How to build a website from scratch using WordPress and BlueHost

How to build a website from scratch using
Wordpress and BlueHost Hey dezz asante here from the techmuze academy
for the artist promotion blueprint. If you followed the artist promotion blueprint
over at youll know that one of the things that I talk a
lot about is the importance of building your own sort of home or house on the internet
aka your own website. Some kind of property online that you own
and have a 100% control over. I think its avery very important first step
to starting any kind of you know internet marketing campaign for you as an artist or
a band or anything else for that matter. So I wanted to quickly walk you through how
easy it is o set one up using some of the services and tools that I use and recommend
whole heartedly and Ill provide links beneath the video in the description or over at
if your watching this on youtube. So one of the first things you need to consider
when setting up your website or when preparing to setup your website is hosting. Where are you going to host your sites so
that it can be accessed by the masses. Now the webhost that I used is a company called
bluehost. Now there are a lot of reputable webhosting
services out there. I happen to recommend bluehost because a.) I use them and have experienced with them,
all of my websites are hosted with bluehost and b.) they have an excellent service. Another that’s very nice about bluehost
is that they will allow you for your single monthly hosting fee to have unlimited domain. So in other words, you can have multiple websites
all on the same hosting account with no additional fees. So for a fellow like myself who does, you
know who has his fingers in a few different pies so to speak, it’s a very convenient
feature. So anyways, what im gonna do is login to my
bluehost control panel right now and show you exactly how I would go about setting up
a website. The other day I bought as a
domain name. that’s my name for those of you who don’t
know. And im gonna show you quickly how to set a
website, setting up your hosting at bluehost. So once you’ve signup for bluehost and chosen
your package be at paying for a year upfront or 2years upfront or whatever, I recommend
the longer the better because you get a better price then youll be able to log into your
bluehost panel. So im gonna do that right now for you and
show you how simple this can be. And.. good all password that should log me
in. now I bought my domain name through a company
called hover. Bluehost allows you to buy and register domain
names as well. I happen to be using hover they give a good
competitive price per year. So I bought my domain through
hover for $15 for a year. So what I need to do first is point those
that domain to my bluehost servers, okay? so that’s the first thing im going to do. Lets see, im gonna find the domain manager
here. There it is. Alright! And if I select one of my , these are all
some of the different domains that I have attached to my account. If I go over here to the name servers, these
are the name servers that I need to point my domain from hover to. So if I go to right here, this is
my right here. I can go into name servers and edit that. What im gonna do is copy and paste the appropriate
serves. And If you don’t understand what name servers
and all that is about, don’t worry because you don’t need too. So im just gonna replace that with this and
im gonna take the secondary one, oops! Copy that, and paste it in there and save. So that’s how you redirect your domain to
your hosting. Okay? so just to reiterate I bought my domain
from, $15 for a year and ive registered hosting with bluehost so I just had to take
that domain and point them into the bluehost name servers so that everything syncs up and
now we should be okay. so im gonna add the domain here and lets see. Lets go back a page here, my im on a different
computer so my multitouch gestures are not setup the way im used too. Lets see. Go to add on domains. Type in my domain there, oh without the w’s.
there we go. Alright! And that’s going to be an add on domain
and choose a directory, create a new directory its going to be dezzasante and simple as that,
im just gonna add that domain. Im just gonna stop and start that again. There we go. This domain is already assigned as an add
on domain to your account. Oh, well then. there it is. Groovy! So now what I can do is go back to my c panel,
that’s control panel by the way. Bare with my slow network connection today
I don’t know whats going on. I don’t know if its me or its them. Haha! There we go! So one of the nice things about bluehost is
its got a simple script feature for installing wordpress. So if I scroll down to software and services
and click on wordpress right here, that brings me to list all my available domains and allows
me to install wordpress. So what im gonna do is click the install button. Im going to pick the domain that I want to
install on, which is the that I just added. You can go in to advanced options here and
choose the name of your site and admin and a password. Im going to say aah, dezzasante as the name,
admin you can change that to something else if you want and im gonna make a password and
the password is going to be password for now. By the way that would be change by the time
you see this video so don’t get no funny ideas. And then its automatically gonna create a
new database for me. Check that you’ve read and agreed to the
terms and conditions and click complete. And a in a matter of moments its going to
install wordpress in all the right places, in all the right files, in all the right places. Its gonna create a user, admin and the password
that I can login and access my site. And within moments ill be ready to start populating
my site with content choosing themes and so on and so forth. Okay? so looks like its done. I can go now here. My login username is admin, my password is
password and if I click, will take you to login page. Imma log in here with username admin, password
password and just like that I am in the back end of my website. Already, having not done anything, if I click
here to see the website,, this is what it looks like already just from installing
wordpress. So ive got a bit of a theme installed. I can go ahead and add posts and pages and
so forth. So im just gonna go back to my wordpress here
and go into pages. We got this sample page, im just gonna get
rid of that. And im gonna add a new page and im gonna call
it about about me and some contents: this is where you would read all about me. Very nice! And publish. I now have a page on my website called about
me. Lets have another one. Were gonna call this contact. And im gonna publish that page and ill show
you how I like to setup my contact forms in a moment. And first things id like to do now that ive
got a couple of pages, theres a sample post in there too. One of the main differences, id like to think
of the pages as the bones of the website, the skeleton. And the posts are the flesh, the content that
youre gonna constantly be adding to your site to keep it interesting and entertaining for
your visitors,okay? so now theres a sample post here called hello world, for now well
just leave that. Okay? a couple of things though that you do
wanna do before you get too deep into it. First id like to go into settings under general. Make sure you put your site title and tag
line in here. These are not only for the visitor but also
for google to know what your site is all about and to know where to index it in its ranking
index, okay? so im just gonna say, all kinda missed it here, but all about dezz. Oops! Haha! Okay? so that’s my site title and my tag
line and ill save changes. Another thing your gonna wanna do is under
reading, you can have here, if you want your homepage, to be just running
blog like a running update version of your blog on the main page or if you wanna create
a static homepage that is always the same for every visitor. This is how you would do it, you select static
page and you choose which page you want it to be. Okay? for now im just gonna leave it as posts. Okay? and save changes. The other thing you wanna gonna do is under
privacy, is you can decide here whether you want to allow search engines to index your
site so that people will start to find you. Perhaps when your just starting to build the
site maybe want to ask the search engines not to index the file until you get some flesh
on the bone and you’ve got something to present. So im gonna leave it for now. And the other thing is, very important is
your permalinks. You want your permalinks, permalinks is basically
how every posts and page is going to, how the url is going to be written out. So if its you know post 1300,
that means nothing to both the user or google. So what I prefer to do is use post name as
my permalink structure. So it would be of the
post. So if I did a post on I don’t know, amazing
things about dezz asante it would be So now the both the visitor and google have
an insight into what that page is about, okay? and then save your changes, okay? the other
thing your gonna wanna do is go under appearance under themes, and start searching around for
some nice themes. Now as I mentioned this is what the site looks
like at the moment, okay? theres the dezzasante all about dezz, that’s
the site title and the tag line. And theres my one post, that’s the hello
world. Theres the pages I created, about me, if we
click on that, this is where we read all about me just as I typed it okay? and the contact
page. So but this is just the standard built in
wordpress theme. What I like to do is go into and start browsing
and you can look all over the internet just google for themes. If I go into install themes up at the top
here and go to up, actually you can upload if you’ve downloaded something from a third
party service or you could search through wordpress.coms database. Theres a number of themes here to choose from. Heres one that I kind of like right here called
lightworld that’s light word excuse me. Lets install that, just click install now. And again, hopefully you can see why I really
enjoy working with wordpress because its very very simple. Now I can simply click activate or I could
preview it if im not sure. Ive just activated it with that theme. And now if we go and check out my website
again, it now looks like this. Theres my title, tag line, theres my first
post, these are the pages that Ive got created. They haven’t been added to the menu cause
this theme has customizable menu. But I could do that of course right now very
quickly. Let me show you how that works. So im gonna go into appearance under menus,
and im gonna create a menu. And im just gonna call it mainmenu and say
create menu. Okay? im going to choose main menu as the menu I
want to use on my site and im gonna populate it with some content. Were gonna put my pages there, add those to
the menu and im also, actually that would do for now, to be honest with you and ill
save that menu. And now if I go back and look at the site,
there is the menu. Contact about me, theres the pages that I
created. Now I want the contact to be last. Now what im gonna do is simply move it down
there and save the menu. And look at my site again now contact is last. Okay? and right now if you click on contact
it doesn’t have any, you can leave a comment but id like to do something a little nicer
than that. So what im gonna do is go into plugins. This is another reason why I reall enjoy wordpress. Im gonna say add new and im gonna do a search
for contact 7 oh its actually contact form 7 that should get me there quicker. There it is. And im just gonna install contact form 7,
yes id like to install that. And im gonna activate that plugin. Now you see I have a new setting right here
on my dashboard. I can go to contact right here. And this is the short code that allows me
to embed a nice, if I can copy it that is, copy, a nice contact form. So I can put in my email [email protected]
right there. I can change that to whatever email I like. Now iv copied the short code so im just gonna
go over to my pages again, go to my contact page and just paste that right in there and
update that page. And now if I view that page right here, theres
a nice contact form where you can enter your name, your email, your subject and your message
and send. And that would go directly to my inbox. Okay? so I hope you can kind of see how simple
it is to build your website and populate it with content and update it and maintain it
if you use a platform like wordpress and how pretty simple it is to install wordpress if
you use a hosting service like bluehost. And like I said, bluehost gives you unlimited
domain, so once you’ve paid for a year or 2years or whatever of hosting, you can go
ahead and build website after website. All you’ve got to do is buy a new domain
name for 15 bucks. I like to use for that but you can
buy them right from bluehost as well. pricing is very competitive no matter where
you go and then install the wordpress using the bluehost simple script inside your control
panel and and then login to your wordpress dashboard and start playing. So like I say, hopefully you guys enjoyed
that and you can get some great use out of it and get your house online started today. And I will leave links to my recommended services
beneath this video and we’ll see you next time!


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