Google Apps Quick Tour

Google Apps is a customizable
package of applications that takes the Google products you
already use at home and adds features and support to make
them suitable for use in the workplace or on campus. The cornerstone of Google
Apps is Gmail, our web based email program. While personal Gmail accounts
include in the email address, with Google Apps
you can customize email addresses to include
your business or school’s domain name. And you get all of the usual
Gmail benefits, like plenty of mail storage space, the ability
to search all of your mail in an instant, and instant
messaging with your contacts within an integrated
chat gadget. Gmail integrates with Google
Calendar, which allows you to have personal and shared
group calendars. Gmail can even detect when an
email message is about an event, in which case Gmail will
suggest adding the event to your calendar. And Gmail lets you open
attached documents and spreadsheets right in the
browser with Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Google Docs and Spreadsheets
lets you easily create or import documents, edit them
in your browser, and work together in real time
with the people that you collaborate with. And the Google Apps start page
is a central location where students, employees, or group
members can preview their email and calendar, and view
relevant news and other important information. You can customize the page by
selecting gadgets and by dragging and dropping
them wherever you want them to appear. Because everything is online,
you can access Google Apps securely from home, from your
dorm or office, or even from your mobile phone. Implementing Google Apps for
your office, school, or group just requires a few
quick changes to your domain settings. Or, if you don’t have your own
domain yet, we can help you set one up. If you want Google Apps for
your organization, let the person who manages your
email system know by forwarding this video. Or if you happen to be the email
administrator yourself, go ahead and sign up now. You can get started for free
in less than 60 Seconds.


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