How to Get High Page Rank Backlink from Web 2.0

Hello guys today, I’ll show you how to create high PageRank backlink using your article so I Beck’s website, and now I will publish it in Dixie calm Dixie is a famous platform for articles so Here you have to give your title And this is the body so just make I mean it. I will bolt these paragraphs Keep in mind your article should be unique and should pass copyscape and now I will put the Keywords I’ve inserted the links here. You can check now finding us for another keyword here It’s up to it’s up to you whether you keep your keywords Then I will find for another one And there is the got it Maybe you should keep in mind if you are getting unlink Creating links from your website. You have to choose this one, and I’m just giving the link of another website. That’s what this I Will give it here an external website I Have to check recheck here, whether these are the properly linked or not Okay And this one That’s great, so what I need to do now I have put an image here Click upload new image Just Like this okay Then what you need to do is publish And keep in mind you have two pink and pink will help you to index in Google So I’ll placed it here as my report, so that’s it wait for our next video. Thank you

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