Easy Way To Get Paid To Visit Websites 💰 (Worldwide)

would you like to learn an easy way to
get paid to visit websites? And what if it is worldwide and pays your paypal
money? What’s going on everyone Attan here and in today’s video I’m going to
show you a super easy way on how you can get paid by just visiting websites. Best
of all this is worldwide and you earn PayPal money with this. To find out all
the details all you have to do is stay with me but first if you’re new around
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opportunity we’re going to have a look at the site I’m going to show you
exactly what you need to do there how to sign up how everything is working you
don’t need any previous experience this is worldwide and best of all you also on
PayPal money with this opportunity to find out all the details as I said make
sure you pay attention watch the whole video here so you don’t miss out on any
important information and you’re probably not going to get rich while you
do a few extra bucks here with this opportunity by visiting websites if
you’re interested in making a full time passive income online I do have my
number one recommendation right here below that you can have a closer look at
when we have finished this video of course but for now let’s have a closer
look at how we can get started to get paid make some really easy PayPal money
here by just visiting websites alright with that being said let’s get started
so before I actually get started here I’m going to leave a link below here
fair enough it’s going to be my link that you can sign up to the site action
so first let’s have a look at the main side here and see how this works and
what this is all about you can see it says here real clickers real SEO and
this is a crowd sources solution to improve your organic SEO rankings by
sending real human visitors no robots to your search engine result pages so when
people have a website and they want to increase the ranking so they want it to
be high in Google they come to this site because they want real human traffic to
visit their site and stay there for like thirty second is usually the normal
thing here on these kind of sites so that is where you’re going to come in
you’re going to visit this site and just stay there for 30 seconds and you get
paid so it’s really super easy actually as I said in the beginning here but
let’s have a closer look at the detail so we can see here that for someone that
arrives to the site basically you can see here they enter a keyword phrase a
URL so what you do is you’re probably going to do it with their you’re going
to install something on Firefox you’re going to have a look at the data and
section I’m going to show you how to sign up how to do everything here step
by step so just bear with me here and pay attention so you can see here the
city R stands for click-through rate and basically they are telling you here
about how important it is for SEO purposes to have a click-through rate
and of course have people stay on the site there and that is true actually for
those that knows about search engine optimization seo and you can see what
Google says so how many clicks do you need you know you can let’s say for
example this is for 250 for targeted I usually pay around 10 dollars here nine
ten dollars so here are some case studies and once again the case study
about the CTR which is a click-through rate here are some frequently asked
questions if this is guaranteed to work in
but these are for the people that arrives here and wants to purchase this
kind of visitors okay but we are interested in go to the top of the
section here and we want to become a clicker okay so this is where we are
going and you can see here you get paid to visit websites you earn anywhere from
five up to ten cents per click so it’s not much but definitely a good way to
make some extra money as I said earlier here but you can also earn 10% referral
commission and you can see have a minimum payout is $5 now this company
has been online since June 2016 right now there are 550 online users
here here is a testimonial that says that he is on the money and so on and as
I said earlier it is a Firefox extension a Firefox extension detects the country
of your IP address and instruction what you to do with a keyword to search which
website to click and how long to stay on the page there no application required
anyone from any country can work from sir clicks we do not filter or interview
workers this is a great option for easy money in countries with low job
opportunities and as I said earlier here they are paid via PayPal once the Rings
reach the minimum threshold to receive their monthly clicker payouts all we
need to do is actually click here to join the network and now I’m actually
going to fill in the details here we’re going to do this together so basically
I’m just filling up here and let me see let’s grab a password and you need of course also to fill in
the paypal address where did you hear about us you can mention my channel or
whatever here it’s only optional okay but you can also leave it so we hit on
the finish save the log in here and that’s it so
really super easy and fast okay welcome to sur clicks each month we pay
thousands of dollars to clickers around the world our system is easy to use and
a great way to earn extra money online what you need to do is you need to learn
how to download the Firefox add-on to see how much you made and you can also
click on the earnings here so you can see here my earnings are probably zero
as I have right I just signed up here the add-on downloads this explains
exactly you need to follow the instructions here let’s see what else is
there it is something yeah I mean it’s not so hard to actually install a
Firefox add-on but if you don’t know how to do this you can of course check out
all of the details ok and then there is the referral program so what you need to
do you want ten cents for every dollar made by your referred seller during
their first month or so you create a referral link now this is a long ugly
one you can use a link shortener like bitly or something like that and share
it to as many as possible your friends your Facebook friends or whatever just
share it and let them have a look at it because the more they are active the
more you will under here is an FAQ section also that you can have a look at
there is a really simple and straightforward stuff here I mean
there’s no need for me to actually read through this so what I’m gonna do here
now is there is also a blog section what I’m going to do is I’m going to actually
download it and I’m going to install it and test this
out all right so let’s get started okay so I basically have to switch over to
Firefox here and all you have to do is actually click on the download the cert
clicks here so we are continuing and there you go okay so add of course we
wanted to be added and allow this extension okay got it so there you have
it now let’s see how this works alright I
just finished the login process here but you can see my countries Greece the IP
quality is excellent but unfortunately at the time that I’m recording this
video there is no orders available please check back later so it’s going to
work really super easy they’re going to tell you a key word you type in that and
what website to visit and stay there for like 36 seconds or something like that
so it works really simple very easy to do this you won’t get rich as I said
earlier here with this opportunity but it’s definitely a great worldwide
opportunity to make some easy PayPal money with alright so there you have it
on how you can get paid by visiting websites really easy worldwide
opportunity and it pays out in PayPal I mean this is super nice now you’ll find
a link below here so you can sign up to these sites
I appreciate that if you could do it through my link of course you’ll find
also my number one recommendation because as I said earlier here you’re
not going to get rich waveace opportunity if you’re interested in
building a real sustainable online business make a full time passive income
online I do recommend you to have a closer look at my number one
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you soon


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