Create Invoice and Receipt, keep as transactions, summary charts – Google sheets file for free

Manually edit and fill in sheet Invoice Add new or select the existing If add new, put the ID and the address manually Add or remove rows as you want Hide the column if don’t wanna show it Hide rows if don’t wanna show it Edit formula of sales tax manually Hide rows if don’t wanna show it To adjust the amount for a reason Hide rows if don’t wanna show it Note to tell your customer about this Invoice Download PDF to be ready to send Run the script or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 To save a transaction and to use next step If new customer is added, will be in sheet Name After upload, the data will be in sheet Trans Need to add the category of the Invoice manually The amount has filled as wait to collect Charts, data from the sheet Trans (This file result) Show how much money you have by date Show summary of categories Show the Specific category spent with who Show how to download this file to be yours And the file will be in your Google drive Show how to change time zone and language date Show how to change theme Some data doesn’t autofill, need to fill manually If don’t have the category Manually add in sheet Category If don’t have the name, can go and fill in sheet Name And the charts auto update

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