EXTENSIONES CHROME | 15 imprescindibles para tu navegador

Hi curious and curious Do you know that are extensions of Google Chrome? Which They are most useful? You want to know which I use? Well, in this video, I will tell you 15 essential Chrome extensions. So I recommend you see it to the end … I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss!!!! INTRO Curious, you know that nearly two-thirds of Internet users turn to Chrome, for your navigation needs, but I’m sure that there are far fewer, which take full advantage of available extensions. And, these supplements are those that elevate the browser, good to excellent. Well, if you’re one of those, I’ll give you a few useful extensions. And eye, This list of recommendations extensions for Chrome, is not complete. Far from it. As there is much to explore and discover in the Chrome Store. Let us begin! 1. Wayback Machine Have you ever clicked on an interesting link, only to receive a 404 error? Well, the Chrome extension Wayback Machine can help. And, created by Internet Archive, a nonprofit organization that preserves thousands of millions of web pages, the extension shows how a website looked in the past, even if it has already been deleted. And so, you can see the latest version of a web, or return to the first Once the recorded Internet Archive. And of course, the latter can be very interesting. For example, you can see how the Twitter account looked a user when He created, or how it appeared the website of a company when it was first launched. That if there is one drawback: Wayback Machine does not have a record of all pages Internet web. 2. The Great Suspend And you notice that you will find many solutions management tabs on this list, but perhaps the best is Great Suspend, an extension which, as its name suggests, suspended any tab in Chrome, you’ve left open for a period of time. I, who am a person who usually has more than a dozen open tabs in a given time during the day, and sometimes, some more, this extension has been a blessing for my computer and for my mental health. In addition, when the time comes to revisit a page, a click arrives, returns life the tab in question. Even, and this is very useful, also it allows you to include in the white list, any tab, such as Gmail, which is too valuable to suspend. 3. PixelBlock Worries you, if anyone knows whether or not you read your email. Well, this extension it’s for me to know and you do not find out. So, this Chrome extension, detects and blocks attempts to follow, when messages are opened and this data is sent to the sender. So, I know who is tracking me the email, by the small icon with a red eye, It appears next to messages in Gmail. And of course, not surprising that services like MailChimp, crawl when they open the messages, but I get a little nervous when professional contacts do what same. 4. animatedTabs Best Chrome extensions, effortlessly improve our lives, in small ways but shocking. And animatedTabs does exactly that. Once installed, the extension automatically load a random GIF, downtown every new Chrome tab you open. Does this sound upset? You can … but really cool … And it seems that the GIF come largely from Reddit, so many times you surprise. So, if you like memes this is your extension … AnimatedTabs the only drawback is that you never know when something will generate unsuitable if you are in the gigs, or just plain silly. But hey, that is Internet not too? 5. xTAB Are you trapped by your browser clutter? Then try xTAB. With it, you can restrict the number of pages that can be open at a particular browser window. You only need to set the limit, and when you overdo it, the extension will remove automatically the oldest tab, which has less accessed or which has least recently used. So, if you have tried other tabs managers in the past and have found them problems, this could be ideal. 6. OneTab You know when you open Chrome and the browser tells you: “Are you sure you want back to open 400 tabs? ” And of course, perhaps a selection of news articles, you plan to read later, or the consequences of clicking on dozens of pages of Wikipedia. Or … maybe not even know, what’s in all those tabs. Either way, keep them all open, it puts a great strain for your browser. It can either close them all without losing them forever, with practical extension OneTab. Thus, by simply clicking on the button, all open tabs are grouped in a list of links, you can revisit later. And so, you are saving to your computer, an incredible amount of RAM, plus speed up the browser immediately and keep all those links handy for when, finally, someday you read them again. 7. Eye Dropper whether or not you’re a designer, you surely wanted to know exactly the color of a Web. Well, Eye Dropper or eyedropper, is an extension that works, almost always, to remove any color around a Web and so have the codes color RGB. For me, it is particularly useful for quick solutions, not requiring a slowdown Computer to open Photoshop. It is clear, that is not the prettiest extension, and even sometimes fails, but Clearly it does the job. 8. Ghostery If you’ve ever seen an ad for Google tailing all over the Internet, and also I find it annoying. Ghostery is a fascinating way to see what services use websites to track and collect data on you. Thus, this extension creates a small icon with a number that shows how many trackers use each site. Wikipedia, for example, has 0. But most other sites have at least a few. And so, you can see using tools to monitor traffic your website, so ads, and then you can block services not like them. But … it’s not a perfect extension because sometimes sites will break literalemente websites you want to visit, and you have to disable or pause, though, if it is true that in the latest version, use the powers of Artificial Intelligence, to help minimize This collateral damage. 9. Pocket If you are of those people on the move, or even those that spend half life the airport or the train. This secure application that will be super useful. And, this ingenious extension, called Pocket, allows you to save things you want read later, and also, and this is good without Internet connection. Even though If you use the Pocket app on your phone, be sure to sync via Wi-Fi, or a network connection before entering the airplane mode. In addition Pocket, also it recommends stories based on other users or topics you follow that interest you and allows you to optimize your reading experience. In addition, its presentation, with a serif font, black background and a very large text, can help your weary eyes. So, for someone who opens a million tabs, with the intention of eventually read them all, it can be a great solution. 10. 1Password All password managers like LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password or KeePass usually they offer extensions for Chrome. Crucial, for administrators Passwords are easy to use. Thus, browser extensions act as a rapid control center to fill login forms, generate new passwords and save new credentials your administrator. And although, password managers can work without extensions, change to a standalone desktop application, it can be a little heavy, while browsing online. Of course, we must bear in mind that these extensions involve some potential risks of security. Since you can not help but open your user navigate everywhere. But if you’re careful with that, you should not have any problems. In addition, of course, always asks for password before doing anything. 11. Google Calendar Surely you use Google Calendar, everyday truth? And besides, many, many times. So instead of leaving it permanently, in the valuable space on your tab desktop, try the Google Calendar extension instead. So, you will place a small calendar icon at the top right of the window your browser. Touch it, and you will see a picture, which shows you all the meetings you have deployed in front. Besides, I like the design, because remember the wonderful widget of Google Calendar, on the home screen of any Android. It is therefore, just a quick glance, meetings and events, which will be presented in the next week. Also, you can customize what appear calendars, which also it’s good, because if you’re like me, you have a lot of them. By the way, if you want to log on two Google calendars while you can try Checker Plus, an extension of Google Calendar. It is not official but works well. 12. Grammarly Grammarly, it is an extension that checks your emails, tweets, posts Facebook and other online missives for errors in spelling and grammar. By therefore, improve your written communication wherever you write! Therefore, Grammarly will ensure that your messages, documents and publications social networks are clear, flawless and impressive. Also, once you register, you will begin to receive weekly emails, with personalized information and performance statistics 13. VidIQ And if you’re YouTuber or like to know more about the platform, is surely the extension VidIQ more famous. With it, you can discover the secrets of success behind your favorite videos Youtube. And, vidIQ offers a report card full optimization for any YouTube video. Therefore, to know the SEO on YouTube, or uses labels to know what each video, It is an indispensable tool. 14. Google Translation And now, another tool that I use a lot. It is, extension for Chrome Google translator. With it, translate any web page, you do it very fast way. And besides, it will be easy to return to the original text with a click. 15. Evernote Web Clipper If you usually use a Notes application on your mobile or computer and your favorite is Evernote, this extension will serve to create a note in Evernote, with anything you see In Internet. This extension has features clipping, highlight, add text or labels. In addition, it will serve also to make screen shots and save them. So you can have access to that information, when and where you need it. Well, these are some of the most use extensions in Chrome. And you, what shall ye use. Ponédmelo in the comments. Sure we discovered many interesting things. Ahhh, and part of him like the video, subscribe and campanita … I recommend these two videos … One I speak 3 results for Instagram Stories that petaron and in this, I speak the future of Instagram. I assure you, they are two very interesting videos … Also I you can follow in Science and Science Stories of History. And remember, knowledge, It is an essential requirement for survival. Many thanks.


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