about what the year
ahead is for you was that your question you I’m just getting nothing sorry I’ll just see what message comes for you
how about that so for Carol what do her guides have to share today Carol I’m
seeing fireworks going off Rockets red glare bursting right it’s excitement
about potential there’s a huge box it’s like a gift box up in the sky in the
fireworks with a big red bow on it and it’s waiting there for you to open it
but here’s the thing you’re not reaching out and opening it there’s some fear
going on you’re afraid that what’s in that box may not be what you want and
your guides are saying Carol we would never give you something that wouldn’t
be in your highest good you can take it to the bank what is in that box is
something that you are gonna be so happy about
so please Carol reach up get your box open it take the gift and use it because
you are gonna love it does that make sense I’m not seeing a message okay let’s see if there’s anything else oh I’m seeing you you’re unwrapping the
package now you’re excited you’re like a kid at Christmas time you’re ripping off
the paper and the ribbon the top flies off and out comes a stuffed animal it’s
it’s like a puppy it’s a stuffed puppy dog and they’re saying Carol we made
this just for you because you don’t give yourself enough love and enough gifts
and we wanted you to have this wonderful representation of love that when your
heart is aching you can clutch it to your breast and you
can feel our love through this puppy the stuffed animal it’s warm and it’s cuddly
and it’s filled with all of that wonderfulness that we’re trying to get
through to you but you’re blocking it because you’re afraid and it’s like I’m
seeing you you’re like Coyne right you’re trying to get through and you’re
blocked and they’re telling you just lighten up a little bit you’re trying
too hard you don’t have to try that hard it comes easily relax breathe and allow
because you’re pushing them away in the panic and in those dark alone times
you’re pushing them away and I know that’s not what you want oh I see you’re
cuddling the puppy that’s so cool so I know that’s not what you want and the
fear keeps overtaking you and I can feel it clamping at your heart the pressure
and the pain in your heart it’s visceral I can really feel it and they’re saying
stop doing that you’re going to give yourself a physical condition don’t do
that let that go relax open your heart chakra you know how to do that you do it
for other people why don’t you do it for yourself because you’re so busy
helping other people you forget to give it to yourself and they’re saying stop
that Carol you have to take care of you first because you know what you’re
running on fumes darlin you’re running on fumes you aren’t gonna have anything
left to give to the world if you don’t replenish yourself so right now in this
moment the next few days they want you to hunker down do some massive self-care
whatever it takes to feel the love to release that pain in your heart to bring
lightness and love in because it’s really harming you it’s keeping you down
it’s like an anchor holding you on the ground and you were meant to soar you’re
meant to float on angel’s wings and you’re not allowing it those wings are
beating like crazy but you can’t take lift off because the anchors holding you
to the ground know that that anchor is of your own creation it’s limiting
beliefs you can release it try a meditation where you visualize that
anchor kick it off not yours doesn’t belong there you’ve taken it on from
others like neha earlier with the garbage and her abdomen right you’ve
taken on the weight and the cares and the woes of others no that’s not how it
works you process through you don’t keep it
you let it go okay can you release that work on that baby steps Carol okay
because it’s a long journey but you’re getting there you’re making progress Wow okay let’s see so Donna wants me to give
you the address let me see if I can type you the address hang on sorry there it goes so that’s
the link to the rocking 2018 course I will send it to you an email though so
you will have it so I’m just looking to see Thank You Donna for being my backup
I appreciate it you always have my back you are so wonderful
Heather you might remember Donna from the expo she was there at my table yeah Heather everybody in case you don’t know
is the one who left me the most amazing review on my book on Amazon about how
when she brought the book home her daughter confiscated it and had to read
it before she would let mom get it back I just love that story I tell that to
people all the time because it’s like oh my gosh that’s so hopeful for the future
that the kids get it yes they are gonna take us forward so much faster it’s
gonna be amazing Elena I’m feeling like you have
something you want to say you have something you want to share not that I
know huh I don’t know I’m feeling energetically like there’s something
that wants to come out of you I know how would you like to give us a blessing as
we start to wrap up well what I’ll do is for everybody is to call in the powers
it’s usually something I do every single day if I remember I’m trying to get
better at it and it’s basically calling in the powers of the Medicine Wheel so
first we go to the north and we call in wobbu i on the phone call something then we circle down to the south and we
call in the powers of the south and we call in wha now my focus some a and we
travel down to the south both John the dusting I own a phone call name and
we’ve all the energies of the south to come in as we travel to the west and we
call in the power of the web the bear going going within budget Kiwis I own at
uncle Shawn a and then we pull in the energy of monkey inna witch’s love their
earth a hole might be inna crown a punkish on that thing
then we look up just as high as the heavens then we fall in father sky oh-ho one can conquer I on the phone call
night stand one and in it’s the sacred so then any walk on walk on and with
this with less today once a year we bless ourselves and our surrounding and
everything to do and everything we are a whole talk people where they’ll see each
statutory law fabulous normally I do it with sage but
I didn’t have time to light it and get it going
I usually let’s go to the charity is there
it’s declaring it’s the black thing and then we always end yeah your volume
dipped down on us Elena it had such a lightness about it it just felt very
floaty and light and wonderful and you reminded me of something when I was in
Maui I went with the intention that I was gonna find this amazing place to
meditate and I would channel some really beautiful messages and so each place we
went to I would pause and I would look for something nothing was coming and
then I went to this place called dragon’s teeth and it’s this bluff with
these rocks that are sharp like dragon’s teeth and it’s really amazing and it
feels wonderful but when I sat down to meditate the first thing I saw was this
big waited by standing over another with a rock about to crush the guy’s head and
it’s like oh my gosh I don’t want to meditate here I was so perplexed and
here it was the last night and I’m doing my meditation I got woken up like three
o’clock in the morning so I’m doing a meditation we’re gonna fly out in a few
hours and my guide said to me you didn’t have to go looking for it outside you
had it with you all the time and it was like oh my gosh that is so deep and so
profound and I was so silly to think otherwise but thank you because now I
get it and it was just such a blessing so I think that’s important for all of
you to know you all have it within you you don’t have to go get it outside so
allow that within you to expand and in doing so you will touch the world and
you will change the world in the most marvelous way and I don’t think we could
wish anything more profound for our world and the
people in it for 2018 so thank you everyone for coming I so appreciate your
being here especially everyone who stayed to the very end you are wonderful
and marvelous you touched my heart so much I appreciate you and you’ll
probably get the recording tomorrow because it takes a while to do the
download upload thing I’ll wait a sec there’s one more message let’s see
that’s oh you’re welcome to you alright so I’ll send you off to your day on this
first day of this new spectacular year with bright blessings and anticipation
for the amazing future you’re going to create bye everybody bye bye you


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