Google Local Guides Summit 2017 – Application Video #lgsummit17 LV

Hi everyone, I’m pretty sure you know everything about my contributes to
Local Guides program during the last years from
communities to meetups so I will not recap here. I will talk about motivation. My aim is to create
something useful to be shared, using photos, informations, custom maps,
and I’ve found all of these and eventually help grow, under the local
guides and street view trusted programs. Mapping, reviewing and contributing are now part of my life, and I’m
trying to transfer these habits to my sons Virginia and Valerio that
will be the tomorrow users of our digital world. Motivation, to be selected for summit in San Francisco, is only one for
me, to meet all the fellow local guides I call sometimes friends, and
meet you Googlers that, like no others enabled everything to happen. You know, you are not only workers, you are committed to googleyness, and to transmit it to each other of us, and you are absolutely
accomplishing this role. My name is Lucio, I’m a Google Local Guide.


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