How Split Tunneling Works | NordVPN

Hey there, imagine the following situation: you’re
working in a coffee shop and need to connect to a VPN tunnel to access some remote databases. However, you also must watch video material
online, but the VPN connection slows it down. Constantly switching between the tunnel and
the unencrypted network can indeed be a pain. But you can use split tunneling to avoid this. Split tunneling allows you to access different
security domains while using the same network connection. Basically, it splits your traffic, so you
can, for example, use the local area network and a VPN client at the same time. Split tunneling can also allow or disallow
your VPN to run on certain apps. It is also useful when you don’t want a
VPN to slow down your whole bandwidth. You can use it just for specific applications
while leaving out the others. However, be aware that when you use split
tunneling, you become more vulnerable as not all your traffic is equally protected. This is especially important when you work
with some sensitive data. You may confuse your traffic and send sensitive
data through the unprotected part of the network. We recommend using antimalware and antivirus
software to protect the data in the open. NordVPN supports split tunneling on its Android
app. Go to Settings, choose Split Tunneling, and
click the plus next to the app you wish to exclude from the VPN traffic. To learn more about VPN and online security,
subscribe to the NordVPN YouTube channel!

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