Google 広告活用事例(福岡県:中小企業のみなさま)

I’ve never used Internet or websites
for my business. I started with Google Maps. I saw our shop on Google Maps, and felt we needed to set it up properly. This was the beginning for us. We are dedicated to homemade traditions. I want to let people in Japan
and around the world know that. I knew that we should start. A highlight of online advertising is the ability to differentiate ourselves
from other hospitals. Now, people know that there’s
a specialized doctor in near them. I could appeal to many people here.
This is fantastic! It helps expand our business channel. People from other areas in Japan,
and even different countries, started to come here. We had great response right away. We have a special technique
for processing lumber. I always thought “There should be many companies
who seek our products.” But I had no means of advertising. We started
in February 2 years ago. And immediately,
received an inquiry from the Kansai region saying “We’ve been looking for
a company like you for 8 years!” We could never have expected
this result before. There are still many more companies that seek our product. I can only imagine!
Many more.

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