How To Create Custom WordPress Dashboard To Impress Your Website Clients

If you make websites for people and then later
hand that website over to them and they actually log into WordPress what you think your reaction
would be if they logged in and installed this versus logging in and seeing something totally
custom like this where you could pack in information on your service is tutorials that you might
have your contact form in case they need support whatever that you want to put in there to
bring them back to you what you think their reaction would be working to talk about that
in this video how to do that and you can actually do this with pre-much all the page builders
out there so anyways that’s what this videos about hi my name is Adam from WB
REMIC WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you knew your consider clicking on the
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opportunity to get your message in front of someone and make your websites more custom
every aspect the outside and also the inside and it’s insanely easy to do something like
this now I’m doing this one was Elementor but you can do with Beaver Builder you can
do it with Divi numbing to show you how some of the tools for them not to show you how
to do with all those bows are you some of the tools for that however this is a great
opportunity to upsell to have information about support contact information back to
you you could put a welcome video in here there is a variety of cool things you can
do and also the elements I would suggest using in a dashboard widget like this would be to
make good use of accordions and tabs and things like that you can fit more information in
a tiny space so let’s look at the tools to be able to accomplish this for each of the
different platforms so for Elementor there is a free plug-in called granular controls
for Elementor and demonstrate how to use this in this video if you’re using Beaver Builder
there’s a dashboard welcome for Beaver Builder and you can see from the image here you’re
essentially able to do the same exact thing now if you’re a Divi user there is a plug
in for $22 it’s called Divi dashboard welcome over at Divi life I have never used that so
let’s go ahead and log in to the backend of this dashboard with this is my dashboard so
just go to plug-ins add new if you’re an Elementor user in install granular controls for Elementor
as a matter fact they made a video about this kind of last week some of the cool things
that it does it does have a lot of features to it once you’ve installed and activated
this plug-in there is a new settings option underneath Elementor right here that says
granular controls now this plug-in does quite a few things that are really nice for Elementor
users as a matter fact someone left a comment on my blog a couple days ago saying how much
he did not like Elementor because if you use the Elementor accordion module the first accordion
is open so anyways right here’s an option to have a close the so this is a plug-in that
fixes a lot of the little things that people might not like about Elementor just the little
things though overall Elementor is fantastic so here’s the accordions close option here’s
just a simply remove the Elementor dashboard widget if that something that you wanted then
we have some other editor options of these your options when you’re in the Elementor
editor adding parallax and different things like that but also adding the exit button
but what were going to be looking at is the advanced settings are right here and so essentially
there is option right here that says welcome panel by default it set to know and when it’s
set to know it just can it be your standard back in dashboard and this is what it will
look like in my little different on years depending on how your is a set up but if you
set this a yes then you have an option to choose a one of your safe sections are saved
pages in the Elementor library so you see I created one called WP admin dashboard so
I go to my templates you can see here it is WP admin dashboard I can click on that and
jump into Elementor and you can see it is the same exact thing so I can go ahead and
drop button in there and eliminate maybe just drop that right there and have it to go to
support tutorials or what ever whatever I do here is automatically going to get pushed
to the dashboard so I click on a refresher to see that page in there it is I’ve got my
button there there are so many things that you can do with this summer give you a couple
pieces of it at pieces of advice number one is I would use a white background so when
you’re here we have this white background if you change the color of the background
you’re going to have to play around with any kind of phantom padding or spacing let me
show you what I mean so I go into the section settings right here and let’s just go ahead
and change that background color just to something different so there you can obviously see it
and I click on update and I go right here and I do a refresher to see what I’m talking
about you see it’s kind of reframed a little bit but it’s not framed the rights so we have
a little bit of padding right here a little bit of padding right here I’m sorry margin
if some margin some margin but then over here on the right there is like next to no margin
so it just doesn’t quite look right so that’s why I suggest having the background color
be white or just not going to look quite right are quite professional to how I would personally
like it so we can just go ahead and clear that click on update in urine agree when I
do a refresh that it just looks better so just working along with it and I would recommend
having company information a contact form information about additional services but
the way I would accomplish it is I would go ahead and use the tabs of module that Elementor
provides here it is tabs I would go ahead and use that may be right there actually you
know the tabs module in Elementor isn’t actually the best and that’s because you can easily
get Elementor elements in their this is something that I think that they need to improve upon
for sure but you can deftly have some written information so it could be contact information
it could be additional services or whatever whatever and it can be off to the side of
a contact form like this just to get a little bit more condensed information may be an accordion
was frequently asked questions that someone might have it just about fitting in as much
information as you can in this tiny little space right there but it’s a excellent branding
opportunity for you so anyways I think this is a super useful super helpful something
that will really make your work stand out above everyone else’s work and if you saw
it’s super easy to pull off and is not gonna cost you a penny so anyways this is creating
custom dashboards using Elementor but like I said you doing Beaver Builder and Divi so
let’s go ahead and ask you what do you think would be ideal to be in a dashboard widget
here for your clients what kind of information do you think would be best to put in there
to help it to be more of a customized solution for your clients go ahead and that in the
comments section down below hey if you found any value in this video please give it a thumbs
up and I will say thank you for watching and I’ll see in the next video


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