Google’s Privacy Principles

make privacy a priority in everything we do. Here are our five guiding
principles. One, use information to provide
our users valuable products and services. Using your information
can make our products even more useful. For example, if you search for
“golf,” are you looking to work on your drive or
drive a Volkswagen? If you previously searched for
information about a caddie, we can take this as a hint that
you mean the sport, not the car, and we can show you the
most relevant results. Two, develop products that
reflect strong privacy standards and practices. We build strong privacy settings
into our products, and are innovative about
how we do this. For example, when we created
Google Talk, we gave you the option to chat off the
record so that your conversation is not saved. Three, make the collection
of personal information transparent. You can go to Google Dashboard
to see all the information that is associated with
your Google account. Four, give users meaningful
choices to protect their privacy. It’s simple to control
the privacy settings of each product. Make YouTube videos private. Click “Report a Problem”
in Street View. Delete your search history. Move your data out of Google
products easily with our data liberation effort. Five, be a responsible steward
of the information we hold. We work together with a large
community of users, developers, and security experts
to make the internet a safer and more secure place for
you and your family, and we don’t sell user information
to other companies. Your information can make
our products work even better for you. Our five privacy principles mean
that you are in control of what you do and don’t share
when using Google. To find out more about Google’s
approach to privacy, visit the Google privacy center
at, or click the link on the
Google homepage.


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