How to create a free website 2018 | How To Make A Website For FREE In 10 Minutes!

hello guys welcome to my channel today I am going to show you how to create website for free you should know some things before creating a free website that is you should get a free domain name and actually hosting site to create a free website and I like to tell you if someone of you likes to read rather than watching this video then you can read this how to create the free website in my website the link of this side is given in the description okay guys there start go to browser and type for free NomCom free NomCom and you will see this choose choose our domain you want to give to your website just let's say and I give you yes here you can see available free domains dot t– k dot m elder g8 or cf-30 cube and you will have to pay for dot pay for comm dot needle size but this dot t– k dot ml is free splitting get it now click in set out yes choose the period to Gelman's for free and click on use TRS now we had to find a free hosting site to host your domain now just go to one free hosting yes my name is the social slowly yes logging and if you don't have a count then you should sign up here but I have a count so is this Lobby yes here here in my account so you can give this account by logging by signing signing up to this website one free hosting account go to profile profile and here you go to hosting and create account here select a plan one free hosting and select now you are not using software man you are using domain so click the domain and domain is the copy this domain to let domain and select a fast-food Oh what is it this year your new account is created and it's so processing so wait for sometimes after the process is complete just click on switch and go on details you can see various name servers and their IP address and you have to copy these name servers and their IP into your phenom com domain just go to your freedom dot-com site and click on use your own DNS and copy the name server and IP address from one free hosting to this I will copy it you have you can do is copy anyone of it be careful while copying and after we finish this click on continue we will see email verification we have to verify your email address here just you are into your email click on verify my email address after that just go to your Gmail and you will see the email of phenom calm just click on the link given by the phenom not come to you after clicking on the link you will be read at this place just enter your name last name company name address Jeep or you can so G code from Google + page here enter all the information here and just click on complete of order I'm not doing this because this video as you know so long and I don't want to mix also long new YouTube all various hope unity nice and after clicking on computing offer you will be react to the customer pays of the free under command your order will be completed and then you happy sell plugin for your site how your website look that you have to for that you have to install a plugin for that the screw to one tree asti and here on the right side wire ok you will see if site and here click on operation after you click you see this and you can sell any of this spot for press is best and is used by various people and i recommend you to use WordPress and I am using WordPress for this game just click on WordPress and choose a username and choose a password and click on mr. Burrage yeah the wordpress install and now after a few minutes your side will be ready and i'll pause this real till then and i also you the websites we stay tuned now guys i will see you the website I created just right right you do my name and just clean it and you will get to the other side yeah ladies you don't block but this is all about PCs and it is a website you can do you can edit this website just click on log in and write your username and password and you will be related to the dashboard admin panel just you can click on appearance and you can edit anything here go to here and you can edit header this header you can change this you can see this and after that you can post on this website by clicking on the post and adding and you can add pieces as you heard is other places is here to the sample page like this you can add any page here like about us contact us privacy policy disclaimer anything and it will be displayed here and by this side you cannot money also by adding asses now we is completed hope you liked my video if this video was helpful to you please like comment share and please subscribe awesome


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