How to Find The Most Searched Keywords on Google So You Can Rank on Google and YouTube

everybody so idea him in here
affectionately known as to him baby and in this video I’m going to teach you
how to use the Google planner how to look it up for
keywords for the most searched keywords so that when you do in your blog post or
you’re creating a website in new york Belle main or when you’re
making videos on YouTube Google and Yahoo you’ll know which search
keywords to use you definitely don’t want to put
something up that no one is looking for when you
create when you create material for people to see what you want to do
you want to come to Google Keyword planner and search for the most searched
keywords so that you can drive organic traffic meaning free traffic to your website so that you
can be found so that you can get more exposure and the way that I rank my videos
consistently constantly inconsistently on pages one
into the the way I rank my blog post
consistently on pages one into Google is by using the new Google
Keyword planner to look up the most searched keywords
and I’m going to show you really quick how to do that you will need in add
where can AdWords account K so here is the website and I will leave it at the
bottom with his video you will need to sign up is quick painless free and it is easy okay you will need to sign up again it is free so go ahead and sign up once
you sign up you will go to tools an analysis and you will click key word planner this is a tool that we will use
for the Merced most searched keywords K so click keyword planner and it’s really
simple folks really simple this this will prevent you
from just going in shooting a video or writing a blog post and is talking about anything and im
posting it and the it’s never found okay no more that those
days are over when you shoot a video or when you write
a blog post you need to be looking up the most
search words soul that when people go out onto the
internet any plugin those malls search words you come up you want to be
found on the Google search engines you want to
be found on YouTube pages 12 like I am I’m going to show you the
sioux hammer trick on how to do that at least one with the
tricks and if you keep stay tuned to my channel %uh plug into
my Facebook group out continue to show you more now you wanna keep gone click on search
for new keywords in group and ideas which was the first option end there are a lot of things
that you can do in here I’m going to show you what I do and it
works because I’m consistently ranking I wanna put in list to say arm our look
for the most searched keywords on Google if I wanted to do something
like video on how to use the Google Keyword planner then I would
put in most searched keywords because people are probably looking at
but damn K see most searched keywords now they don’t
come down here to targeting million you need to put in
if you want to put the United States if you want to put South Carolina or
what have you you everything why is this important this is important because let’s just say your local business and
you have a mechanic shop okay well you might just
wanna search for keywords that people are looking for in South Carolina because all you care
about ranking for is south carolina you not expecting people from California
to bring your car’s tedious fix all you care about is your local area well you may be putting in here arm you
know a mechanic shops or you may be putting in whatever your
specialty is transmission repair I you know in a keyword search that’s
what you may put for your product for your service you know and you may pull up and you may
want to just put down location for South Carolina and then it
will come back in this class do that South Carolina then it will come back in till you it will give you ideas now I always need is for English I’m
always looking for a the relevance on Google you can look
for Google and other search parties I leave it as Google I don’t know when to let the
negative keywords so basically the only thing i’m looking the changes my for my targeting is my location and
normally I leave it for United States but if you’re looking to rate the video or rank your business
on in a local area this is what you do you
get the idea is okay now what’s gonna happen is Google’s
gonna come back with a listing up keywords that people
are actually searching for in Google in on you too want to know
that Google owns you too so these keywords are
interchangeable if their rank on Google their rank on
you too okay so I don’t even worry about the ad group
ideas I go straight to keyword ideas now if you look transmission repair says for that particular word itself there are 320 searches a month Demi that 320 people are going to Google one right here to Google right there and typing in trains mission repair in the South Carolina in South Carolina there are 20 320
people going to Google at typing in
transmission repair and this keyword is so competitive it
says hi there if you were to pay to rate your
and it will be 8,000 63 cents every time someone clipped on your an ad that’s how
competitive it is well I’m not here teaching you how to
pay for ads on teaching you how to get traffic for free not having to pay
Google to run your air okay now so we can come down here I just want to
show you will quickly that’s how you would do it for a local search for South Carolina now we don’t wanna do is gonna go back he and I wanna been shot the video and
show you but since we’re on you know the targeting I want to show
you how you keep use Google Keyword planner to look at the mall search words
for all low cool search to benefit your local
business of your Realtor you can do that if you’re a chef you can do that your
mechanic you can do that okay but actin to use the internet
world-wide because I have my business worldwide a
motivational speaker and author an internet marketer and so I tend to
want to reach people all across the world but now we’re going
to look at the most searched words keywords on Google Andrews why we’re doing it is
because I’m going to do a video to teach people how to find the most search words so
wanna go back another change this we are going to removed this and it’s going to be all locations
meaning worldwide and now we’re gonna go down and we’re
going to yet ideas again I don’t care anything about
the ad group ID is what’s most important issue keyword ideas okay if you look it says that most
searched keywords its searched thirteen hundred times a
month and the competition is low you generally
want to look for keywords that are low the reason being is when you get
into medium and high keywords you get the big major companies paying
big dullsville skewers in now like that it’s harder to rate in Google and now on you too now for me I’m excited to be able to get you know
1300 searches looking for Morse most searched keywords iraqi be at the
top of the page on Google on the first page view to and and the people are looking for most
searched keywords I’m ecstatic that means you’re going to
see me that means they’re people come here and the type in most
searched keywords show you something real quick in if you
can look most searched keywords it’s going you
can break it even higher on Google and on you too and it’s
another thing I wanted to show you is to matchup your main keyword phrases so as we can see their 1300 searches for
the most searched keywords but maybe you can come down here and
bites and other key which worst a portrait that maybe you can put
top most searched keywords or you can put top most searched keywords on Google that
way if someone is pulling you up by saying top searched keywords on Google you come
up is the woman’s calling you a bad the most searched keywords you come up is someone’s pulling you up
by more most searched keywords on Google newcomer so you are trying to
rank for more them one word and let’s see what that
gets for most searched keywords on Google but this is this is the year energy is the Google
most searched keywords comes up with ninety so this is a great way to matchup words so it we started out with
most searched keywords if we stayed as they remember there were thirteen
hundred search is right here 1300 searches okay but if we go and we
put it together with on Google now there’s 590 searches just
for that so this is how you show up on two
different searches someone could be putting in this and Yuki appear on page 12 if you’re a
cute video or someone could just be searching for
the most searched keywords and you can appear that thirteen searches a month 13 it
searches a month for their 590 for that so what I like to do to get my video
ranked are more than one page is put in
different keyword combinations that helps to put
you all over the place and when you all over
the place a new people are seeing you constantly what’s going to happen people
are going going to want to check you out so guys this is a quick down in dirty way on how
to use Google Keyword planner to search for the most searched keywords on you too as well as on Google so that
you can get your videos your blog pulls ranked hi in Google once you have these
words now you can go to the next step which is
creating the title for your blog post and/or creating the title for your
YouTube video and or creating the URL name for your website okay and that will help
you to rank faster in Google by doing this Google keyword planner needs to be your
next bess friend okay otherwise you just gonna
shoot videos in the dark despite throwing anything out there once you get these keywords: what I want
you to do is come up with the title mix number 3 is write your script how you gonna say your video what do you
wanna say and when using your real remember to drop your keywords in the script notice how I’m recording
this video for you guys will I’m going to go and put it on YouTube and I’m going to rank it on youtube if
you’ve noticed I view the keywords most searched keywords a number of times so that’s what you need to do those are
the first three steps stay Tuesday like to this channel
they’ll Octomom things books they lock to you Tuesday lot to Google’s they
lacked a mock blog post a lot to my website and I’ll give you the Mex four five and
six tips to get your videos great don’t you too
until then this is the lobby I have been encouraging me to live love learn and
left don’t quite follow your dreams to success and keep it locked right here if you want to get all the
good informational motivation or ranking videos on excelling with
Google EU to I’m your girl I’m the wood solo DNR talk
to you guys too


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