Curly Fade Tutorial: Steps Explained in 6 Minutes!!!

what's going on YouTube it's Thomas from the barbicide directory and I'm back again with another video so today I have a quick announcement the Barbizon directory is bringing the giveaways back and this time we're going to do 3d believes we're gonna give away two and just T out minus and one slimline pro now each week I'm going to release the video I could announce the winner at any point during any of these three videos so to the insert into the giveaway all you have to do is follow these three simple steps number one subscribe to the channel if you haven't already number two turn on the post notifications so that way you know whenever I upload the video number three below there's a link to fill out a survey it's only ten questions it'll literally take you 30 seconds you click the link fill out the survey and the automatically insert into the job what's up guys so this tutorial is gonna be straight to the point we're gonna start off by bonding them out with the raw Detailers and now we're gonna start out with our lever fully open and I'm gonna go to these steps rather quick delivery is fully closed now okay now we open up the liver about a quarter of the way open alright and then we open it a little bit past half and then that's a completely blank that's completely blend out that bottom guideline alright now we have the lever fully open all right now the liver is fully closed and now we opened up the liver halfway to go in between that one open and one closed all right now so we have the half guard with deliver halfway open going up under that one guard closed all right and then that we fully closed delivery knocking out that bottom guy like all right now here we have the number two guard and what is knocking off weight right at the raise of his head all right so here we have the one and a half guard with the never fully open going right up on that number two guard all right and then here the lever is fully closed you can see it's blending together easily see now you just see this one little guideline I'm just gonna take the one guard and just knock it out sometimes you have to play with your liver to get it out but it shouldn't come out and then we're just gonna repeat the same steps around the entire head and if I went too fast you can always rewind go back or you can check out some of the previous videos as well like I said I wanted this be just to be rather quick but still informative as well and don't forget as I mentioned earlier don't forget to fill out the survey all you have to do is click the link in the bio link in the description excuse me and we're gonna be announcing the winners at different times so make sure you tune in to the videos and this time I'm just showing you the steps oh I'm not going through the steps I'm just showing you the progressions and then here picking the hair out cuz we're gonna clean it up on the top just a movie he doesn't want too much off we're gonna take the three guard with the never fully open and just smooth out the top you can see it's not really knocking down a lot and then here I take the number two guard with the liver open and then you're gonna see me close it to just get that way off of the ridge of his head and that was close right here and I didn't use a razor on him his skin won't take a razor and here we just taping down the front with the one and a half this is important like this will help the lineup last a lot longer and to me just makes it look a little bit more nice but you see I'm not pushing anything back I'm just keeping it natural the clients will appreciate it now man right here because I thought I record the footage but I just put some spritz on his head some awesome and then I use it twisted up cone yup guys this is pretty much the finished product let me know what you think in the comments give me some feedback comment what does she want to see and don't forget to fill out the survey by clicking the link in the description thank you guys for watching and I will see you on the next video stay tuned


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