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the reason I met with Kim Jong Un and we had a great meeting and it was
unexpected I put out yesterday maybe I’ll meet with chairman Kim and he saw
on social media. Pretty powerful thing social media of course, social media is a powerful
thing and Donald Trump knows this. Twitter Facebook had a massive role behind his victory in the 2016 elections anyway half of America’s policies can be found in Trump’s Twitter handle he tweets anything and everything But this statement is rather recent and it is interesting. So the backstory is in June there was a G20 summit held in Japan a meeting of 19 countries and European union Basically, it is held for a sense of cooperation and coordination among major economies and emerging economies These are the small super bowls of diplomacy By the way, India is also the part of G20 so on June 28th after the G20 summit Donald Trump tweeted this so basically Trump is making an invitation to Kim while I was going to South Korea you realize the relation between Trump and Kim goes to and fro Anyways there has always been tension between the US and North Korea but with Trump in the White House, the situation is little complicated one thing they both don’t care about being politically correct and they both are outspoken leaders they have put themselves publicly threatened each other of a nuclear attack they have called names to each other in fact, they have met twice before one was last year at the Singapore summit and surprising it went pretty good and another this year in February which failed basically because of the recent sanctions imposed by Trump on North Korea so after all these, there wasn’t much hope when Trump tweeted to the Korean leader for a casual meet up but good evening i’m vladimir duthiers president Trump is flying back to
Washington DC tonight after wrapping up a four-day trip to Asia with a big show
of faith on the Korean Peninsula it’s being called a historic event u.s.
President Donald Trump has met with North Korean dictator Kim jong-un in the
demilitarized zone between North and South Korea and not just that Donald Trump crosses the border steps onto the North Korean soil becoming the first u.s. president to do so North Korea is a totalitarian regime and to the mainstream world totalitarian is an outdated governance it doesn’t look cool even as a leader but Kim wants attention He also wants to be seen as one among the world’s powerful leaders One way is that by taking the attention of world powerful leaders he will make headlines around the world and the tweet of Donald Trump does just that US president the so-called world most powerful person making an invitation publicly on Twitter to meet Kim what more Kim could ask for Donald Trump is a clever guy If the same invitation was sent through officials personally, then the whole context would be different. And may be Kim would have rejected it. but it is important for Donald Trump to continue the dialogue with North Korea because there is an upcoming election in the united states next year That’s why he tweeted. Kim Jong Un gets what he wants – the attention while Trump gets the credit of smoothening the relation between USA and North Korea. Gone are those days when social media was limited to friend requests, likes, shares and followers but as the cliche goes with power comes responsibility so the real question is has social media bananas responsible in using that power A Canadian man has blown the whistle on his own company for harvesting private data from 50 million Facebook users Do you believe that Google has been brought out here and some question is biased well Facebook’s entire business model is built on harvesting your personal Silicon Valley and in tech say if there is a huge international election problem offline of course it’s gonna happen online that’s not our fault as Tech. Today’s definition of the Internet is reduced to Twitter, Youtube, Facebook with a couple of more sites. Basically, these are the three are the big ports to this vast ocean of information. These three are the window to the Internet. The answer to what is happening on the Internet is what is happening in these three platforms. But when Internet became public in its initial days, its definition was very different. The vision for Internet was very different. providing on the internet cyberspace it spans the globe like a superhighway it is called Internet I’d rather be on my computer then doing just about anything it’s really cool the internet gave us a whole world of exciting new possibilities back then internet meant possibilities to access to anything and everything of course, everything was not accessible but before Internet, there was cable TV. And compared to that, Internet was really unlimited information. The idea was that with Internet going public, there will be decentralization of information. Everybody will have equal access. There will be a decentralized communication infrastructure. And instead of swapping the four channels of cable TV, people will be able to choose what they want to know. In front of the TV, you passively consume information and on the web, you will actively seek information. People will become curious. They will be able to know other cultures. The Internet bubble that was created in the ’90s on the west coast of America, it was no less than a utopia. The idea was cool and it spread like fire. But today after three decades, when we open our mobile device to browse Internet, Do we actively seek information there? Most of the times we just scroll passively. And that too when we are waiting for gym or train or when we are frustated with our boring job. Or when we are sitting alone in the bus. Basically, we use the Internet to fill voids in our daily life. As a filler in our daily shows. Internet has become an escape. And because of that, Internet today has the same drawbacks which TV has. and maybe this is our innate nature Perhaps we are passive creatures. Because of our past evolutionary circumstances. Ever since Homo sapiens began living in cooperative societies, basically after the agricultural revolution, our lifestyle became sedentary. And in this cooperative society for most of our works we rely on other people. there is a doctor, driver, engineer, designer You don’t have to make decisions for yourself every time. If you are sick, the doctor decides for you. Whether you need to take right or left, the driver decides that. And actually, only with this kind of cooperation, we have progressed so rapidly. If we are the king of the animal kingdom, its because of this cooperation. But this same thing also makes us a passive creature you don’t have to be active all the time for survival. Most of the time you can lay back and chill. And this passive nature also influenced the Internet. As Internet expanded and the volume of information increased, instead of seeking information, we started to take recommendations from the Internet. Most of the time we lay back and scroll. Means whatever content or information you consume on the Internet, 90% of the content is recommended. You didn’t really need these content but websites, by analyzing your past activities and inspecting your behavior, suggests you more content. Be it any site i.e shopping site, social media, search engine, the recommendation system is very crucial for these sites, especially on Youtube. If there are no recommendations, we will only watch Youtube videos for 1-2 hours. Because we only want to watch a few Youtube channels and search for a couple of things. But it is because of recommendations and suggestions, we end up watching videos for 10-12 hours and we don’t even realize. On the brighter side, we can also see this as personalization. Meaning, today there is so much to know and watch on the Internet that it is practically not possible for anyone to watch every different kind of things. Too much information without relevance becomes noise. And that’s why these sites recommend us relevant content. It analyzes our web behavior and suggests us. If it suits your taste, only then you will stay on that site. You will click and click and click. And frankly, clicking is not the main concern here. It is a problem but on an individual level. If you sit back whole day clicking cute cat videos and you are recommended similar videos and you keep watching them, then at worse, you are just wasting your time. But when a video shares a particular political view or is related to a particular ideology and when we click on that video, things start to get ugly from thereon. Because when you click on a video, you not only watch it but you are also voting for it. You are asking the algorithm to recommend more content like that, at the expense of the videos you didn’t click. And what happens then? By clicking that one video, you are recommended more videos sharing the same perspective. You watch them too. More videos are recommended and you watch them too. And a time comes when your newsfeed or homepage is filled with videos of only that particular viewpoint. There is no contradicting view, no opposing view. There is no such content recommended on your homepage which confronts your perspective, is against you. And even if there is, it is so few that you will easily ignore it. You yourself might have noticed it during the elections. A person’s youtube homepage can tell his political view. It is said that we are in the post-truth era. Means today we don’t care about verified information, truth, facts, figures. We use the Internet not to get informed but to affirm. We only consume information that we want to believe, that comforts our worldview, meets our expectations, aligns with our emotions. Because it is hard to see something that confronts our view. Because it is hard to accept something that opposes our opinion. And how do we even form opinions on any issue? Do we think over it, understand it, question it or do we get influenced by what we find in the online media? In today’s time, for the majority of people, social media is the only place they get to know the news. We get our perspective on things through these few sites only. And what do we get there? The things we want to see and not what we need to see. That’s why we can only see our own angle on any issue. We only know our side of the story. But the trouble is, just by confirming ourselves of what we already believe, we start to feel that not only we are right, but we are the only valid. Only we have a say. Other sides and opinions are invalid. so they are not even worth listening to. Why there is so much gap between people of two different opinions? Why there is nothing common to talk about? Because we have already assumed that whatever the other one is saying is complete bullshit. I think we are losing nuances, the
shades of truth, a common thread that binds us all together we are forming a society with different extreme opposite opinions internet essentially is a networking concept a giant network of people all around the globe And because of it, media distribution today is very even. Means Television is very asymmetrical where one or a group of individuals addresses and broadcasts to lakhs of people. there is almost no interaction. one: millions. But Internet is comparatively symmetrical. Because the number of people who can also speak is effectively everyone. We can criticize, share, we can create content too. Everyone is a speaker, which is a very good thing. But what we missed is that networking will also result in birds of same feather flocking together. The Internet we have today is not some portal to connect people. It’s basically a self-reflecting mirror. What do we get on the Internet – the things I like, the people who are alike, the opinions that I follow, the narrative that I want to listen. Its so much about me. Today our phone is a virtual universe of relevant information, of people like us, of our opinions. Like a virtual bubble. Where only information that enters which help the bubble sustain and never burst. And as our online time is increasing, as our lives are getting more connected, we are also beginning to consider this virtual bubble our reality. And we are losing that which actually keeps us together, by not listening to the other side of the story.


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