Demo: Browsing with Narrator In Microsoft Edge

Hi. My name is Cynthia Shelley. I am a senior program manager on the Microsoft Accessibility Team. Today i am going to be demoing the Windows Narrator interacting with Microsoft Edge to do a web search. So I start out on Bing and i am going to search for “cats” [Windows Narrator] C . A. T. S So you can see there is some suggested results there and I can use Narrator to navigate to those results and hear what they are. [Windows Narrator] Submit query button, cat one of ten [Windows Narrator] cats, cats 3 of, cats for sale 5 of 10. So it read the different items and where they were on the list I’m going to go to the first one. [Windows Narrator] cat, cat, cat 1 of 10. [Windows Narrator] cat animal, Bing, Microsoft Edge So here are the results. Narrator has a variety of modes that i can use to navigate around these results and i am going to start with headings mode. [Windows Narrator] Headings, Cat, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia [Windows Narrator] Cats, Animal Planet [Windows Narrator] Videos of cat animal [Windows Narrator] Cats 101 Animal Planet I can also read whats under that heading by using paragraphs or lines [Windows Narrator] Links, Tables, Characters, Words, Lines, Paragraphs [Windows Narrator] Cats 101 is a crash course about all things feline. [Windows Narrator] Learn about some of the most popular cat breeds [Windows Narrator] Cat proofing your home and more at cats 101. But what i think i want to actually hear more about is the Wikipedia entry. So I’ll go back to headings [Windows Narrator] Headings [Windows Narrator] Cats 101 Animal Planet [Windows Narrator] Videos of cat animal [Windows Narrator] Cats Animal Planet [Windows Narrator] Cat, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia And navigate to the Wikipedia page [Windows Narrator] Cat, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia Now that i am on the page i can have Narrator read the whole thing, or use the same modes as before to navigate around. Let’s try reading the whole thing. [Windows Narrator] Caps lock, page, semi-protected image, link. [Windows Narrator] Listen to this article image link. [Windows Narrator] Cat from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. [Windows Narrator] Jump to navigation link. [Windows Narrator] This article is about the cat species that is [Windows Narrator] commonly kept as a pet. So there you see Narrator and Edge executing a search and reading a webpage.


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