FDA undercuts $375,000 drug in surprise move

good morning guys here's a video from mark Dice it's called super-sized nothing burger and as he mentioned it's only like five minutes long and you know he does good stuff and as he mentions Hilary last week was talking about hey Chyna you know since Russia is working for the Republicans which we know they're not they're actually working they were working for her in Obama anyway are cooperating with her anyway so she says hey Chyna why don't you go get Trump's tax returns and and help help out US Democrats interesting how his tax returns suddenly show up it's like so how did that happen and you know it's um you think that's a quickie dick I don't think so obviously somebody was paid a lot of money to leak those out and I'll guarantee you they're trying to find right now if they haven't found him already who leaked it out and you know it just it just shows you I mean you know and she thought nothing of it it did the TV me you make a big deal no it's okay because it's a Democrat doing it it's Hillary she can do whatever she wants right sure I'm telling you what when things start to hit the fan and I mean really hit it people people are going to scattered to the wind and then the FDA undercuts $375,000 drug in surprise move it says the US Food and Drug Administration created a workaround this week that effectively undercuts the 375,000 price tag of a drug that became the poster child for concerns about the pharmaceutical industry the FDA announced Monday that it was approving a separate drug for pediatric patients with a rare painful neuromuscular disease called lambert-eaton myasthenic syndrome also known as le ms the disease weakens and fatigues muscles causing agonizing pain to the point at which patients struggle to walk the move sparked celebration in the L in the Lambs community and tanked the stock of catalyst pharmaceuticals maker of the $375,000 drug called furred for Depp's the company's stock price has dropped about 50 percent since Monday good talk about that what a ripoff good grief and the Georgia child finds 40,000 of meth in box of Lego's or as says investigators with the Bullock County Sheriff's Office in Georgia said a child found something other than a messy pile of colorful plastic bits and a gift from his mom she discovered 3.2 pounds of methamphetamine street value forty thousand dollars tucked into what appeared to be an ordinary box of Lego's investigator Jim Riggs with the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office told Fox News that a Statesboro Georgia mother and couple of her friends drove for about two hours to Charleston South Carolina where they bought the Legos from a consignment shop he said that he said when the women returned from the trip and the mother gave her child toy there were no Legos to be found inside the container but there wasn't / was a big bag of meth you know you never know what you're gonna find in that there box of chocolates holy cow and then Philly's chairman David Montgomery dies at the age of 72 it says the Philadelphia Phillies announced the death of Chairman David Montgomery on Wednesday at the age of 72 Montgomery a Philly native who was diagnosed with cancer in his jawbone in 2014 joined the Phillies sales staff in 1971 and became a minority owner in 1981 he had served as chairman since early 2015 when he returned from a leave of absence from cancer treatment may he rest in peace and yeah you don't have to be poor to die from cancer and nails people all walks of life that's all for now god bless you all have a good day bye bye guys


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