Cuando pierdes el tiempo | Casi Creativo

Ok, Fulano, today is the day! I need this report in 6 hours If you finish on time, I’ll raise your salary so you can buy your girlfriend something pretty, ok? Count on it, boss! I wont disappoint you this time. Fulano Vs The Internet Allright! Focus, Fulano. You gonna write that report and you gonna kill it! ok! what harm can answering a little message do Hey, Fuls! Did you see El Sapo’s new video? It’s trending everywhere, You can’t miss it! Wait, what? I gotta see that. I’ll be back in 2 minutes. Wait, this sounds like something else I heard somewhere It was around here… What?! Marley on vacations again! This guy never works! Wakatobi? Where is that? My god, its in Indonesia. How come he’s got so much money? Puf! $700 for flight tickets only! How much is it to Japan? Maybe I can go there soon Wow… not cheap. Let’s see how much I have saved. Buah! And still 10 more days to payday How can I fix this? How to make money… fast and easy. All the tricks to make money fast and easy in this tutorial by ISCAMU ISCAMU! Normal price is $100 now on super sale for $16 only for the next 24 hours. Buy! Spend money to make money! Allright, Fulano! Its 6 o’clock, did you finish the report? Sorry, Boss But, if you’d like, tomorrow I can write a report about how to waste all your time on the internet.


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