Before this video begins; surprise package time! *shakes box* Its origin unboxing time Introducing the evil 16-S Gaming laptop from origin of course. Look at this baby. You can kiss it if you want. Do I need to say more? Look how thin and light this is. For all you scrubs who bought a gaming laptop, you know, you’re hugging around like a bunch of bricks in your bag. This baby is light and it’s thin and it’s aesthetically pleasing 16 inch display 15 inch body. God daaam; a narrow -bezzle Display gives you more screen space as well there’s a me- theres a Meme template waiting to happen Go crazy MEmEsTeRS More screen space equals more room for gaming.
More room for gaming means more gamer girl time. This evil 16-s is customized with HD UV printing as you can see Very nice to the touch. You can get your own design done as well You can even customize the individual lights on the red/green/blue keyboard for custom lighting. I’m told it’s called “lighting” and not “lightning”… What the Frick is happening guys.. The touch Oh, that’s nice. The touch pad is glass space similar to Like that of a smartphone. BUT Felix what’s inside? It’s all about the inside ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Well here let me tell you. I have no idea what this means, but I know it sounds good GeForce RTX 2080 max-q design… It basically means you can play battlefield 5. The GPU and CPU in the Evo 16s will help you record gameplay Anywhere, you are. Check out Origin pc’s website. They have a bunch of other laptops well, from light and thin, to big and strong, errr, desktop replacements… One lucky winner as always is gonna get one of these Evo 16s Details are in the link bellow. ah, I thank you. Let’s go on with the video Hello mina-san, it’s me Felix Kjellberg. It’s time for me to Google myself This should be good. I’ve been doing this as a series on this channel Every two years I Google myself, see what kind of changes there are. What kind of development what’s good. What’s it gonna be? you know people always comment on my channel that “oh you’re not original- you never come up with good ideas” I Came up with this challenge. Okay? now that article 13 has passed, I’m pretty sure that I can copy strikes everyone doing the Google challenge because I came up with the first Actually, it was Marzia’s idea and I completely stole it from her but regardless of that Marzia can’t copy strike me She she’s not a youtuber anymore Googling myself 18-plus probably googling myself my net worth in the title. Nice on Liza She knows and that’s really what everyone wants to know. “I’m very rich like the amount of how rich I am is to damn rich! how much money-” OH! “how much does Pokimane make?” I Google myself Challenge eyy? “Markiplier, I Google myself.” You know even wired, what err what do they do? They call it autocomplete just because they have can’t have Google in the title, but let’s get real here It’s the same goddamn story. Look at markiplier – he’s in there I’m only acting like this because I’m salty that I will never-It will never happen You know, the only good thing coming out of these autocompletes is this clip: “is that like a personal attack or something?” *laughs* My favorite- favorite two seconds, this is a good reference, it’s a good meme; All right. Let’s start a incognito tab “oh why are you incognito Felix?” uhh..Because I need to Google myself and I need fresh… I need the freshness. Okay done. We Google myself now, what are we? Immediately know from this information? That’s right, everyone I’m 180 centimeter the perfect height! There will never be a better height than 180. People keep saying oh, he’s so insecure about his height. Oh, yeah? Well then, why does Google say I’m 180? Apparently I made a graphic novel in 2017. I wasn’t aware of this but that’s always good to know You know, you can learn a lot about yourself by googl- *laughs* yourself. It says that I am known as PewDiePie, a Swedish youtuber, comedian, and video game player. I’m a video game player Not a gamer. I’m a video game player. Thank you very much Best known for his video to video content which is mainly consisted of let’s play commentaries. I suppose my library Quan- in the quantity speaking that is not wrong. People also search for Markiplier, Logan- claim this knowledge panel. What does that mean? Can I oh Oh so like…for your best… I can change my height? Oh hell yes. It’s happening boys- *mouth full* ITS HAPPENING Oh, it’s review time *creepy laughing while mouth full of food* Reality can be whatever I want. I’m 181. Okay? why? he mentions it… in his latest Google myself video *laughs again* Which is happening right- I’m sourcing as I go. Oh, it hasn’t changed yet… Well goddammit. So I like these because they had- they Summarize basically the main questions people have about me. Which is number one: How much does pewdiepie make a day? By Forbes estimate, he receives 12 million in 2015. According to the “Money Nation,” this helped increase his net worth to 68 million. Very old data isn’t it? He also made nearly 42 million in merchandise What? no way! I wish- Jesus Christ; buy the merch guys I’m not made anywhere near that amount- three thousand four hundred dollars per hour Not bad for a university drop out- I don’t know exactly how much I make per day It doesn’t seem too far off, which is pretty crazy when you think about it. Money is such a [REDACTED]. I go right in the deep end, but money is such an interesting Topic for me because, I obviously didn’t start YouTube to make money. A sad thing I’ve learned is how much people value money in a way, or at least the idea of money? People look at money as something undoubtedly good. It couldn’t possibly be something negative to have money, which is understandably a strange concept for people to accept, but you look at people that win the lottery and having money then fundamentally changes their Their whole life, you know, not just how they view life. But also how other people view them and I think that’s a change in Particular that I feel like I really want to protect; and that’s the reason why in a in a way I try to live “modestly” because obviously I don’t but in considering how much I make I try to live modesty because I don’t want to I Want to just live a normal life? I don’t want it, the money to change my life. It’s great to have but if it- It can also obviously become a problem. “Millionaire rants about why money’s bad.” Okay. I think it’s important to note tho I know I think a lot of people think oh if I only had money Then it would solve all this problem for me when it’s not really true and also the concept of when is it ever enough? Unless you have a goal of how much you want to make if you’ve invested in the stock market then having money is obviously A stressful element as well because once you have money you’re afraid of losing money There’s a lot of things to consider that I think isn’t brought up enough and I think a lot of people look at money in a way that oh, if only they had money all my problems will be solved which I can say, it’s not true. Okay Everyone is a blood sucking vampire and they want your money And as soon as they know you have money, they are coming for it Okay? that’s my little rant of the day here. My goal is to save up a little bit so I can buy a house in Japan and have enough to Be able to sustain myself for the future I’m gonna live a long life and I want to be able to have it for a while as well You know that if anyone is wondering why You know, maybe why does he still do brand deals and all this stuff? That’s why, I have- that’s my goal And I think it’s important to have a goal in mind. What is Pewdiepie’s Net worth? Okay, this one says 20 million. Okay, I would say it’s definitely more than that What is PewDiePie famous for? for lets playing… Guess that makes sense. I don’t think people now associate me with Let’s Plays But that is what made me become the beg you-tu-bah! It’s pretty crazy how much this channel has changed over the years from screechie. Let’s play commentary, to *gunshot did I just spit out rice? to screechy meme commentary everyone. That’s right. Now. I’m really- I’m really proud of myself for making These decisions that at the time seemed really Stupid but obviously it paid off a really really big time I think a lot of youtuber fell in the trap that they always have to please their audience no matter what and that should be their main goal and and that’s the kind of youtubers that end up becoming sort of slaves to themselves and their own content and eventually It just leads to the demise of the channel because after a while people aren’t gonna be interested Anymore if you’re a minecraft channel, and you always just do minecraft videos Obviously you can find a lot of success in that. Don’t get me wrong after a while People are gonna get tired of it. Although minecraft is a terrible example, it’s closed clearly. It’s still very popular fortnight fortnite for example, you know that has a on it.. people aren’t gonna be always looking for fortnite content. I don’t know what I’m getting at The point was for me when I did Horror videos it was getting exhausting every single day I played horror games going “ah, ah!” and after a while. It just wasn’t funny. It wasn’t interesting and it wasn’t scary anymore So I kept making horror videos even though I didn’t like it and Then people got angry at me from not getting scared and for not enjoying it which is like what I wasn’t Getting out of it anyway, so then I stopped doing it and then people got angry. Why aren’t you playing horror games anymore? And I realize I’m not gonna be able to please e-e-e… Everyone so I might as well do what I enjoy and I think that was my point. That’s what really paid off who is the richest youtuber? I’m pretty sure I am NOT the richest youtuber. uhh.. I don’t do these sort of mega deals. I don’t I’m not- the big- Corporate. Yeah, I would assume dude perfect probably makes a lot more money than me Just based on the fact that they do these massive deals that’s just pure speculation, but I can see that I can also see Ryan’s toy review making a lot more than me because kids advertisement I don’t know if they advertise but it wouldn’t surprise me if they made more than me again just pure speculation I have no idea but at the same time that’s what these sites do as well They don’t know how much we make so it’s always kind of annoying when people accept these as face value They’re like, “oh my god. He makes this much money. That’s crazy. Oh my god superwoman made this much That’s crazy” they don’t know. They’re just coming up with numbers and a lot of times. These are less confirmed by management’s that do the deals for these people so They conflate the numbers as a way to get more money from brand deals As a way to justify getting paid more format brand deals “Oh this person makes this much from brand deals” is PewDiePie Still dating Marzia? Hey, Marzia, are we still dating? (in the background “no!”) She says yes- which youtuber has the most subscribers? Ah Ah Don’t Google that one- next Google please what nationality’s idubbbz? why is that in here? He’s American – do ninjas use samurai swords? i- Don’t know. Why does this come in? does Pewdiepie has a brother? no! how tall is Joji? am i taller then Joji, please? All right, let’s say I move on with a Google myself and do some Google autocomplete so I can go “is that a personal attack?” Pewdiepie- age- 29 bitch Networth? alot of money bitch – tuber simulator.. WHAT? Tuber Simulator is becoming relevant! Okay. How about this is PewDiePie moving to Japan? I Wish okay. It’s a little complicated getting a visa and all that stuff apparently I spoke to a tax expert and they said it’s actually a little complicated now because of Logan Paul, because people associate youtuber- youtuber isn’t recognized as a job in Japan Or a lot of countries and then they mentioned that thanks to Logan Paul. It’s actually a little bit more complicated. Thanks Logan Thanks a lot. Is Pewdiepie Swedish? Yes. Yes. I am Swedish as you can tell let me take you guys to my own time- eh, hometown I really wanted to do this. So I grew up in Gothenburg. I have not been back here inso long Where are we now? Okay, yeah, yeah, there we go the main square Hey This is fun. I have not seen the thing is my two closest friends my family and my sister moved to Stockholm when I was living in Italy for a short period So there’s hasn’t been a moment for me to come back to Gothenburg. Even though it’s technically my hometown. I want to go to where Where I used to live oh.. (idk what he said) This is the tram, I would always take home from school It means nothing to anyone but me basically ah, that’s funny I was literally about to say it’s very rare to get like good weather in Gothenburg and they’re actually super- look it’s super sunny here and then you can move forward and it’s like this is what is actually like in Gothenburg, it’s like- nope. It’s still sunny now, okay This is what is actually like in Stockholm Gothenburg wherever I’m from; no one knows. Okay. This is where I used to live this street very central. Here it is This is my street. I don’t know it’s just too invasive? like no one knows I know live here anymore so this is the building and we would live on the top and Hey Man, so many funny stories, but I don’t know what I want to share. I used to always if I was bored at night I would always throw snowballs at people walking I was so drunk one time when I came home that I threw up outside the window and For sure, you know, there’s obviously a lot of parking here But my parents out of all cars that could be parked underneath my parents car. What’s the one that took the fall? so my parents Enter the car though. My parents are leaving this morning Look at the car then looking up see that it’s literally my window and they’re like, okay Well, he did it that son of a bitch, but they were obviouly not mad about it I think they realized that normally they I remember they said it they were like usually you’re not bad. So you’re okay Very nice parents. I have this I realize this video just became something completely different, but this is what I want to do Okay, let’s go to where I actually grew up though because I only lived my teenage years in this centre This is a road that I grew up. There’s a house super cute road Then my best friend would live in this house, so we were literally neighbors. hope this is not a privacy problem Yeah, that’s the house. I grew up in- Oh, they build out the balcony super nice neighborhood. I’m very thankful For my parents for letting we grew up in such a great place So weird to look back at these things, oh my god, they cut down the tree! There was this ginormous Apple- ehh.. pear tree here and My parents would literally always make me clean up all the pears. Okay, I take back everything nice. I said about my parents, okay They would always make me clean up the pears and there were so many goddamn pears They were so big so many pears there was apple trees over here and I have to clean that up, too I need to cut the grass on this hill? How do you even do that? And then we were responsible for the snow on this staircase Is there anyone Falls and dies that would be our fault so they would always send me out to scoop the snow How could they how could they treat me like this? This takes me back man. All right enough with that Let’s go back to why we’re here. is Pewdiepie- No, no, I’m not vegan. I guess I’m pescetarian? (someone who eats only fish and something chicken as well) Basically I just eat fish and no other meats- sushi is too good To give up- one of the reasons why, was when we shot scared Pewdiepie season two I had to interact with a bunch of pigs and they were so cute I was like “I don’t want to eat these” my- my moral is that I would- I eat what I would kill I don’t like the idea of making this uncomfortable Act of killing something so easy. IsPewDiePie American? No, still dating Mar..- is Pewdiepie Russian?? It’s pretty Pewds good? What a great question No, no, I’m not why is pewdiepie chairs so expensive It’s a high-quality chair with Italian leather and fashion, why is pewdiepie so hot When is Pewdiepie Birthday getting married- secret but this year, can PewDiePie speak Japanese? Yeah Yes No, I’m true. Very slowly very very slowly Like trying to learn| Can Pewdiepie sing? with auto-tune. Yes. Speak Russian? No, but my parents taught me a little bit of Russian when I was growing up so I know how to read the letters More or less and I I mean I know a few words Menya Zavut Felix, Ya Rabotayu YouTube (My name is Felix, I work (in) YouTube) When I was young people thought Russia was gonna be the new big Country and it obviously became China instead. So they thought oh, it’d be good for him to learn Russian Thanks for nothing Russia. You’d really did. It can Pewdiepie sue the media? It depends I get this question a lot. Like why don’t you just sue the media bla bla bla bla bla? I think the thing is that you have to prove that What they wrote they actually wrote Knowing that it was false or something like that, which is kind of hard to prove I think maybe if I look into it there could be some case somewhere But I really just care about making videos right now right now- RN media- I might change my mind so you better behave Which will bring me to the final tangent that I have been going on on this video, which is PewDiePie versus the media I thought about it recently and it’s like there’s a completely different version of me existing in the eyes of of people that read these articles about me and as opposed to the people that actually watch my videos and I think it’s always because people that watch my channel know who I am and and I think you have a pretty good understanding of what my values are and That I’m not this horrible person that I am have portrayed as in the media obviously a lot of it is self-inflicted like yes, I have done a lot of these mistakes, but I think if you if you constantly Reinforce the negative only the negative things that someone has done You’re gonna create an ugly picture of a person I think no matter who you are If you constantly list all the shortcomings of any person that person will be- eh look like a really bad person then there is never a balance or very rarely at least a balanced story about me about The good that this channel has done and all the positive things It’s always just the negative things listed and I think that’s why for people I exist as like a completely different character It’s interesting. I think I will kind of given up like I don’t really care about What people that don’t watch me think about me knowing that other people? Still know the truth in a way and I find comfort in that Then I don’t feel like I need to go in some sort of “Oh guys. I’m actually a really good person Look, look how much money we donated to charity. I’m so great. Look at all these videos and success. It’s so great” no.. I’m not about that Even though I literally just brought it up. Thank you guys for watching this Google Pewdiepie video 2019 Edition, see you guys in two years smash like if this was enjoyable, sorry for all the tangents, and I see you guys tomorrow. Bye. Bye. What?? Tuber Simulator is becoming relevant! No, no, don’t leave! No, please! sponsor Eagle. Please do something! Yes! Yes! ahh… This game is still relevant god dammit

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