Creating a “video bookmark” in Ensemble Video

To create a video bookmark in your
streaming video, you’ll have to log into the Ensemble Video server. For Vassar College people, that address is If you’re currently logged into Moodle, you may find that you’re automatically logged into the Ensemble server. If not, enter your Vassar username and password. Make sure that the identity provider is set to “Vassar LDAP” and click on “Login.” That will bring you to your own library in the streaming server. To create bookmarks in one of your videos,
click on the “Manage” link underneath that video. What I call a bookmark is called an annotation by Ensemble, so click on the “Annotate” tab. Your video will begin to play. Use the scrub bar to find the point in the film that you want to bookmark. I’m going to save a bookmark at this point… and I’ll label it “Ribbon shop”…
and click on the Save button. And you can see that I’ve added a new bookmark to my list of bookmarks shown on the right. It has the name “Ribbon shop”
and the time 30 minutes and 8 seconds. I’m going to create another bookmark,
further long in the film. and I’ll call this “Dinner scene”…
and click “Save.” And you can see that the dinner scene has been added to my list of bookmarks, too. After making all the bookmarks that you want to make it this time, click on the “Continue” button…
and then on the “Publish” button. Those bookmarks will now be available to students viewing the film. Let’s see how that will look to them. When you or your students play the video in Moodle, there will be an “Annotations” tab at the top of the window. If the width of your video is small, the Annotations tab will be indicated by a small magnifying glass icon. When you click on the annotations tab, it will drop down a list of the bookmarks that you’ve made. You can click on any one of them
to jump directly to that scene.

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