DOLLAR TREE “Home Edition” FRAGRANCE HAUL.. Scented Oil Reed Diffusers!!

clean dogs I'm back again to share with you all some amazing goodies I scored by shopping at my local Dollar Tree I'm gonna start by digging in this bag that's what's gonna make this as much fun for me as it should be for you waiting to see what the grand fine and huh local Dollar Tree do this time and this time it's about the home okay all about the home now if you're an official and on to this channel and when I say official that means they subscribe later on you know I'm all for the smell good so when I see these reed diffusers up in dollars free the whole way was I gonna leave these little babies behind um this one is the fresh and clean scent that is infused with coconut and looks like this right here when you get it out of its packaging let me quickly open one of them for you you're going to receive your little reed diffuser sticks these are little wooden sticks and then well it's glued on here you can take the you can take the paper off though this is the actual diffuser which is a scented oil you're gonna twist the top off of that stick the wooden sticks in there and let it do its magic now these are good for small spaces like you know your bathroom or maybe using even your closet for that matter or small areas in your home but these smell incredibly good and they give it very good throw for small spaces and this is the fresh linen scent that's infused with coconut I also picked up the orchard The Orchard Road looking one looks like this right here – or sitting on this smells really really good but my favorite one of all is the peach one I got that one idea and I plan on putting these throughout my home in the bathroom so I got those right there and then oh gosh my video is literally over I picked up some more white labels that look like this right here I hope you can see what these are truly looking like I mean it's important I pick up these little tiny white labels you get 350 number two a pack and they look like this each has a little round white sticker and the reason why I picked up these white labels is you know I buy my perfumes from Dollar Tree or from usually from rainbow shops they get a rainbow of power the Sun so when I buy it in spite or the Duke perfumes you know I gotta remember the name that is supposed to be inspired or do from so I got these little labels and what I do is as a matter of fact I might as well just quickly show y'all give me just a second I'm back so like I was saying these labels I used to put on the bottom of my perfume bottles now this perfume in particular I did get it right in Dollar Tree okay this is charming girl but the sticker I put at the bottom is because this is actually in a spite of Victoria's Secret so sexy so that's what helps me to know what the actual perfume is a spite from there for when I come across someone and go oh you smell good or what perfume is that you're wearing depending on the tip of minitor person I might say oh it's from Dollar Tree or I might go oh no it's Victoria's Secret so sexy so that's why I buy these ladies right here yeah they are so worth having Ana Oh looks like that's it that is really it oh my god so like I said I picked up these little read diffusers I'm home smell goods that was floating up in dollar tree they are worth looking into if you happen to come across them I only picked up those three cents right here they did have two other additional sense that I didn't really care for but I did get these three right here and like I said they give a great throw in small spaces okay like your closet or maybe even your back so on that note dolls this is now concluding the video I think this is the fastest and shortest haul in the history of me doing Dollar Tree videos yeah I think so seriously this concluded thank you all for taking the time to watch this video and I will see you all in another video with you shortly let it off


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