Elite Dangerous: Witchspace News FDev Livestream Schedule & More | 28th of February 2020

This is Witchspace news for Friday the 28th
of February 2020…. I’m CMDR Buur In this weeks news… We have an update on FDevs livestream schedule Frontier release some new concept art And if you want to get your race on …Cortes
is the place to be There’s a new album of Elite Themed Music If you enjoy this video considering subscribing
and also click the little bell icon to make sure you don’t miss any of our future videos. The community is waiting with baited breath
right now to hear something… anything about Fleet Carriers and when Frontier do announce
details its likely that the Thursday livestream will be the venue for it.
Prior to last weeks 24hr livestream Frontier did say that news about carriers would be
coming after the 24hr livestream …we’re now in a post 24hr livestream world and therefore
the expectation on an announcement of an impending announcement has been ramped up to 11. In perhaps an attempt to douse the flames
somewhat and set some expectations Will Flanagan did say this week that (like much of the UK)
Frontier is currently in the grip of a flu-epidemic (indeed this very household is currently riddle
with the dreaded lurgy as well) and therefore the livestream schedule they had planned has
been somewhat kicked into touch. As things stand right now the plan is to have
the regular Monday lunchtime UTC let’s play livestream on the 2nd of March and then a
Thursday evening livestream on the 5th of March. FDev don’t generally announce things on
the Monday livestreams, they’re literally a let’s play session and a chance for the
community to engage with the community team a bit. FDev haven’t said anything about
what is happening on the Thursday livestream yet. As we reported last week the Elite community
is honestly desperate at this point to hear something about anything from Frontier. It
looks like Thursday is our first opportunity …at this point we’re hoping we at least
hear something in March. Whilst we’re on the subject of Livestreams
and Frontier… the 24hour charity livestream in aid of Special Effect last weekend raised
a very healthy £26000. Congratulations to everyone involved. During the livestream Frontier
released some previously unseen concept art from the Mamba. The most intriguing of which
appears to show an exterior space on the vessel housing what appears to be the powerplant
with a power priority panel to the right of it (maybe).
Upon release of the image speculation obviously went wild and it does add a little more credence
to the rumour that Spacelegs are coming. If you’re of a mind for a time trial race
then Cortes base in the Ross 1047 system is currently the place to be.
Two time trials are currently taking place at the massive planetary installation one
from the Bucky Ball racing club and one from the Elite Racers. Whilst the Buckyball event is an SRV sprint
challenge the Elite Racers event has classes to suit just about any vehicle you want to
strap yourself into so there’s something between the two of them to suit just about
everyone. Links are in the description below to get
you started. And finally serial musicologist, CMDR ToCoSo
has released an album of entirely Elite themed songs and tunes to fill your ears while you
jump, honk, trade and fight. Dreams from beyond the Horizon is, like everything
ToCoSo creates, utterly superb, incredibly professionally produced and is available completely
free on Soundcloud. This community, huh? For more details on anything we’ve talked
about in the show this week then check out the video description below. If you enjoyed this video consider subscribing
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Thanks for watching! We’ll be back later this week with more
videos Until then ….o7 CMDRs
Follow the Greens on the way out and do keep clear of the toast rack
We very much look forward to seeing you next time.


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