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let's grab er can help you automate your Liz building process up to ten times faster let's grab er can help you build a prospect list a cold-calling list or even a mailing list in matter of seconds building a list manually is a very tedious and time-consuming process here is what I do go to an online directory get the list of contacts manually copy paste them onto a spreadsheet this might sound really simple but that's really a lot of work to do it takes about 25 hours a week on an average now let's see how list grabber helps automate the list building process go to an online directory get the list of contacts launch the list grabber toolbar highlight the contacts and click on the grab button Liss grabber instantly captures contact list onto the grid click of a button and delicious ready Wow what's more movements for the contact list to applications like Excel Outlook Act and goal contact list from an online directory is instantly transferred onto an Excel spreadsheet in just a few seconds think list building automation think list grabber it really does what it says list grabber is easy to use single click contact capture excludes all the advertisements on the web page and captures only relevant information customized macros on request to download a free trial version please log on to the website via grabber calm or to schedule a live demo please contact vas and four zero eight five one six four five six six thank you

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