FAQ TruckersMP – Unsupported game version detected! (IF GAME VERSION MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS OF TMP!)

Hello everyone, dear friends! I constantly see the one same problem Why do I get an error “Unsupported game version detected!” but the game version meets the requirements of multiplayer In 99% of cases, the cause of the error is the presence of two folders with the game This happens after reinstalling the OS or after the reinstallation of Steam and other reasons In this video, I’ll show you how to fix it easily and quickly ) Open the Steam client Let’s go to the games library Choose a game with which a problem arises this solution is suitable for both games because the principle of solution is the same Right click on ‘Properties’ Select the ‘Local files’ tab Here you can select ‘View local files’ opened the game folder click in the address bar (path to this folder) now you see the address of this folder Copy this address/path Now close the folder and Steam Press the key combination or otherwise open a command line here you must enter REGEDIT you need to open the registry editor Now you need to find the folder of the multiplayer select this section now open this subsection then find the TruckersMP folder Select this folder here you see the parameters select the game option with which you have problems ETS2 or ATS Select this option with the right mouse button or double click on the parameter now you need to change the value of the parameter now the parameter value is incorrect therefore there is an error Now replace the parameter those that you copied in the previous step Click ‘OK’ Quit of registry editor Now the error has been fixed )) Thank you for watching Thanks for your “like” or subscription to the channel bye-bye ))


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