How Marvel & Sony are Setting Up Spider-Man’s MCU Endgame! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– How Sony and Marvel are setting up Spider-Man’s MCU endgame. Earlier this summer, Marvel
fans were left weeping when Tom Holland’s Spider-Man
was unceremoniously dumped from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Sony, who owns the
film rights to Spider-Man and Disney-controlled Marvel Studios couldn’t come to a deal that
would allow the wall-crawler to play in the MCU sandbox. However, last week, those tears of sadness became tears of joy when
Sony and Disney made nice and announced that the
web-head would return to the MCU for two more movies. The third in his stand alone series that started with Spider-Man: Homecoming and an unspecified future Marvel film. While it was nice to see two corporations coming together for the
sake of their audiences, and the promise of billion dollar paydays, it became clear that this
would be a way to give fans some closure and allow
Peter Parker to bow out of the MCU gracefully to go
spend time with his new family of goo monsters and living vampires. The last we’d seen of
Spidey on the big screen was the cliffhanger
ending to Far From Home, and now that we know that this storyline is going to be wrapped up in
the third Spider-Man solo film, set to release in 2021,
Sony’s path moving forward on how to get Spider-Man to jump universes is becoming more and more clear. The first big piece of evidence comes from Marvel Studios president,
Kevin Feige himself. Regarding the web-head’s
return, he said this: “I am thrilled that
Spidey’s journey in the MCU “will continue, and I and
all of us at Marvel Studios “are very excited that we
get to keep working on it.” He went on to say, “He also happens “to be the only hero with the superpower “to cross cinematic universes, so as Sony “continues to develop
their own Spidey-verse, “you never know what surprises
the future might hold.” Let’s peel back the layers
of what was said here. One, this is reconfirmation that the MCU and Sony’s universe of Marvel characters are two separate universes. Two, Spider-Man will be leaving the MCU for the Sony universe. Three, the door is left
open for Spider-Man to swing back in the
Marvel Cinematic Universe if the stars align. Now, with the universe hop confirmed, how could this take place? Both sides of this deal
want this to be done in a satisfying way
that keeps fans on board with both the characters and
their continuing stories. And like we said before,
billions of dollars are at stake. Well, the answer might’ve been hidden under our noses this whole time. The day before Sony and
Marvel publicly kissed and made up, Sony announced
that they would be making a Madame Web solo flick as
part of their Sony universe of Marvel characters. Now, if you haven’t
pulled out your long boxes in awhile, Madame Web
was introduced in 1980 in the Amazing Spider-Man issue 210 as a sometimes ally to Peter Parker. While her powers are psychic in nature and include things like
precognition and clairvoyance, the ’90s animated Spider-Man series gave her one new power
that was afterwards added to her comic book appearances, as well. The ability to cross
universes and realities. Obviously, you can see
where we’re going with this. Wow, what an incredibly useful power for someone to have in this situation where we need Spider-Man to jump from one universe to another. The timing of the two
announcements is too perfect to be a coincidence. Plus, having two more
MCU films for Spider-Man to appear in gives them enough runway to make the change painless and earned. It basically would be Spider-Man’s endgame for the MCU, allowing him to say goodbye, but still leave the door
open for later appearances if Sony and Marvel decide
they like more money than just a lot of money. Kind of similar to how Iron Man’s endgame in Avengers: Endgame
didn’t really end his game in the MCU as RDJ is expected to be seen in the upcoming Black Widow film, which ironically enough
is Black Widow’s endgame. However, one question we have when/if the inevitable universe
switch happens, what happens to Ned Leeds, Aunt May,
and the rest of the gang? They lived through the Snap and the Blip on the MCU’s side, do they also get sucked into the Sony-verse? We’re definitely interested
in seeing how the two sides handle the switcheroo. And as we speculated last
week, there’s still a chance that the MCU won’t be without its own Friendly
Neighborhood Spider-Man, even with the departure of Parker. With Homecoming teasing out Miles Morales, we could see a world where,
like his comic book counterpart, Miles is inspired to take
up the old web-shooters following the
death/disappearance of Peter. Animated films like Into
the Spider-Verse aside, Sony is going to have their hands full with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man
and having Miles Morales as a live-action Spider-Man alongside a live-action Peter
Parker might be too much for the Sony audiences. But since Miles’s rights
also live with Sony, that feels like a Sony-Disney
deal for another day. But what do you folks think? Are you glad that
Spider-Man’s run in the MCU will have a satisfying conclusion? Are you excited for him to join the rest of his Spider characters
in Sony’s universe of Marvel characters? And do you think the key
to it all is Madame Web? Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching, if
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