How To Install TubeBuddy On Firefox To Get More Views And Subscribers

so you’ve decided to boost your YouTube
channel using the tube buddy browser plug-in excellent we’re gonna show you
how to install it on Firefox most of these steps are very similar for a
chrome installation as well first you’re gonna want to go to the tube buddy website
and there is an affiliate link down below that you can click on that’ll take
you exactly to the screen that we’re showing you right now once you’re on the
tubebuddy site you’re gonna want to click on the green box in the middle
that says install free on firefox if you’re installing on chrome it’ll look
very similar it’ll just say chrome instead of Firefox when installing on
Firefox it will take you to this browser add-on screen you’re gonna want to look
for the + add to Firefox button right in the middle in blue next a notification
will appear at the top middle of the screen from the URL that will ask you if
you want to add tube buddy click the blue add button next you’ll get a
notification in the top right hand corner informing you that tube buddy has
been added to Firefox click the blue okay got it button next you’re gonna
want to go to YouTube and if you are not already signed in to your YouTube
account sign in clicking in the top right hand corner on sign in when
signing in to YouTube you’ll first need to provide either your email or phone
number and then click Next next it will ask you to enter your password please do
so and then click Next if you have 2-step verification enabled on your
YouTube channel you will then need to verify that you are the person logging
into your account using your cell phone if you don’t have two step verification
enabled then you might not have this step and it’ll skip to the next screen
we do strongly recommend that in order to fully protect your channel you do
have 2-step verification enabled on YouTube if you have multiple channels or
accounts associated with this login you’ll need to pick which channel you
want to log in as so select the radial button next to the channel you want to
login as and then click OK in the bottom right hand corner you are now logged
into YouTube and have the tube buddy browser plug-in installed on Firefox but
you’re not quite done yet you’ll notice in the top right-hand corner in red it
says tube buddy sign in required click here when you click there this pop-up
notification will appear saying thank you for installing tube buddy you will
need to check the box next to the line that says I have read and agree to tube
buddy’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use when you click on that box the sign in
with YouTube button will turn red and you’ll be able to click
on it next you will need to sign into tube buddy using your account and again
if you have multiple channels you’ll need to select which channel you are
signing into tube buddy as you’ll want to select the same channel that you logged
into YouTube as otherwise you may get an error and tube buddy may not work
properly tube buddy does require access to your
account not so that tube buddy the organization can access it but so you
can use their website tools and mobile app so you can control the channel and
do the things that you need to do much more quickly for example you’ll be able
to edit your videos to add tags and check for demonetization and other
issues you’ll also need to give access to
potentially delete your videos if you want to delete them through the app
additionally tube buddy has a function called Sun setting where you can
pre-program a temporary video to auto delete after a period of time for
example if you’re running a contest and that contest has concluded
you’ll also need to give tube buddy access to your YouTube analytics so that your
channel information can appear in the browser plug-in mobile app and on their
website additionally you’re going to need to give tube buddy access to manage
your accounts so that you can use the tubebuddy tools to do all sorts of
useful things for example updating the description info cards or end cards on
all of your videos all at once in just a few clicks so just click allow in the
bottom right hand corner to enable Tubebuddy to have this access this is very
similar to when you install Instagram on your phone you need to give Instagram
access to your pictures your video and your microphone so that you can upload
pictures and video and go live congratulations you’ve successfully
signed in and installed the tubebuddy browser plugin and you’ll notice right
away that you’re getting additional information whenever you’re on YouTube
when you’re looking at a channel the channelytics tool will appear as shown
here that gives you information about that channel you can use this to check
out your competition or your own channel and make comparisons there’s another
important tool that’s part of this browser plugin I strongly recommend
called videolytics we have two tutorial videos about it here on this channel
and it shows you information whenever you look at any video on YouTube it’ll
show you the tags that have been used what sort of best practices have been
followed and it’ll have shortcuts so you can see everywhere that it’s been shared
on Reddit and Twitter so check out that video for more information on how to use
the tube buddy browser plugin and good luck growing your channel with this
additional tool and question of the day what made you want to install tube buddy
today put that in the comments down below and let us know so that if we
don’t already have a tutorial video that shows you how to do what you want to do
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