How to activate windows 10 pro 2019

hi guys now I want to show how to active
Windows 10 Pro this is my Windows 10 Pro I am check the properties enjoy the
properties you can see Windows is not active there is a several process to active
windows I am showing the only one of the easy process you have to need download
km spy Co software from their official site yes this is the official site click
to download when download is finished just open it I am moving this the
software into new folder and past year before doing this if you are using the
antivirus please turn off the schedule from the antivirus sitting right click
on the mouse and its deactivate for that one hour now extract the files here you can see
there is 2 file setup and password open setup file and fluid password now go to text file open it just copy
the text and paste eros okay is done accept the license
agreement and the windows finally windows is active now go to the computer properties and
check this Windows activation windows is activated thank you for watching if you
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