How to do a Stamped Chrome Powder Ombre – Step by Step Tutorial

Hi. I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to stamp on an acrylic nail using Chromes but we’re also going to add a little bit extra. So keep watching. I’ve already removed the surface shine from this nail. I’m going to fit a sculpting form on to the tiniest nail i’ve ever seen. Model: Don’t insult me at all. It’s just so tiny. You’ve just got tiny hand which is quite nice for a female. For a woman, you wouldn’t want big massive hands, would you? Model: No!
Adam: Dina Shovel Hands Kirsty: Dina Shovel Hands Model: That’s funny, Adam. Going to dehydrate the nail and then we’re gonna use the acid free primer and do two thin coats of that. I’m gonna use pure black acrylic. I pick up quite a bit bead, starting close to the cuticle and tap, and start to bring it down onto the form to create the length. Patting and stroking the acrylic to create the shape. You’ll notice as it starts to set, you can boss it around a little bit more. Adam: So, we’ve got the nail formed. I’m going to wait for it to set a little bit and I can pinch and pop the pinch into the lamp. So, as soon as the product that goes matte, you can start to test it and see if it’s ready to pinch. Then I’m gonna pinch the end of the nail to make it nice and slender. I’m gonna remove the form. So, I’m gonna file this nail, filing in my normal filing routine. We do have a separate video for that, don’t we Adam? Adam: Certainly do. Kirsty: We do… oh! Adam’s just been to Ireland, so, his accent … he’s talking Irish now. We gonna buff over his nail now, just to make it nice and smooth. That’ll remove the demarcations on the nail, then I’ll get rid of those scratches. We’ll also buff in this part to make it nice and flush as well. I’m gonna wipe over it with pure acetone. What this will do, it’ll clean it up but it’ll also mop the top layer and it’ll make it even more smooth. You see the difference? What I’m gonna do now is, I’m gonna use the base coat. This is the urban graffiti base coat and I’m using the base coat because it leaves a sticky layer. And because we’re stamping with chrome, we need a sticky layer to stamp on to. You can just use the black gel polish if you wanted to but I wanted to show you an alternative way of doing it. Pop that into the lamp. This is how you’ll get it to stamping plates. When you get it, it’s gonna be like this or a different shape, depending but it’ll have on this blue coating. Now, you don’t stamp on top of that, you have to take this coating off first. So, you get the corner and peel that off. It will reveal all those little indentations that you gonna use for your stamping. That is a beautiful crown. I really like a crown. We will definitely need to be using that in video. Right! So we’ll use this one. So we’re gonna get the holographic chrome and I’ve got…this is the sapphire blue chrome as well and I’m gonna pick up… I’m gonna pick up that colour and then I’m gonna pick up some of the holographic as well. I’m just dusting it on. I’m dusting it on because I’m gonna scrape both colours because I want to be a bit more controlled, whereas normally I’d just put it on and scrape, scrape, scrape. This is a little bit more controlled. I’m just gonna use a card to scrape. I’m gonna scrape this way because you’ve done that little angle, haven’t we? So, I’m gonna scrape like this. Yeah? Can you see? Stamping with chromes is far easier than stamping with nail varnish for instance because when you stamp with nail varnish, you have to be super, super quick because it will dry so quick before, sometimes, before you’ve even have chance to put it on to the nail. With chrome we can, you know, it’s not gonna do nothing, you can sit there. Adam: Like a bird?
Kirsty: Yeah! Not gonna do a thing. So, you’re gonna roll on and pull off and there you have it, you see it? Beautiful little pattern. I’m gonna use it like that. Throw over, Yeah, a little bit. We’re gonna seal that with the urban graffiti topcoat. Sort of glide over but you don’t want to, you don’t wanna really like rub it. Pop that in the lamp for me. What I’m gonna do now is, make this even more fabulous by adding some detail. I’m gonna use Snow White gel polish. Here, we’ve got snow white, so what we’re gonna do is, I’m gonna sort of follow the pattern and just add some design to it and this will make it raised. Pop that in the lamp. This really makes the stamping pop out as well. You can see that graduation between the blue and the holographic. And pop that in. I’m gonna walk over with some gel residue wipe off solution. That’ll take any sticky layer off the after gel polish and make it matte, which is a lovely contrast. And then, add a little bit of bling. Bling bling! Model: Tha’s not like you….
Kirsty: Yeah. And I’m going to use a little bit of mega gloss to put this on with… gonna use a dotting tool to put that on with. Put it on there and there. Pop that directly on top of the gel and it will sit on top and that gel will hold on to the stone. And there and here. Pop those in the lamp. There you are! That’s how to stamp with chromes but add a little bit extra. So, I think that little bit of design on there brings out the stamping as well. So, give it a go, let me know how you get on. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. And all the products I’ve used today will be listed below and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye! [Kirsty and model singing and laughing] Kirsty: She’s a bit nuts today, I don’t know. Kirsty: Have you had too many e numbers Dina: I haven’t even had anything Kirsty: Is this what happens to you when you hungry?


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