How to get side by side view in google chrome

Hello everyone this is Eddie. Today we’re
going to show you guys how to get two google chrome tabs happening on the
screen side by side so the first thing you’re gonna do is have google chrome
open and then what I want you to do is move your mouse to the title bar of the
window and click the mouse button hold it down and drag the window to the left
hand side of your screen when your mouse cursor hits the edge of the screen let
go and you will have your Google Chrome window docked to the left-hand side of
the screen and then what I want you to do is press ctrl T on your keyboard so
hold down the control key and then press T that will open up a new tab and then
what I want you to do is hold down the new tab heading and then I want you to
drag this to the right hand side of your screen to the right-hand edge of your
desktop and then let go and then you will have twp google chrome tabs side by
side next to each other okay thanks for watching guys see you next time.


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