Goodbye Privacy: Trump Signs Order Allowing ISPs To Share Your Browsing History – The Ring Of Fire

Well it’s official, Donald Trump on Monday
of this week signed the order that will allow your internet service provider to sale your
browsing history to really anyone who wants to have it, and they can do that without your
permission. In the past they had to seek your permission,
your written permission before selling your browsing data to anyone. Whether it was an investigator, whether it
was an advertising company. You had to say whether or not you wanted your
private information shared with any other human being on this planet, but now thanks
to the Republicans, and the house, and senate, and Donald Trump your browsing history is
no longer private. All the websites you go to everyday. Some maybe you don’t care if people see, some
you probably do. Well guess what. Anybody with enough cash in their pocket can
make a call and buy your history. They can use it to blackmail you, they can
use it to get you fired, they can use it to destroy your relationships whether it be with
your parents, your children, your spouse, anyone. This is an exceptionally dangerous president
that Donald Trump and the Republicans have now set for the American public. Think of all of the revenge people could take
on somebody by buying their browser history, and maybe faxing it to their employer, or
sending it to their parents just for the sake of embarrassing someone. This is a disgusting violation of our constitutional
rights. The Supreme Court has said in the past, we
have a right to privacy, and Donald Trump and the Republicans with a stroke of a pen
said, screw that no you don’t. This should be one of the biggest stories
in the country right now. Everyone should be talking about this. We just lost part of what the constitution
guaranteed us as citizens of the United States, and almost nobody seems to care. Nobody thinks it’s a big deal. Oh well they sale our browser history to advertisers. No, no, no. It’s not just advertisers. This can go to anyone willing to buy it. Anyone, and there’s nothing that you can do
about that. The only recourse that we may possible have
in this instance is for someone to file a lawsuit, get it all the way up to the Supreme
Court, and then maybe as long as we don’t have frickin Gorsuch sitting on the court
by then, maybe we can get this disaster disgusting law over turned, but until then this is now
the law of the land, and your browser history is now basically up for auction.


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