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Hello! I am Antonette and welcome back to my channel For today’s video, this is actually a follow up video about a website that we have reviewed before on our channel The website that I am talking about is Solid Miner so, this is a cloud mining website in which we can earn even without internet I have made a first video about that so if you want to know how to earn and to know the full details about Solid Miner you can check out the part one of this video don’t worry I will put the link of that video on my description box So now, we will check out my Solid Miner dashboard and let’s see how much I have earned in just 4 days and also we will have a live withdrawal on my Solid Miner account and make sure to watch this video until the end for us to know if this website is still paying or not so now we’re here on our laptop screen recording if you don’t have an account yet here on Solid Miner you can click on the link that is on the description box or in our pinned comment for you to register an account for free Here we are now on our dashboard, And if we scroll down, you can see here the plan that I have availed. And this is only a free plan, I didn’t invest money here this is all completely 100% free you can also see here my earnings per day my affiliate rate which is 3% and you can also see the started date so I have created my account on Feb. 23, 2020 as of now, I don’t have a withdrawal request yet I will also show you here my bonuses so these are the bonuses that I have received so where does these bonuses came from? these are from my referral’s deposit comission so if your referrals deposited an amount here in Solid Miner, you will also receive a bonus As you can see, I have 5 referrals who have deposited an amount on this website I have also received commissions for each deposit but please note that you are not required to deposit or invest an amount here you can also see here the list of my referrals almost of my referrals here are just availing the free plan and that is what I recommend – to use this website for free so do not deposit any amount here since there are lots of scam websites nowadays just like how you trust him, you thought he loves you but you realized his love was just a big scam! so let’s check how much I have earned here in Solid Miner as of now, I have an earning balance of 0.0011299088 BTC I have earned this from mining bitcoin and also from my referral commissions please take note that it is not required to invite friends inviting friends is only optional. If you don’t like to invite frineds, it’s okay, you can still earn here by mining bitcoins every seconds it will generate bitcoins as you can see we have earned additional satoshis just refresh the page, for you to see your current earning balance it is not like the other cloud mining websites that will display the actual mining process even without refreshing the page but good thing here is, even if you will not check or monitor or open the website everyday or every minute your account in Solid Miner and even if you have no internet or mobile data automatically, it will generate bitcoins so now we will try to withdraw our earning balance so for you to withdraw here, you need to click Withdraw by the way, the minimum amount to withdraw here is 0.001 BTC and as of now, we can already withdraw you can see here my withdrawal amount and the BTC wallet that we have used during our registration that is where they will automatically send the payments so make sure that the BTC wallet address that we have linked in our Solid Miner account is correct so if you have already double checked it click Confirm and there you go, it is done! “Your request has been sent. Please wait for a while” and as you can see we no longer have an earning balance on the account and let’s scroll down, and you can see on the Request Tab our withdrawal request so please take note of the date and time now we have requested a withdrawal on Feb 28, 2020 at exactly 12:10 PM also you can see here the amount of BTC that we will receive and the status of our request which is Pending you might be asking how much is this 0.0011 BTC into pesos this is equivalent to 508.15 php for now, I will wait for my payment and I will update you as soon as possible if I have received the payment and now we’re back! Today is still Feb. 28, 2020 and it’s 1:13 PM it’s been an hour since we have requested a withdrawal let’s check if we have already received it so let’s go to Request Tab as you can see, the status of our withdrawal request is already completed so let’s check our coinsph account if we have received the payment and here we are now on my coinsph account and you can see here that we are now receiving 0.00112992 BTC Before I end this video, let me share to you my honest thoughts or honest review about this website what I think is, this website is a very good opportunity for us to earn for free and I have shown you my own proof that we can really earn for free even if there’s no investment or even without internet or mobile data all you have to do here is to simply create an account and just let the website do the work for you and as usual my friendly reminder to you and that is to try the website for free only let us not invest or deposit money here so that if this website will become a scam sooner or later then we will have nothing to lose so this is where I will end my video if you like this video and helped you please don’t forget to hit the LIKE button and SHARE this video so you can also help other people to earn money without internet using their phone and if you’re new to this channel, click SUBSCRIBE and hit the NOTIFICATION BELL button for you to be updated of new earning apps and websites online That’s all for now. Thank you so much for watching this video Goodbye and Godbless you all. GOODBYE!!!!!!!


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